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Everyone feels jealous at one point or another, whether it's justified or not. What's important is how we deal with it... do we discuss it, fight about it, or plan epic revenge to carry out?


- Post with your character's name/series in the subject as well as any preferences.

- Others go to RNG and roll from 1-10, then respond!

- Play it out!



1 wandering eye.

You think your lover has been looking at other's a little too often or flirting too much in your company. You can't keep quiet any longer about it.


2 simple life

Your friend, family, or lover has always had it so much easier and you can't help but feel a little put off.


3 don't you forget about me

Your friend or lover has found someone new they want to spend almost all their time with and you can't help but feel a little cheated.


4 cheated

Forget just a sneaking suspicion. You've caught your lover in the act of cheating and it's driving you nuts. You have to confront them about it.


5 for the glory

You did all the work, or at least you feel like you did, so why do they always get all the praise?


6 moved on

You broke up or had a falling out with someone close to you and it's killing you to see how they've seemed to let go and you're stuck standing in place.


7 because i want you

You're jealous of any attention they get because you're secretly in love with them. Time to make it known!


8 always the favorite

Everyone always praises them or they were clearly the favorite child or just more popular with friends. You can't help but hate it.


9 more experience

they're more experienced, either in the bedroom or in the office. Any activity, they outshine you. Who wouldn't feel a little inferior?


10 your choice!

Didn't see something listed? Use your own idea!

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