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[monthly] classic word association

Word Association is a common word game involving an exchange of words that are associated together. The game is based on the noun phrase word association, meaning "stimulation of an associative pattern by a word" or "the connection and production of other words in response to a given word, done spontaneously as a game, creative technique, or in a psychiatric evaluation."
~ our lord and saviour wikipedia

    ① post with your character's name & series.
    ② include a word of your choice and optionally the definition in the body of your comment.
    -- visit the random word generator if you need help!
    ③ other characters will reply with the first word their character associates with the one you chose.
    ④ continue back and forth until one of you just has to know the story behind an answer.
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Chelsea "Chess" Nox {} The Cheshire Cat || OUAT OC

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[ It's almost like he's putting some thought into it. ]

... unchanged.
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{Which causes her to smirk as she replies.}

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{Her green eyes lit softly and she shrugged in response. For as demented as Cora had been, Wonderland was still -and always would be- home to her. She had to hold some level of affection for it.}
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[ He probably wouldn't hate it so much if it had been his choice to move there.

But that wasn't Cheshire's fault. ]

Does a shrug count as a word or are we doing gestures now?
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{One would hope, had that been the case. It really wasn't as bad as people made it out to be...its purpose had merely been...skewed over the years.

We could I suppose, you've always had the flourish for it. It amused and annoyed Father to no end. {She gave a small amused grin.} How have you been Jefferson?
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Someone had to. Who else was going to take the job of pestering that guy?

[ He cracked a smile, though. Pleasant company was a nice change. ]

Between making hats, being cursed, making hats again, being uncursed and [ he says it with a bit of flourish as she seemed to enjoy~ ] being cursed a second time? I'm great.
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True, though I think Tarrant and I managed well enough. Who better than your own kids? {Pins some hair behind her ear.} Think what bothered him worse was never knowing if something happen between us.

{Smirks at that flourish.} Aren't we all? Home was a cake walk compared to all of this.
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chelsea is so cute omg

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[ He laughed. ] Making people wonder is a good way of pestering them.

Maybe. [ Shrug. ] But I think we're probably mad no matter where we go.
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Aww, TY! :)

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{The blonde chuckled.} Which proves you would've fit right in, as much as you claimed to hate Wonderland. {There was also more than one reason she'd come to the Enchanted Forest as often as she had.}

And yet here, there's just a fine line between madness and brilliance.
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yw :D do you have a plurk handle by chance? threading in the future would be fun!

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A few people made it bearable. Sometimes. Actually, it was never bearable.

[ Jefferson shrugged, his expression showing a hint of teasing. Maybe it was never bearable, but the occasional good people there kept him... well, about 10% sane. ]

I've always found that unsettling.
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I don't, but I'd be up to future threading here if you're open to it!

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{She just shakes her head softly at that.}

Why? {Quirks a shapely brow.} Because you're so close to the line yourself?
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yeees i'd love that :D

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More like I have a suspicion that most people take the word "madness" too lightly.

[ And her point, too. But he didn't really want to say that out loud. ]
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:D Feel free to PM to discuss plotting -be easier than here! lol

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Here maybe...not everywhere. {Likely because here it could be controlled, contained, not left to run a muck.

Adds, as if sensing his thoughts.}
And not all those that are mad stay that way. The does what it has to to protect itself.
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ok! \( ゚▽゚)/

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Maybe not.

Are you saying that to make me feel better?
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{She hesitates as if really thinking about it, if she was doing it for his benefit alone. Then she holds up her thumb and index finger, making a very small measurement or pinch sign.}

You did what you had to when Regina trapped you, left you at Cora's mercy; you focused on the one thing that could get you home. And as for here, you may have remembered both...but that only made your right, not mad.

{Pauses, glancing down and says quietly.} I almost feel guilty now, knowing the years I spent with Grace here, however scattered the visits...when all you could do was watch. {Gives a half smile as she looks back at him.} They were good to her, you know.