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you know what to do.
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Still not sure if 'for the sake of my craft' is a good enough reason for me to do this to myself.
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I don't think it's really the sort of thing you can do to yourself.
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I wonder if Kate would waterboard me.

Wait, maybe I don't want to know the answer to that.
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Hey, how you mix business with pleasure is your business.
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Well, we're not sadists. But she might enjoy shutting me up by dunking my head in water.
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I'm going to have to remember that tactic for Sherlock. Luckily enough, though, that's not what waterboarding entails.
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Waterboarding isn't continually dunking someone's head in water?
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No, you strap somebody down, put a cloth over their face and then pour water on the cloth.
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Then, no, probably not.

I've done some crazy things for writing before, but suffocation seems imminent in that.
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Pretty sure the idea is that they suffocate you as long as they can without causing permanent damage, then stop. You'd need someone who knows where that line is.
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I don't think this is quite the bonding exercise I had in mind for Kate and I.

Maybe I can find a POW to interview or something...
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I am an idiot

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Probably for the best.