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The HURT ME Meme
For kinks of pain: physical and emotional.

WARNING: Prompts will contain sexual and violent content and triggers. Click with caution!

1 - Slapping. Bare-handed: including spanking, face-slapping.
2 - Flogging. With a leather flog, as soft or hard as you want.
3 - Breathplay. Cut off their oxygen.
4 - Beating (soft). Leaving bruises and marks.
5 - Waxplay. Feels like a burn, but isn't.
6 - Biting. Use your teeth.
7 - Gunplay. It might be the hurt, or the threat of it.
8 - Bloodplay (soft). Just a few cuts…
9 - Sexual exhaustion. Forcing them just a little too far, until it hurts more than it feels good.
10 - Suspension. Bind them so they can't (or can only barely) touch the ground, and wait for it to do its trick.
11 - Dubious consent. Don't know if they want it or not.
12 - OTHER.

1 - Loss. You've taken away something they care about deeply, perhaps destroyed it - or killed someone close to them.
2 - Rejection. All they want is you. Best to crush their feelings into the dust.
3 - Humiliation. Take away their pride.
4 - Punishment. They've done wrong. Time to let them know exactly how.
5 - Revenge. They've hurt you personally, and you want to hurt them back.
6 - Deception. Use the truth, or a lie, to make them hurt.
7 - OTHER.

1 - Beating (hard). Draw blood, leave scars.
2 - Whipping. As hard as you want.
3 - Choking. The hard side of breathplay.
4 - Burning/Branding. Leave your marks.
5 - Fisting. The whole hand.
6 - Oversize Penetration. Double, triple, or just larger than they can take.
7 - Mutilation.
8 - Amputation.
9 - Vore.
10 - Guro.
11 - Non-con. They don't want it, but you'll force the issue.
12 - OTHER.
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Kida Masaomi | Durarara!! | OTA

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[I'd prefer to avoid amputation and vore, but good with all other options if Masaomi's on the receiving end.
If Masaomi's on the giving end, it will most likely come down to the 'simpler' options like beating and/or revenge, and it won't be sexual (for him, at least).]
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[It hadn't been hard for Anri to just slip into Kida's room that night, despite how uptight he should have been. He had just disappeared, leaving her and Mikado in the dust to pick up the pieces. After seeing how upset Mikado was, she was never going to forgive him again. He kept hurting them. Even if she isn't worth it, Mikado was. And Kida knew that, but decided to hurt his best friend anyways. His best friends; she was included in this.

Anri's eyes glowed red as she straddled Kida, brandishing a small knife in her hand. Yes, she could cut him with Saika, but that wasn't right. He needed to beg, he needed to see just how much he hurt the both of them by leaving their side.]
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[It had taken Masaomi a while to fall asleep without Saki around. Funny how quickly you could get used to things like sharing a bed - but this was a job he'd rather do himself, and she was definitely better off staying away for a while. They could call each other - and did so, often. It was just for a day or two. It was fine.

Still, when someone crawled into bed with him, Masaomi, still half asleep, drew the obvious conclusion: Saki must have come to join him. Rather than resisting, he turned into the touch, making a soft sound as he prepared to say something ridiculous, embarrassing, or both - until he opened his eyes and saw the flicker of that blade before anything. As far as instant awakenings went, he'd had better. Recognizing the person wielding the knife only sent ice cold shivers up his spine. She wouldn't...]


[What was she doing here? Why? Part of him was still happy to see her, but this wasn't how -... and it was especially not when it was supposed to happen. There was going to be a right time for him to come back. Hopefully, someday. It wasn't now.]
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[The knife didn't flinch at his awakening, but if he had looked her in the eye, he could see a sliver of reluctance. He was still her friend, after all. But friends didn't leave other friends. Especially not after all they had been through reccently. He was no better than her.

The knife went to his neck, just barely against the skin. The message was clear: try to get someone else, and I won't be afraid to hurt you.]

You left us. After I had to prove that I wasn't using left. You're disgusting.
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[He didn't plan to fight her, yet; it hadn't even occurred to him. The shock of seeing her so suddenly was too big, and it was Anri, no matter what else she might be, too. What was he going to do, punch her in the face? He wasn't in the habit of hitting girls.

Gulping as the knife pressed against his neck, he was starting to reconsider the wisdom of that. But he couldn't make a move like this - and, anyway, he still wasn't sure he wanted to.]

That's -... [True. Absolutely true. He didn't deserve friends like them. Wasn't that part of why he'd left in the first place?]

I never got around to properly apologizing for the things I said to you. With everything that was going on -...

[That knife wasn't exactly the katana he'd seen before, but he wasn't sure how Anri's 'thing' worked, and he really didn't want to get possessed. That wasn't why he was apologizing, though; if anything, the circumstances only made him want to do so less.]
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[Anri almost regretted this, almost, at seeing his reaction to her. She couldn't just let him go, and he must have understood that by now. An emotionless mask covered her regret, though, and she leaned in close to him, staring hard into him.]

No. That's not an apology. That isn't what I want.

[The knife presses in, just enough to draw blood.]

You need to pay for what you've done. To all of us. And then, I don't care what you do. You can come back, you can stay. But you will know never to hurt us again.
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[The knife just barely digging in didn't even hurt much, but it put him even more on edge, adding to his frustration. She was right; she was completely right. But what she was doing here wasn't going to get them anywhere, and it was getting on his nerves. He'd know never to hurt them again? Really?]

Why do you think I left in the first place?!

[That wasn't the full reason, no. He was a little more selfish than that. He was afraid that they'd hate him, for what he had done, and whatever he might do in the future. But leaving to keep from doing worse was at the core of it, definitely. And now...

He just didn't get what she wanted. What was she even trying to do?]

Do you want to cut me? Is that it? Do you want to control me like you did all those others?

[It couldn't make his life worse, honestly, but it still didn't sit right with him. For all that they'd been part of different factions, taking over the others just seemed wrong. Respecting that final line - not getting involved in each other's business - might just be all that was left of their friendship, now.]
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You're selfish. That's why you left.

[Just like her. Just like Mikado. They were all selfish. But this was crossing that line. Destroying Mikado's happiness for his selfish fear--at least, when Saika was selfish, she stayed away from those like him. Mikado had never hurt either of them. And now, Kida had gone to take his girlfriend somewhere else. How awful could one person be?

She wanted him to understand. She wanted him to understand that pain, of feeling alone. Like she had when her parents died. Like Mikado felt now.]

No. You wouldn't be Kida, then. [And a creepy smile grows on her face, leaning into his ear.]

I want Kida back.

[Her knife moves to his cheek, and in a swift motion, he's bleeding. She looks to his stomach next, knife hovering over the surface of his skin.]
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[He hisses at that cut, turning his face away in an attempt to limit the damage, but... he doesn't even try to fight back. He wants to ask her to stop, but he can't seem to do that either; the words get stuck in his throat when he tries.

He has no right to ask that of her. Because she's right. And... if she wants him back... if she wants him back, even now, after everything he did... doesn't she at least deserve her revenge?

Blood drips down the side of his face, and he notices that she's going for a new target, but he still can't seem to summon the will to try and stop her.]

I'm sorry. [It's soft and sincere, and it's really not intended to get her to stop. That will change, no doubt, if she keeps going, but for now, he just wants to apologize for the sake of agreeing with her. He really is the worst.]
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[Well, he tried.

But that's not good enough for her. Even when she looks at him, it's full of steel, unaffected by his apology. She cuts through his shirt, a deeper cut this time, intending to make him bleed. She moves to his chest, where his heart should be, and lightly cuts it, barely a touch. But he will know, he will understand while he recovers exactly what is hurting them. He cut them deeper than anything Saika could do.]
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[And bleed, he does. The T-shirt he'd been sleeping in parts without resistance, falling aside to slowly but surely soak up the blood that drips down from his stomach, from his chest.]

Anri... That's enough.

[He gets it. He does. And, frankly, he's getting a little worried. She is the Slasher, after all - and that's pretty much all Masaomi knows about that. He's trying to take his punishment, but... what if she doesn't know when to stop? The pain is something he can take; the fear isn't as easy to deal with.]
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That's for me to decide.

[He doesn't get a say. He hurt them. She cuts his chest again, a deeper cut, like the one on his stomach.]
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[He's tried to just put up with it, he really has, but it all hurts, and not knowing where it will stop makes everything worse. He doesn't cry out, swallows the sound instead, and tries to focus on reasoning with her.]

Anri, please...

[He's worried about what she'll do to him. He's also worried about what will happen when he starts fighting back - and he will, if she keeps this up; he has no choice. The last thing he wants is to hurt her.]

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[This is the twerp that led the Yellow Scarves, is it?

The world was full of surprises, Namie thought. First that Mikado kid and now this one. The cute ones were the scary ones these days after all. He's scrawny but she knew appearances could be deceiving. Besides, Izaya's information had enough background in it to teach her enough.

Don't underestimate him.

So she didn't. As if she didn't cover every angle and precaution she could in this situation as well as she did every other situation. The only reason she had been caught off guard before was because she didn't have enough information.

Now, working with Izaya, she had plenty. More than she knew what to do with, sometimes.]

You know, catching you was easy. I was expecting you to be a bit more impressive, Kida Masaomi-kun.
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best username XD

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And now that you have me, what are you planning to do with me?

[It wasn't a question so much as a demand. To say he'd been caught off guard would be an understatement. There were a whole bunch of directions he expected danger from, but this wasn't one of them. Of what interest could he possibly be to her?

He smirked, all seriousness vanishing, his tone suddenly playful.]

Could it be... you just wanted me all to yourself?

[He misinterpreted on purpose, of course, but it helped him feel less helpless - and anything she said in reply could only give him a better understanding of the situation, a better chance of escape.]
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ehehehe ty

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[What happens when she doesn't answer? When she just keeps the amused expression on her face because she knows he's not a threat to her. That Kida Masaomi is good at pretending. That there's no chance he's going to escape, and finally that she knows where to hit him where it really hurts to get what she wants.

It's not like she enjoys exploiting kids but there was work to be done, wasn't there?]

Just for a little bit. [She'll humor him, at least.]

I want to talk about Mikado-kun. You know him, don't you?
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[What happens is exactly nothing. He doesn't like that expression of hers, not one bit, but at the same time, nothing gained is nothing lost. There's no reaction from his side, either - until she asks that question, and he doesn't stand a chance of hiding his shock.]


[That's... not at all what he was expecting. Should have, maybe, but didn't. He could deny, play innocent, but he pretty much threw out his only chance of that already - and, anyway, he'd rather keep her focused on him than have her approach Mikado in person, if there's anything she wants from him.]

What if I do know him?
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[A chair is drawn over closer to him, moving to settle right in front of him. Namie sits down and deliberately crosses her legs before leaning back in the chair. Her arms crossing under her chest as she levels a look at him, lips still pulled up in a half-smile.]

You remind me of him. That kid thought he could play the cool hero, too.
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[There's something unsettling about the way she says that - the use of past tense, maybe. Masaomi's hands curl into fists, tied and useless behind his back. She knows, of course; she knows about Mikado. As upset as Masaomi was, that time he visited Izaya, he remembers seeing her there.

Somehow that just makes this more worrying. Has she done something with Mikado? Has Izaya...?]

If that's what you think, you don't know him at all.

[It comes out all but bubbling with barely suppressed anger, sure sign of how worried he is - for Mikado's sake, never his own - but he just can't stop himself. If she so much as touches Mikado... If anybody touches Mikado...!]
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[A very unladylike snort escapes her. You didn't have to know that kid as well as Masaomi did, as his best friend, to know he had stuck his nose into something he shouldn't have stuck his nose into. First, by thinking he could get in Seiji's way. Second, by making a fool of her. And last, being a part of a big thing like the Dollars and not expecting some repercussions.

The three made a formula that spelled trouble.

Her amusement finally fades away.]

I don't have to. You, on the other hand...
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[That takes the wind out of his sails a little. There's only one thing he can say to that, only one thing he wants to say, but it takes a lot more effort than it should.]

... I know him well enough.

[He knows it's half a lie. Of course he knows... He can't exactly deny that anymore, can he? Mikado was always Mikado; the Mikado who hadn't changed at all. That's what Masaomi had thought, and look where it got him. He can't blame Mikado, of course; he's just as bad himself. No - he's worse... but having been so blind still hurts.

What is it he really fears most about the thought of going back someday: his friends, or himself?]
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[Well, that relationship was really none of her business. She's just using it right now to find Mikado, in the end. Masaomi was as easy to rile up as he was to catch. It's a good thing she doesn't do this for fun like that idiot Izaya does.]

Do you know where he is, right now?

[Depending on how it's interpreted it could be a threat. It could be a simple question to challenge the strength of that bond. Her question is asked like she's wondering about the weather, flat and monotone.]
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Of course I -...

[He blurts it out before he realizes what she's aiming for, a moment too late, and cuts himself off. To be fair, if she doesn't know - if Mikado is anywhere unusual - Masaomi probably doesn't know, either. He hasn't exactly kept in touch with Mikado.

But he's not about to admit that. Because as long as he keeps Namie busy here, she's not chasing after Mikado. And also, as childish as it is... it's just too painful to admit that he really has no idea.]

What are you getting at?
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[Namie doesn't even react to his fuck up, of him falling into the trap. She knows about the girl Saki, too. How she willingly fell. She almost feels bad for this kid. Almost. He's young and naive and he took on the responsibility of a gang too young.

His best friend is the leader of a what is, arguably, the strongest gang in Ikebukuro.]

He has a price on his head. Little boys like you and Mikado-kun shouldn't be meddling in other people's business or try to act tough.
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[It was just a matter of time before that would happen. Masaomi knew that from the start. He also knew that Mikado had people like Kadota and the Black Biker on his side, maybe even Shizuo and Simon, and he hoped that that would be enough; hopes it even now. Still, hearing Namie come out and say it that way... Masaomi getting himself involved can only make things worse, but he can't help wanting to, now - somehow or other.

Well... He can't exactly do that anyway, can he? Not now. Not yet.]

Neither should you, you know? Meddling women just aren't very attractive. It's not lady-like!

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