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the caught in the rain meme

It started out quietly, and then, quite suddenly, you're caught in a storm with an endless downpour. Time to quickly find cover! Nothing much to do but to wait it out. Where is the rain happening? How are you coping? Why are you out when it hits?

• Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom.
• RNG for a number between 1-10 to get your scenario. Mix and match!
• Have fun!

001 PLAYGROUND | Well, you can try to hide under the slide or maybe in the jungle gym... at least you're some place fun?
002 PARK | Always happens, caught outside trying to take advantage of the weather... and it ends up pulling a fast one on you.
003 STORE FRONT | Better hope they have an awning you can take advantage of.
004 BEACH | Not exactly the best place to be during a rainstorm, however it is possible to get caught in a sudden storm.
005 FOREST | Mud, bugs and all the rambler's paths are washed away so you don't know how to get out.
006 SKY | On a plane? A pegasus? You were there when the first drop fell.
007 EMPTY CITY | Maybe it was a zombie apocalypse or WW3. It's safer outside when all the nasties take refuge indoors.
008 AT SEA | Nothing is worse than an unexpected freak storm here. Except sea monsters.
009 TEMPLE | It's beautiful, but leaky.
010 WILD CARD | Your call.

ii HOW:
001 TREE | Not the best cover, but it'll have to do, stay close to the roots and you won't get too wet.
002 UMBRELLA | Most conventional... Kinda boring. But it works.
003 NEWSPAPER | Not permanent, but it'll have to do. Good luck.
004 SHIRT | Well... y'gotta do what you gotta do.
005 MAGIC | Wave that wand or chant a spell.
006 CARDBOARD | Out of a dumpster. Nice.
007 LEAVES | Not under a tree: just one really huge leaf.
008 CAVE | Not very deep, but it keeps off the worst.
009 NONE | You don't need cover, screw convention.
010 WILD CARD | Your call.

iii WHY:
001 REJECTED | Welp. Rejection sucks. And no one will see you crying in the rain.
002 WAITING | For the bus? For someone else? For some revelation? What are you waiting for.
003 MELANCHOLY | Sometimes the best place to feel a bit down is out in the rain.
004 HAPPINESS | Is everything going your way? Are you singing a refrain while walking down the lane? Just singin. Singin' in the rain.
006 ACCEPTANCE | You had to be here anyway, it wasn't a choice.
007 SCIENCE | Everyone else is inside but you've got work to do.
008 ACCIDENTAL | Lost track of time? Forgot your coat? Oops. Now you look like a wet rat.
009 KISSING | They kissed you. How are you supposed to leave them alone out here after that?
010 WILD CARD | Your call.
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3-10-8? Stuffy British occult types for the win?

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The problem with living in a subterranean library was that it was easy to lose track of the time of day. And the weather. First the rain broke out as he was hurrying up the street, then at his last hobbling dash for the bookstore, he was just in time to see an employee inside turning the sign to 'CLOSED' and locking the doors. There might be a last customer or two inside, but they weren't about to let anyone else in for the night.

Out of breath, dripping wet, limping and leaning on a cane, and cursing under his breath, Horvath lurched to a halt at the closed doors. He was a big man, both tall and heavyset, but middle-aged and bookish in a slightly threadbare three-piece suit with patches on the elbows. In short, the bookish type, possibly a college professor, and therefore unlikely to make any attempt to bully the shop owners. Damn. And this was the best resource for genuine occult books in town, even if it did look like a poky little place.
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Sounds good to me!

[personal profile] textbookwatcher 2014-11-27 05:46 am (UTC)(link)
That was somewhat a problem of living in, or spending a lot of time in, any sort of library. If not for certain things that required his attention, Giles would never have left the library at Sunnydale's high school. Of course, the library was a thing of the past now that Buffy was out of school (and incidentally, the school itself was also finished), but that didn't mean that everything had changed.

His interest in the occult and his need to study it were still very much alive, and that was what had caused him to be walking out of a shop dedicated to that very subject. It was while he was leaving that he spotted Horvath, who at least looked rather miserable.

"It's a bit wet to be walking around without an umbrella," Giles commented to the man, an eyebrow raised. Of course, the weather was relatively dry, albeit a little cloudy, when he first came to the store, but as he finished up his shopping, he noticed the change in the weather. Luckily for him, he'd brought an umbrella along just in case.
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"...Yes. I had noticed that, roughly ten seconds after the skies opened up on me..." The bigger man grumbles, attempting to both hunch out of the rain under the awning, yet keep clear of the doors now that someone was coming out of them. The remaining space where both these things can be accomplished is possibly a little smaller than he is. He pauses mentally though, wincing a little at his own bad manners. He has not been caught at his best.

"...Sorry. I didn't know it was going to rain. I was just hoping to catch them before close..." He sighs. shifting on his feet and leaning on the cane. "You don't work here, by any chance?"