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minor injury meme.

You or your meme partner has been hurt, but don't worry! This time around it's not that bad. You can still limp your way out of this mess.

1. Sprain/strain. How did you screw up walking?
2. Broken bones. Simple fractures still hurt.
3. Cuts. Hopefully one of you has a sewing kit.
4. Burns. Location, location, location. Let's pray this one isn't on your ass.
5. Concussion. No, they're most likely not holding up fifteen fingers.
6. Other. I'm not a doctor.

1. Stupidity. You did this to yourself.
2. Accident. Is an unintentional attack still an attack?
3. Attack. Don't lie, you deserved it.
4. Other. It's probably still your own fault.

1. Home. Did you remember to invest in a first aid kit?
2. School/Work. This should be excellent for getting you out of doing stuff!
3. Outdoors. Predators like the smell of blood. Clean up asap.
4. In the water. Hopefully there aren't any sharks!
5. Other. Like a hospital. That'd be handy.
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Mark Cohen | Rent | OTA

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[Hey! I rolled 4/1/3. Interested? If so, do you have a preference on who is injured?]
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[Sure! And doesn't matter to me who's injured - I'll leave it up to you]
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I'm thinking Mark would accidentally burn himself on a candle?

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The homeless man had been off his meds when he reportedly acted threateningly toward the officers who then proceeded to beat the crap out of him. It was terrible timing, of course -- with the horrible things that had been going on in the city and in the country, New Yorkers were already distrustful of cops. So what at any other time might have garnered a couple angry articles on progressive blogs now spawned a protest outside the police station.

The cause had hit close to home for Joan. The man who was beaten into a coma could well have been her father, who was also schizophrenic and homeless. So she attended the protest, despite her work with the NYPD. This was a different precinct, so she didn't really know these cops, and, more importantly, they didn't know her. She didn't want to disrupt anything because she was recognized by one of the people that were the subject of the protest.

She found herself near the edge of the crowd, standing next to a man with what looked like a news camera. The sun was setting, and a handful of protesters were moving through the crowd, handing out slender candles. Joan took one, and lit it off the flame of the woman next to her.
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Works for me!

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When Mark had first arrived, it was only about a dozen people or so present, and he hadn't had much hope that this protest was going to accomplish much. Or that anyone was really paying attention, or cared about the fate of the poor homeless man. As the crowd grew, he began to migrate towards the edge, both for a better opportunity to capture the scene on film and to be not stuck in the middle of a potentially charged crowd, should the protest take a bad turn.

The weight of the news camera still felt awkward and unfamiliar compared to his own small one. And that was all it took. A shift of his weight, as he hefted the camera into a more comfortable position, and an elbow popped out far enough that the sleeve of his coat passed through the flame of a candle. He smelled the burning material before he felt anything, really, and quickly used his other hand to snuff it out without thinking. It was a stupid move, he realized as soon as he did it, and one that left him cursing and shaking his hand to cool the burn.
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The flare of flame was what caught Joan's attention, and she turned just in time to see the man put the fire out with his hand.

"Oh my god," she said, quickly moving toward him. "Are you okay?"
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Mark flushed with embarrassment. Great. Not only did he do something very stupid, there was a witness. Just his luck.

He glanced to Joan with a sheepish smile. "Yeah... It's not bad..."
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"Burns can be tricky. Here." She held out her hands, palms up, inviting him to give her his hand. "I used to be a doctor. I can take a look at it."

Used to be a doctor. That was going to invite some questions. She'd rather that, though, than misrepresent herself or not offer to help.
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He considered that for a moment, and nodded. "All right. Thanks." He flicked off the camera with his burned hand before holding it out to her. The skin is very red and painful looking, but there's no blistering immediately evident.

The question is obvious. "You used to be a doctor? You're not any more?"
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"That," she said, taking a close look at his hand, "is a long story." She looked up and around, one way, then the other. "There's a drug store over there. They probably have a bathroom where you can get this under cold water so it doesn't get worse."

She looked back at him.

"I can tell you more while we take care of this, if you like."
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Mark glanced back to the assembled crowd for a moment, contemplating the offer. He really didn't want to leave. He wanted to keep filming, get enough good footage to put together a segment. That was the problem with being paid on commission. Even if he did do the work, it didn't necessarily mean Buzzline would buy it, which meant there was the possibility of not seeing a penny.

He glanced down at his injured hand and sighed. It was pretty painful - it was probably a good idea to deal with that first. "All right. Let's go."
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She glanced at the crowd after he did. He was doubtless there to get footage of the protest for a news site or something. "It won't take long. I'm sure the protest will be here for a while." She gestured at the camera. "Can I take that for you?"
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"No, it's okay. I got it." He shook his head, and began to make his way towards the pharmacy. "Thanks, though."

He glances back at her. "I'm Mark, by the way."
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"Joan," she replies, keeping pace with him toward the drug store. She gestures to the camera. "Are you covering the protest for the news?"
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Mark nods. "Yeah. Well, for Buzzline, anyway." He's not really sure he considers them a real news show. Even Alexi admits they cover a lot of trash. He prefers the "not trash" stories, of course, even if they're a harder pitch.

"I guess I should consider myself lucky - if I'm gonna burn myself, at least I can do it when there's an ex-doctor next to me." He offers a smile and hits the button to open the door automatically with his elbow, sticking his foot in the way to hold it open for her.
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Joan has heard of Buzzline, and she's a little surprised that they would even care about something as non-sensational as that protest. But she doesn't want to say anything, since Mark seems so sincere.

"Glad I was in the right place at the right time," she says with a smile, catching the door so he can go through. She goes straight to the counter and asks where the restroom is. The woman points toward the back and Joan thanks her and motions Mark to follow her.

Joan chooses the woman's bathroom, and props the door open so no one is surprised by a man in the woman's restroom.

"Here," she says, turning on one of the taps. "Put your hand under here."
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Mark follows her into the bathroom, glancing around. He carefully sets the camera down, aiming the lens at the wall so if someone does walk in, they can't accuse him of filming in the ladies room.

He shrugs out of his coat, depositing it on the counter next to the camera, and rolls up his sleeve before thrusting his burned hand under the tap. The relief is almost instant and he sighs, closing his eyes.

"Thanks for the help. Really."