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My weakness

"you're my weakness" meme

You're a strong person, perhaps physically, perhaps mentally, perhaps both. You're brave. A steel rod of a backbone means you face your enemies with little hesitation, doing the job no one else wants to do. That kind of intestinal fortitude is commendable. You have a purpose. You have a mission. There is something about you that people want.

And you have a weakness.

Maybe nobody knows it or maybe everyone knows it, but your weakness is the person you're in love with. Yes, in love. Someone like you can be in love, whether you've admitted it to yourself or not...or to them. More than anything, you want to be with them and keep them safe from harm. Sometimes, you just can't. It's more dangerous around you than with you.

Whether you're together or not, you should hope that no one with an axe to grind with you knows that this person is your blind spot...

  • Comment with your character, preferences, whether you're open to smut or no, etc.
  • Be sure to mention if you'd prefer to play the one with the weakness or the "weak spot."
  • Reply to others.
  • Use the RNG or not.

  1. First Meeting: You've never met a person who's caught your interest quite like this; you may not know how to respond to these unique feelings.
  2. With Them Before It Happened: They came first. The situation that drove you to your "destiny" occurred later. You can't just throw away that old life.
  3. Unexpected Savior: You were down and out. They found you and nursed them back to health. You feel indebted to them..and more.
  4. Normalcy is Abnormal: You would never take things like dinner, picnics, dancing, or the movies for granted. Some people can't have that, after all.
  5. Missed Date: Of course, you have to bail out on dates occasionally. Duty calls.
  6. Shown Love: Who could ever care for someone like you? They can. They show you selfless affection
  7. Bad Apple: You’re rotten through and through - except for your genuine love for them.
  8. Light of My Life: Everything in this world seems terrible except for them, you’re beautiful, shining light. For them, you can live.
  9. Something There: Before, you were cruel to them, or they to you, yet now both of you see past that blustery beast (even if one of you was, say, a prisoner);
  10. Keepings Tabs: You have to know that your most important person is safe, or else you just can’t think straight.
  11. Stay Away: For their own protection, they have to keep away from a dangerous person like you. So no matter if you love them of they love you, you have to break up with them for their safety.
  12. Happened Before: The person you loved before got hurt because of you and you swore you would never love again. Still, you’re feeling that way once more, letting those walls down, and the old patterns are repeating themselves over and over.
  13. Important: You’re a king, a lord, a president, a top assassin. People would love to get close to you - or take you out - if they could find the right path in.
  14. Bodyguard: Your mission is the one you love (though you didn’t start out loving them), and the one thing keeping you from keeping them perfectly safe is also them.
  15. Berserk Button: From minor slight to major injury, no one hurts your lover without retribution.
  16. Left in the Dark: They don’t know what kind of life you truly lead. How long can you keep that double life a secret?
  17. Became This for Them: What you are now is all out of your adoration for them. You’ll do anything to keep them safe, even if it means becoming a monster.
  18. Not Accepted: You’ve finally revealed what you are in all actuality to them and the reaction was not positive. They’re repulsed by you or by what you’ve done.
  19. Dynamic Duo: They’ve accepted everything about you, including your mission. In fact, they want to help you fulfill your purpose.
  20. Family: You two have started a family together, so there's even more to lose.
  21. Blackmail: Some sinister somebody is holding the happiness, safety, or wellbeing of your loved one above your head to make you serve them.
  22. Hate Me: It’s not enough to leave them. You have to ensure their safety by making them despise you and never search you out.
  23. Destroy: You know that they could be your undoing, so you'll take them out yourself. You refuse to be weak.
  24. Kidnapped: Your weakness has been spotted and picked at, quite literally. Now, the person you care for is in the clutches of someone who wants nothing more than to see you destroyed.
  25. Bad End: Is it in bad taste to want to name this prompt after a certain comic book character? The worst of your fears has come to past. Your beloved is dying in your arms because of their relationship with you and you weren't able to save them in time.
  26. Placed in Your Life: The one you thought you loved and trusted was only a mole all along. They were placed in order to get you to make certain decisions and never really cared for you.
  27. Happy Ending: You've made it to a safe enough place in your life for you and your love to be stable and settle down.

  1. Reluctant: You don't want to hurt your partner during intimacy, which is a distinct possibility.
  2. Solace: There's only one place where you find comfort about what your true nature is, and that's in their arms.
  3. Manipulation: There's one way to worm into your heart and onto your good side; they know it, and they can make you squirm. That's not always a good thing.

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