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I'm gonna wrap myself in paper, I'm gonna dab myself with glue...


Pretty much what it says on the tin; you yourself are wrapped up as a Christmas present to someone! This could mean anything from sitting under the tree in nothing but tinsel to someone tying you up in ribbon and stuffing you in a box as a joke. It can be as silly or as sexy as you like, just unwrap some presents and enjoy the shenanigans!
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Orihara Izaya | Durarara!! | OTA

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[Smut unlikely, but not unwanted.]
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[So. Right. This whole Christmas thing is pretty awesome. So Sigeberht puts a mistletoe headband on his head, sticks a bow on his forehead, and partially wraps his upper body in wrapping paper.

[And waits in a doorway.

[Yes, perfect, right?]
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[Totally perfect. And so subtle, too. The only problem is that Izaya happens to be heading somewhere, and he was rather hoping to use that doorway. Has that person actually lost some marbles, or is he just taking the Christmas cheer a little too far?]

That's quite the outfit.

[Between a perfectly gentle expression and a definite touch of sharpness to his voice, it may be hard to tell whether Izaya means it as a compliment or an insult.]
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Isn't it?

[It's taken as a compliment, even if he means it as an insult. He honestly doesn't care - the duality of Izaya's expression and words is wonderful to see.]

Want to unwrap me?

[Whoops, he's so eager about this that his very, very large, feathered black wings come out, and further block the doorway. And make a small mess of loose feathers on the floor.

[Either way, he is, definitely, an angel who has lost some marbles. Only crazy angels Fall to begin with!]
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[Wings. Black wings. They way they look, the way they move - everything suggests they're very much real, touching something at Izaya's very core. That... is...

... absolutely disgusting. Izaya isn't sure what this monster is doing in his way, but he doesn't appreciate it. He's a little worried, too. If this creature was waiting for him -...

Well, he doesn't know that yet. Whatever's going on, there's nothing to lose from continuing as suggested, and hoping that nothing more than surprise registered on his face before his smile returns.]

Of course. [And he does so immediately, slowly starting to tear off the paper.] But you have to tell me: is this a custom, where you're from?

[More importantly: where is the creature from? Because if this is a "ghost of Christmas future" kind of deal, Izaya is not amused.]
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[He holds perfectly still, smirking faintly at the contact only because it amuses him, rather than from any suspicious tastes. He shakes his head. Izaya may notice that while the much taller man's body feels particularly warm - almost feverish - he looks perfectly healthy.]

I saw it on a commercial. Looked like fun. And you seem to be an interesting human. So I decided to gift you with my presence.

[Not creepy at all, right? His wings shift slightly, dragging on the floor even as he raises them up a bit.]

But it isn't a custom. I don't think God even has them. Unless "be a voyeur forever" is one. Not my style.
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[Literally hotblooded, is he? Well, at least that means he isn't dead.]

You're too kind.

[And way too condescending. But Izaya smiles through it all regardless, even smirking a bit at that description of God. Izaya always did feel like God and him would see eye to eye.]

Then, you are an angel... from the Judeo-Christian tradition? My, my...

[He sounds almost impressed as he continues removing the wrapping paper - and, in a way, he is. Much more than that, though, he wants to see this as an opportunity. Presuming seeing an angel isn't a sign that he's about to die, of course. That would rather put a damper on things.]

No wonder you're so fond of Christmas. [And with that, he removes the last of the wrapping.] There you go!
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[Once he's unwrapped, he leans forward - one hand grasping Izaya's before he can retract it - and gives him a brief kiss on his forehead.]

For a holiday to give each other gifts for the sake of making each other happy, of course I like Christmas. It's not due to my origins at all.

[His smile softens, and he lets go of him.]

Because I adore humans like you, and your boundless creativity, I Fell from heaven. So that's why my wings are black instead of white.

[He grins sheepishly.]

Will you let me follow you around for awhile~?
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[Gross, angel cooties. But Izaya suffers through it, his free hand behind his back, ready to produce his knife from his sleeve just in case. (Well, using a knife against an angel is probably fairly useless to start with - but you make do with what you have, right?) However, it's soon over, and Izaya is left wondering. What a strange creature... A fallen angel, no less. Fallen for love of humans? He wonders...]

After you've taken such an interest in me, that's the least I can do.

[Fortunately business is slow, and as long as Izaya can drop off a (very un-Christmas-y) package at the post, he's mostly free. Well, he'll want to go a few places just to look, of course, and he'll poke at his phones from time to time, but he can stand spending some time with a fallen angel, if it means learning a thing or two.]

That must be hard for you - having Fallen, I mean.

[Izaya leads the way, leaving the building and heading out into the streets.]
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Hm? Oh, the Fall was awful. Burnt my feathers right off, and then they regrew black. I face-planted from very high up. Didn't feel too good.

[Standing up, he hides his wings once more, and they fade seamlessly through his clothing. As a result of the "magic" one could say, his clothing is also repaired in the back.]

Worth it, though. I'd do it again even if I started from the beginning.

[He pockets the mistletoe headband and finally gets out of the doorway once Izaya makes his path clear (again.) So he follows.]

Humans are a beautiful mixture of perfection and flaws. And that makes them perfect.
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[Izaya has long since stopped being shocked at the stranger things the world has to show, but he still keeps an eye on the angel from time to time, observing the wings disappearing once more. Well, well... An interesting trick. He'd like to know how it works, but there are far more important questions on his mind, so he'll focus on those, instead. Slowly, of course - and casually. He's far from sure that having an angel fall into his lap (in a manner of speaking) is a good thing, but if his life returns to normal afterwards, it's as well to get some information while he can.

Having a monster agree with him doesn't really make him happy, so he takes note of the angel's opinion in a more distant sort of way.]

That's still quite a sacrifice. Unless there's any way you can ascend to Heaven again?

Ah - this way. There's something I need to drop off at the post office.
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Mn. Probably not. As far as I know, God does not take kindly upon His creations' disobedience. Not that I've ever seen him personally. I'm not one of the ones of a high rank. It's more like "okay, you're here, now get to work."

[Sigeberht happily follows him like a lost dog, hands in his pockets as he lags just slightly behind him.]

But if I could go back, I would probably have to give up what I like to do here, so there's no way I'm changing my mind. Not without something particularly good in return.
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What do you like to do -...? Ah, we forgot to introduce ourselves, didn't we? How rude. I'm Orihara Izaya. Unless you knew that already, of course...

[Excuse Izaya as he keeps fishing for information little by little. He wouldn't be much of an information broker if he didn't. But to think that more than one mythology is true... That's enough to give anyone hope. The more options, the more chances Izaya has to live forever.]

Heaven seems like a pretty good deal from down here, you know. While I wouldn't want to be anything other than human [and he throws in that bit of truth as casually as any lie] life on earth is a little short.
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Well, I hear life in heaven as a human soul is very posh. All the peace and harmony one could want - among other things. Ah, but you'll figure that out when you die~

Humans do live too short lives, but I'm certain you humans will manage to navigate around that eventually. You've been doing it, bit by bit, for generations.

[He gets a little closer, bending down a little to be in more proximity with Izaya's ear.]

As for what I do, I find humans who want something in life, and I use my powers to help them along, however I can. All humans deserve hard-earned happiness, and it's so very sad when they find failure all their lives.

When not doing that, I just watch.

[A beat.]

I am Sigeberht, one who pulls a string or two to guide humans to their desires.
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[If there is a heaven, Izaya rather doubts he'll end up there - not that it'll stop him from trying. By less than conventional means, of course. Acting like a saint would drain all the fun from life.

That said, peace and harmony aren't exactly on his agenda. Siggy here really does have the best of both worlds... Ah, but if that is what he does, Izaya is very interested indeed.]

I can't say my life's been nothing but failure, but... when it comes to wanting something, you won't find anyone who wants something more than me.

[A calculated confession. It amounts to asking for something, of course, but Izaya is hardly begging; in fact, the look he gives Sigeberht over his shoulder is almost challenging, daring him to ask for details.]

Nice to to meet you~
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[It doesn't take much for Sigeberht to be interested, and it's reflected in the way that his eyes very slightly widen, and then crinkle, immensely pleased.]

So you yourself claim to have desire beyond others? Tell me.

I'm not bound to any other human at the moment, so if I think I can help you fulfill it, I will form a contract with you.

[He smiles all too brightly - considering that sometimes his deals are honestly unsavory.... Not that Izaya would know that. But if he's entertained enough, he can be exceedingly lenient.]
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[Izaya knows better than to jump on the chance of forming a contract with anything supernatural. Sigeberht seems nice enough so far, but he's still a monster, and even the average human would take advantage if there was any chance at all. Izaya doesn't blame them; he loves those tendencies in them as much as all the rest. That said, the average human is easier to deal with than an unknown monster.

Well, not entirely unknown... For safety's sake, Izaya will be sure to look up some form of controlling angels. There has to be a spell of sorts, or perhaps a written sign for protection.]

For the record, I'm not agreeing to any contract just yet. But if you want to know what I desire, that hasn't been a secret in a long time.

[Information selectively shared, yes - but not a secret. At any rate, it's not something Izaya sees any harm in sharing. Maybe he should be more careful around a monster, but he's never seen as much need to hold back with non-humans. And if he stands something to gain... why not tell the truth?]

Like you, I love humans. I love observing them; I love seeing everything there is about them. That's why...

[Having reached the post office, he stops outside, turning around to face Sigeberht. There's no shame, but neither is there even a hint of pleading: his desire, when he talks about it, is stated so factually and absolutely, it might almost be truth already.]

... I want to live forever, just as I am now. [None of those 'keep aging until there's nothing left' loopholes, thank you very much.] To keep observing humans for all eternity.