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caught meme


 C A U G H T

You've been caught red-handed! Or empty-handed. Or with your hands full of something completely inappropriate. Either way, you've been caught doing something you shouldn't have, and now you're in big trouble.


- Comment with your character and preferences.
- Specify whether you'd like to be the person doing the catching or the one being caught OR put what you've been caught doing in the subject line.
- Tag others and have fun!


1. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY : You're in trouble with the law in some way! Perhaps you've been caught breaking and entering, or maybe you've been caught stealing something. Or maybe you just ate or murdered someone. Or... you stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Either way, now you have to deal with the consequences of your illegal actions, whether the person who catches you decides to call the authorities or deals with you personally.

2. TAKING ADVANTAGE : Have you been gazing at someone too obviously while they've been doing something? Did you kiss someone in their sleep, or perhaps get all touchy-feely with yourself while the object of your affections was dozing? Well, you've been caught now. Better make up some excuses fast.

3. EVERYONE DOES IT : Someone's walked in on you touching yourself! Oh my. Did you say anyone's name while in the act? Did you finish? Will you finish? It's okay, everyone does it. Just act natural.

4. I SAW NOTHING : You've just walked in on someone else naked or mid-change! Maybe they're in the wrong change room, or maybe you just barged into their bedroom or office to casually talk to them. Oops. 

5. IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE : Did you break a promise? Cheat on your partner? Cheat at a card or video game? You've now been somehow exposed for your lies and scandals! Good luck. You'll probably need it.

6. WITH BEST INTENTIONS : Well, well. You've been caught doing something nice! Did you plan a surprise party? Buy a lovely gift for someone? Write a love note? Hide what evidence you can fast!

7. THE HUNTED : Someone's after you, whether it be for a debt you owe, retribution for something you did, or they're just plain crazy. Whatever it is, they're now closing in for the kill.

8. FREE GAME : Whatever else you can be caught doing, you've just been caught doing it! Have fun and go wild.
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Open to all options and being either party -may need to discuss if using 3 or 4.