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gonna get crunk with britney hey

the drinking meme
① ( SOBER ): whether it be because you haven't had a chance to find the right glass for you or because you aren't much of a drinker, you're starting to look like the only one in the room who's managed to resist the temptation to throw their heads back and guzzle a few choice bottles. time to enjoy standing awkwardly in the corner while everyone else has fun, or tend to some friends who may have had one too many.

② ( TIPSY ): oh, geez. when did they decide to make moving floorboards? and since when has it been so darn difficult to walk in a straight line? you've only had a glass or two, but it's already starting to get to you, nipping at your nose and making you feel all bubbly and warm inside. hopefully this isn't the start of something worse.

③ ( DRUNK ): you may or may not have just made a series of terrible decisions and suddenly find yourself not remembering a single one of them. maybe that girl over in the corner of the room who hasn't turned your way all night looks like a nice target for a spontaneous game of fisticuffs, or that guy over there is probably, maybe, your next husband. maybe you're one of the unfortunate ones having to rush to the bathroom and get acquainted with the white tiles for a while? hopefully there's someone level-headed enough to hold your hair back for you.

④ ( HUNGOVER ): who invented noise and why did they make it so painful? whether you've managed, by some miracle, to wake up in (a) bed, or you find yourself sitting up from under the kitchen table with someone else's underwear on your head, the splitting headache you've got going for you isn't showing any sympathy for your overnight activities. better get to drinking a few litres of water and crawling under a few blankets for the day.
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Open to all 4. Though if going with 3 or 4 it's likely during the "original" Storybrooke curse when she had a drinking problem.