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campfire meme;


-Okay so you're sitting around a sweet-ass bonfire in the countryside
-or on a beach
-or under the fucking water for all I care, fuck science, it's your choice
-There's probably like, s'more making or hotdog roasting too, who the fuck cares
-And cheesy sing-a-long songs
-And possibly even underwear burning or like throwing random things into the fire
-Or even dancing naked around it like the satanic witches you are.
-Since y'all are suckers for romance the bonfire is pretty fucking romantic
-It can also be pretty fucking platonic because let's face it sometimes you want to do shit with friends
-Just roll with the scenario, have fun, and enjoy the fucking bonfire because it really looks fucking awesome
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Locations: Beach, woods, Storybrooke, Wonderland -ota

What: s'mores, hot dogs, just enjoying a fire (romantic *see above* or platonic) -ota