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Enchanted Forest Meme

into the woods
Above The Clouds II

the enchanted forest meme

Oh, fairy tales. Do they remind us that no matter what happens, things can still turn out alright and your prince will come, or do they tap into your primal fears and remind you of what and what not to do to avoid an untimely end? Do they reflect the human condition and subconscious, or are they just clever stories to amuse adults and keep kids up at night? Or are they as sweet as they seem? Who knows. It's time to find out.

oo1. comment with your characters
make sure to put names, series, & preferences somewhere!
you can use < ! > sans the spaces to make the comment "blank"
oo2. reply to others in character
oo3. use the rng and enter 1-12
oo4. play out what happens—anything goes!
oo5. profit? oh yeah!
oo6. totally not based off of fairy tales

There might be triggers, depending on how the prompts are interpreted.

one → small quest it might be a rare herb or a cup of magic water, but someone’s life depends upon you going through these woods and getting it. will you find it right away? have to battle a witch for it? or maybe you don’t want to succeed at all.

two → lost how did you manage to get lost in these woods? you had that map, right? how did you even get to this part of the country? whatever happened, you’re stuck until someone helps you out. if they want you out in the first place.

three → chased these woods weren’t exactly the place you wanted to go, but you had no choice. innocent or guilty of a crime, or a victim of circumstance, these woods might buy you some time… wait. was that a wolf in the distance?

four → the old castle sometimes when you’re lost or wandering about, you see something really amazing or unusual. or something you were never meant to find. like that old abandoned castle people have been whispering about…

five → passing through the forest has a well-worn path that no one ever strays from, lest something magical happens to them. you’ve traveled it often enough, but just because you’re on the path doesn’t mean you’ll be left alone.

six → refuge it might be dark and cold, or entirely welcoming, but it’s the only place those nasty goons or insane villagers won’t follow you. but what exactly is keeping everyone else away from here? or did you want into some danger yourself?

seven → chance encounter it’s a fairy! no, wait, that was just an ogre. an ogre?! from sorcerers to talking deer, you can meet anything in an enchanted forest. so will you meet someone who wants to help you, or will they want to eat you instead?

eight → danger this forest doesn’t like newcomers, and the creatures don’t like humans. its ways are old and strange, and just because you’ve been able to enter it doesn’t mean you’ll be spared. no one likes trespassers, after all.

nine → abandoned for whatever reason, you were abandoned here a long time ago. this is the only place you have ever known, and you’d rather not leave. not even for that prince who has come to take you back home, long lost princess.

ten → large quest the forest might be the end of your quest, or it might be a large part of it. you’ve been fighting hard for a long time to rescue the princess or defeat the wizard, and this forest isn’t going to scare or defeat you. will it?

eleven → spell trapped in an ancient oak tree? put under a sleeping curse? or maybe you’re the one who is causing that mischief from that little cottage you’ve hidden in the old forest people are learning to become wary of these days.

twelve → magical not all enchanted forests are scary! some of them are filled with sunlight, fairies, pretty little birds, and all those big-eyed creatures, all of them singing along with you, having a wonderfully good time.

Originally by [personal profile] meitori

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Maxim Horvath AU | Sorcerer's Apprentice AU

[personal profile] bitterguardian 2014-11-22 02:06 pm (UTC)(link)
((One, maybe? Old sorcerer in the modern world...))

He doesn't spend as much time in the woods as he used to, but then, there aren't as many woods as there used to be. It's harder to find a forest that's still vast and largely untouched by humanity, and he's had to come a long way to get here, but it will be worth it if he can find what he's looking for.
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Sounds wonderful!

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She escapes to the woods when the pressures of courtly life are too much. When she needs to feel wild and free and where there is none to judge, none to even see her.

Somehow a miracle happened a few days past and now she's found herself with no responsibilities. So of course she's come to the forest, dancing barefooted and climbing trees, sleeping where she wants and chewing on the stems of leaves and watching the clouds go by. And that is where she is, up in a tree and lost in a dream when something moving below catches her eye.

A man, out here? But no one comes out here! Is he lost? She watches a while longer. No, not lost. His manner is far too purposeful for that. He's searching for something.

"What is it you seek in the forest deep, monsieur?"
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[personal profile] bitterguardian 2014-11-23 01:34 am (UTC)(link)
Purposeful, and not at all lost, but he's not finding his hike in the woods at all easy. The man has a limp and a cane, and he's heavyset, out of shape for a long trudge on uneven ground. The slightly threadbare three-piece suit is probably not the best outfit for a hike, either, but it is a sturdy tweed and holding up well against the occasional whip of branches. He's not wholly unprepared though, carrying a good backpack and a canteen of water.

The voice makes him pause, puffing just slightly, but he tilts his head to regard her with thoughtful calm. He has thick eyebrows, and a narrow, pointy, slightly crooked nose that looks out of place in the full, fleshy face, but his dark eyes are very, very old. There are heavy rings on nearly all of his fingers, set with gemstones and the quiet pulse of magic power. "...A plant, an herb that's very rare, in this day and age..." He answers in French, fluently, his voice deep and rolling but tone cautious.
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She wonders what it is that he's looking at with such ancient eyes. It cannot be her! She is what she is, no more and no less; though, looking at her patched, torn skirt and equally patched chemise, Mara realizes that perhaps she is not dressed quite properly for receiving visitors. Or for accosting strangers. Well, maybe for accosting strangers. Then again, she thinks with a secret grin; at almost any other time she'd not have clothes on at all.

Relaxing on the branch with her back against the tree trunk, she wears only a bit of lace around the neckline of her plain, once-white chemise. Barefooted, Mara wears no metal ornaments at all, no rings or necklace; simply a few leaves folded into flowers for her long, tangled hair.

And her eyes are drawn by the glimmer and shine to his hands, again and again as she speaks.

And when she does, she responds in French as well. "Many things are rare, you are surrounded even now by things ancient and unique that cannot grow where mankind has made it's mark. Does this herb of yours have a name, oh sage seeker?"
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"Aglaophotis..." He continues to watch her, wary but polite. Even clothed, she has the look of something fae, and he was always taught to show careful respect toward beings of such a nature. She is, as far as he's concerned, almost as rare as the flower he seeks.

He shifts his weight a little, leaning on the cane, uncomfortable and tired. Polite as he is now, he also thinks this is possibly no time to lower his guard. "Am I trespassing, here? That was not my intent..."
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"Of the family Paeoniaceae?" She tries to hide her grin at the look on his face when she speaks Latin. What she cannot hide is the amusement in her eyes. "Flower of red, with red roots as well?"

Well, that was interesting. That type of peony was nearly extinct in all of the world. Used for healing, yes; but also for the more arcane magics.

Now, she speculates to herself, sitting up and tilting her head to look at him better; what would someone like him have need of that rare plant of the peony family? He is an older male and uses a cane. His eyes have darkness and secrets in their depths, and he has used his body hard through his life though he seems to have enjoyed some food as of late. And he has the determination and stamina to travel all this distance.

And he knows basically where to find what he is looking for.

She is high enough up to feel safe from his reach, and likely is much faster than he. As such, she is intrigued but not frightened. Less cautious and more open to conversation.

"You travel in the right direction, seeker. But the journey is at least another sunrise away. Possibly more at your speed, which seems to be slowing."

And then she laughs, rocking forward with her legs hanging down on both sides of the branch she's sitting on. She ends up lying on her stomach and looking down at him through the branches.

"Oh I am certain that there is a paper somewhere that has a name on it - someone who thinks to own this land. That name is not mine; nor do I care who's name it is."

"And neither do you, I suspect." She pauses, and a far more serious look crosses her face. "Do you plan to harvest it all? Or would a portion suffice?"
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He looks middle-aged, not so old as to be infirm, but then as she's noted he's used his body hard, and gained an injury that requires the cane. The lack of mobility, more than any gluttonous tendencies, has led to some extra pounds on his frame. Both are slowing him down, now, and he's embarrassed for that. To be called out on his slow speed triggers a subtle flash of embarrassment in his expression, but he's quick to cover it up. While he's not very maneuverable anymore, he is still capable of holding his own in a fight, when the need arises.

He's not the kind of man to seek out fights, though.

"To harvest it all would be shortsighted and greedy. I... prefer to think in the longer term. I intend to take no more than I need." It's rare enough as it is, he hates to make there be any less of it in the world. That she knows what it is doesn't entirely surprise him, but he's certain there are other names for it, beyond Latin. He only switched to French because of her 'Monsieur', capable enough in a handful of languages and trying to follow her lead.

"The rights of paper and title and deed are... superficial. Those who use the land have more right to it. But if I'm not unwelcome, then I'm grateful for that." Again he shifts on his feet, because standing still and craning his neck to look in the trees is more uncomfortable than walking. Even if he could use a break. To know that his destination is a day's walk or so just makes him all the more tired. It's been too long since he traveled in a forest. City sidewalks and cabs have made him soft, and he's annoyed at himself now.
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"Flower and root, powder and juice. Infusions, decoctions and tinctures, oh my."

"And are you the type to simply gather the plant, or need you wait for" and here she flutters her fingers in pantomime of performing magic working "The dark of the moon, at midnight, when the cock crows or some such? For that is still several nights away yet, and no cockerels haunt these woods."

Ok, she's had her bit of fun and now she's starting to actually consider the situation. It would be easy to let him find his way on his own, after all; nothing is keeping her here. Nothing but a natural curiosity. She could simply give him a direction and go on her merry way. It doesn't even have to be the right direction, after all; what should she care? Why should she care?

Because he's someone new, possibly someone interesting. He's polite, and he may have a story to tell. And he knows plants! And he looks so hot and uncomfortable in all those clothes (why is he wearing so many clothes out here?), and he looks like he could use a bit of good luck for a change. And because she's bored.

And - though she doesn't want to admit it right now - he is one of her mother's people. And unlike certain other relatives? Now that she's met him, she'd feel bad if something happened to him that she could have prevented.

Oh blessed lady, she can't make a final decision from up here. Time to get down, to get a bit closer.

"Tell me seeker, is that your true face?" She pushes up off her stomach, walks down the branch to the trunk of the tree, and within a few minutes has climbed, jumped and slid her way down to the ground. If the human sees the back of her knees as she reaches the forest floor, at least her skirts manage to keep the rest of her upper legs covered.

Oooh, tall! And his bearing... She wonders if perhaps she made a mistake after all. He stands like a soldier or a warrior and not like a librarian, even with his leg injury. She tries to calculate the length of his arm, and length of his cane. Perhaps if she remains out of cane reach?

"I shall be more plain with you. Your quest will take only a day if by chance you know the way. I do monsieur. Closer still, there is a lake only twenty or so minutes from here, and in the same direction as what you seek. It has clean water, and space to sit in safety and peace. Is it worth your time to meet me there, to discuss your journey and possible offers and prices of assistance?"

She dropped her lilting, sing-song, words and her playful attitude for a moment. "I gift you the direction to the lake truthfully with no bargaining; nothing asked for and nothing offered but the chance for you to rest in safety a while. You've traveled far, and the day is long."
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"I have no other face..." Which is an honest answer, but an incomplete one. He's far older than he looks, but the magic that's kept him from aging (much) is not his own handiwork. He never asked for immortality of any kind, and has found it wearing.

With relief he watches her descend, backing up a careful step to give her space. From the ground, he's tall and broad, and there's a subtle seam on the cane that hints it may hide a blade. His behavior has been anything but aggressive, though. He makes no move to get closer, and despite his discomfort standing still, his posture is wary and ready should he need to defend himself. To say he is an old soldier would not be at all inaccurate. One injured in battle long ago, and comfortably semi-retired now, but the instincts remain.

"I would welcome the chance to to rest in peace, and speak more with you." His smile is mild, but leaning on the cane he offers a formal, old-fashioned bow. He has manners, and he could use a chance to sit down more than he'd like to admit. Twenty minutes walk, he can manage, but he'll need something longer than a five-minute break, after that. He's been going most of the morning and his painkilling spells are wearing thin.
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Since he does not ask, she does not bother to tell him about faces; her own or others. And where his bearing is that of an old soldier as he looks down from his height, hers is more a wild animal in mid-step; curious and cautious but more prone to flee than to fight as she gazes up at him.

"Then follow" she begins, breaking off her words as he bows. It is more than training, it's instinct now to return respect for respect and - in spite of looking like quite the ragamuffin - the girl easily drops to a courtly, elegant curtsy before rising up and spinning swiftly away.

It's a good thing she's leading, and only glancing back occasionally to slow or wait for the man who she's leading toward the lake. Because from where she is she can see where the treeline has sheered down to the waterline, some small mudslide by the looks of it. Still, she alters her course a bit so that he can walk and not have to climb to get down to the water's edge.

There is a downed beech tree close by, with it's trunk extending from the grass way out into the water. Not much by way of shade, but it will make a good place to sit and she waits for him here; splashing about with her feet in the water and completely ignoring him until he has arrived.

"If you will not take your coat off, at least here you can rest your feet. Why do you not allow your body to breathe?" She's still splashing, but abruptly stops and climbs up some of the water-soaked limbs to the sit on the tree's trunk. Far enough away to duck and twist away should he prove a danger; but close enough to sit and have 'semi-civilized' conversation.
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If he had some truer face, it would surely reflect his age and a certain weariness. His own face suits him fine, though, a little grim and dour, but not unkindly.

He follows as well as he can, putting on a speed he wasn't showing when she first spotted him. Despite the prosthetic leg, he's not infirm, and he can handle walking fast over a short distance, and manages the slope with care, but capably enough. He probably would have had some trouble with the mudslide, though, and when he can see her the lake shore he slows for the last few yards. He's puffing a little, now, and he'd prefer to have his breathing at least slightly under control when he reaches her.

The pack is lowered to sit beside the fallen tree, far enough up the bank not to risk it falling in, and after a moment of hesitation he removes his coat, and rolls up his shirtsleeves a little. He still looks a little overdressed, in his buttoned-up waistcoat, but he's not wearing a tie and baring his arms is enough. There's an assortment of scars on them, from various fights over the centuries. He's maintaining a polite distance, and rearranging his clothes has bought him some time to get his breath back. Carefully, stiffly, with a quiet sigh of relief, he sits on the fallen tree and stretches out his left leg to take weight off it. "Thank you... it's a lovely spot..."
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She blinks at him, a slight wrinkle of confusion across her brow. Then, though her head doesn't actually turn, her eyes glance to the right and left, and back to the right again. Pulling a tangled lock of hair over her shoulder, she find something very interesting in a small branch caught in in the snarl and she's suddenly very intent on unwrapping each hair from the twig and pulling it out.

"You'd have found the lake on your own, had you kept in your general direction. Thanks to me are not needed."

"There is a spring coming out of the rocks, down beyond. The water is cold, but clean. This is not a bad place to rest. Do you intend to spend the night, or press on in your search?"
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"Perhaps." It seemed appropriate to thank her, regardless. He feels a little better for taking off his coat and sitting down, and since she says there's a spring where he can restock, he allows himself a sip of water from the canteen.

"I'm... not sure. The search isn't urgent, precisely, but there's enough daylight yet to make progress." He frowns in thought. "I should... probably press on, after a rest." It's bad enough that his pace is slower than he'd like, without slowing himself down further by being lazy. His leg aches, and he's out of shape, but he's a fairly robust man otherwise.
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Not urgent he says. Mentally she begins to calculate how far they might make this afternoon, and where the best place to rest would be. If she can get a few more hours out of him? They might be able to make it past some of the 'iffy' areas that she'd normally avoid.

"So you've searched, do search, will search some more?" And ok yes, part of her thinks that this whole sing-song thing she began with him is rather silly. But humans just seem to expect it on those rare times that she does make herself known way out here; and a lot them seem to think that simpler words imply simpler, less threatening minds.

Oh well, no reason to change now.

"What worth is it seeker, to find the true path to what you seek?"
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He needs a proper break to sit, and possibly lay another painkilling spell on his leg, but he has a few good hours of walking left in him, and he just might surprise her. What he lacks in stamina he'll make up for in stubbornness.

"Mm. You're asking the price?" She's welcome to keep up the singsong- and he does half expect it, just due to past experience, but he also sees through it easily enough. "I would not insult you with offers of material wealth, and I'm afraid I'm not free to offer favors, but I have plenty of stories, information on the current state of magic in the world, and my sorcery is available within reason for small things. My... only need for the aglaophotis is for myself," He continues more slowly, closing his eyes briefly as if pained. "Before you act as my guide, you should be aware that I have been... touched, however briefly, by an eldritch being."

That's where he pauses and swallows, schooling his heartbeat as it starts to pick up. It's taken over a week of scrubbing and cleansing rituals to get the stink off him, but some hint of it lingers, especially when he allows himself to think about the encounter. To Horvath's mind it's embarrassing, shameful even, and he dares not say the name of Shub nigurath, but perhaps his guide will recognize the strength of a mortal able to stand against that and come out the other side reasonably calm and sane. He's not a gibbering madman, just suffering from mild PTSD, but not everyone could come away from that so mentally intact.
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Her eyes widen for less than the time it takes his heart to beat. There is only one ancient god that has made itself known as of late, and the repercussions of that arrival has sent violent, shaking echoes throughout all the many layers of reality. She herself had... no. Not to think of it. Not to think is not to dream, is not to summon.

"My price this then, and tell me yay or tell me nay. Two stories from you. One old and one new, one false and one true. One to pay for the way, and one the way back."

She pauses to see his reaction, and then adds one more condition.

"And one thing more; you shall take enough and make enough to heal you and another. And the price of that healing shall be no more than the price of two stories."
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He's relieved she's even willing to still act as his guide, knowing that. It takes him a moment, and a slow breath, to compose himself and answer. That he encountered an eldritch being at all has nothing to do with summoning, and everything to do with sheer bad luck. He's not so foolish as to go conjuring up anyone or anything, except under extremely rare and careful circumstances. Summoning is generally a bad idea, no matter how benign the summoned is purported to be.

"Thank you." He lets out a slow breath, and rests both hands on his thighs, flexing his fingers once while he tries to shake off the brief fit of lingering fear. "Your price is more than fair, but I was lucky enough to be alone when... it stumbled across me, and I know of no others touched by it. Did you have someone in mind, or am I to simply keep a weather eye out?" If it is around still, wandering the world, then it's safe to assume someone else will catch it's attention sooner or later and suffer similarly.
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And of course, now that the deal is done is when she realizes that she herself does not know this bit of rarely used, but highly important arcane knowledge. And she's not certain where she could begin to look. However, there is a source of knowledge that has literally walked into her path so to speak.

She gives a silent prayer of thanks to her blessed lady, and slides off the trunk of the tree back into the water. She remains out of arm or cane length, but there is a perceptible lessening of caution once the decision has been made.

"If it is out there, then it is doubtful that you are the only one. You are simply one of the stronger. Others may not had your strength of mind, of body, of will."

"Search not for victims, seeker. They shall make themselves known in due time."

She suddenly turns shy, and looks away to the lake swirling around her ankles. Oh, shiny rock! Bending, she plucks it from beneath the water and looks intently at the lines traced on the stone. "Now comes a question I ask of you. What cost is it to learn this cure?"
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He's composed again, more or less, although the shadow of that experience will be lingering at the back of his mind for a long time to come. The compliment to his strength of will isn't missed. It's true he was offered respite, tempted and pried at in his weak spots, and still he refused the elder god. It's best not to think about it now, though.

"I've... been around a long time. Experience and knowledge help build walls against... that sort of thing." The cane has been set aside, and now that she seems more relaxed, he's content to settle in a little and rest.

"What I can offer isn't so much a cure as a cleansing. How effective that will be depends partly on the... nature of the encounter itself. I'd be happy to teach the cleansing rituals, though." He's mildly surprised to be looked to as a resource by one such as she, but willing. His master taught him magic should be used to help others. His master also taught him not to profit from that gift...

"What I would ask in payment is that you use it, whenever needed. That will cost enough, in time and energy."
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Yes, now that he says the words, she realizes it could likely well be true. In fact, there may well be a chance that he is older than she! She leans forward a moment, as if in attempt to read his age in his eyes, then looks away before the glance becomes a stare. Never, never, never stare into another being's eyes, oh she knows this lesson very well.

And besides that, it's just rude.

The rock is forgotten, dropped from her fingers as a bird flies by overhead. Her head cranes up and around to watch it's flight, and then comes back in time to see the look on his face.

"All knowledge is good knowledge, what harms can heal and what can cure can kill. And secrets learned among in other places would cause other questions to be asked. I keep my secrets to myself; though I shall aid whom I can, when I can."

"The cost is fair and just. So shall it be done." There is a firm nod, complete with her hair flying her head and shoulders about as she does.

"Rest you now in safe solitude. I shall round and about, and about again when you desire to travel on." At those parting words, she splashes her way out of the water. About 10 meters away she abruptly sits, crossing her legs and leans back to stare up at the clouds.

It's an obvious attempt to give him some 'personal' space, at least for a few minutes until something else catches her imagination.

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His eyes are an unremarkable dark brown, hooded and with heavy bags beneath, but there's a deeper age in them than in the lines around them. There are centuries, in the eyes, the weight of over a thousand years, and then nearly half again. He lets her look, because honesty is a good policy around fae peoples, and Merlinians are bad liars in any case. He's just as glad when she drops her gaze, though.

"Thank you. I've done my share of both healing and harm, as required by life, but I try to outweigh the harm with good, when and where I can." It's unfortunate that life has set him up with enemies and a need to defend himself, sometimes to the death. It's not something he enjoys.

When she moves away he nods, and after a few minutes he very gingerly, bracing against the fallen tree and his good leg, lowers himself to sit on the ground so he can rest his back against it. It's peaceful here, and Horvath sips water, reworks a painkilling spell on his leg, and enjoys the air for a half hour or so. The space and privacy is appreciated, especially since when he is finally ready to move on it takes him some effort to get up again. He should really know better than to sit on the ground, but he'll be able to lever himself up again without assistance, beyond that of the cane.
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While he rests back behind her, she's busy making patterns out of the clouds, feeling the breeze on her skin, looking at ants and trying to make whistles out of blades of grass (with varying shades of success). She's also planning out the best way to get him to where they have to go. He is older than her, she can sense it now. How old, she could not tell. But having looked in his eyes?

Had she met him in an earlier age, she would likely have been much more cautious and less prone to making herself known. Oh, she would have observed and followed, oh yes. But secretly, and from a distance.

But then, neither one of them are now what they used to be.

She can hear him start to get up off the ground, and still she sits, not turning until she is certain that he is up and moving. Men have their pride after all. But she is up and twirling around, stopping suddenly to watch him as he walks those last few meters toward her.

"Ready are you, for your quest seeker? To go there and back again?" Of course it's a Tolkien reference! After all, she is less than a hundred years old.

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Most days, Horvath feels like a very old man, although possibly the leg injury contributes to that. The way she's behaving around him, the respectful distance, the archaic speech, all reminds him of an earlier era when strangers were more formal with each other, at least in public. It's a far cry from the noise of the city streets he's become used to. One can become accustomed to almost anything, over time, and he's had to adapt so many times over in his life.

This, though, is a very welcome peace. He should seek out old woods more often, while there's still some left in the world.

The rocking limp is the same, now that he's up and moving again, but there's an energy back in his step and he definitely seems recovered enough to go on for a stretch of walking yet. The reference makes him pause, as it strikes a familiar chord but takes him a moment to pull up why, then he gives a low, wheezy chuckle. "There at least. I'll need another sit-down before I try for the return trip. And I didn't know your kind read Tolkien."
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She takes him at his word. If he says he can journey through the dark of the night to what he seeks? So be it. In spite of that, she plans to find ways that - thought they may add time to the journey, they will be easier to traverse over, or around. And if she has sensed his healing magics at work? It means nothing to her, so she makes not mention.

"Will you need light in the night or are you at ease in the dark? And will you need to sleep, perchance to dream?" Another reference for him, Shakespearean in nature. Perhaps more in with what he expects from her kind?

She cocks her head, listening to his amusement as she looks at him out of the corner of her eyes. He has a good laugh, straight forward and not filled with darker thoughts. It's an honest laugh, though subdued. It would be so easy now to go off on one of those wild Puck-ish tangents, and the temptation is there. It would be so very easy!

Stopping abruptly she turns to the mage, and states clearly in a soft French accent. "Those who live in two worlds must find points of pleasure in both, for oft times they can find no true sanctum in either."

And in a space of a wink, the wild forest child returns, and she scampers head between the trees and into the forest, creating her own path for him to follow.
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All through the night may be a bit much, but on the other hand he hasn't been sleeping well since his encounter with shub nigurath. It takes a potion or spellwork to knock him out without nightmares, and the kind of deep sleep those bring is too risky out here. The sooner he gets the aglaophotis and does this cleansing ritual, the better.

"I have a flashlight... but I'm afraid I'm likely to need it. And I'd prefer not to sleep, but... we'll see." His smile is apologetic, but honest. He can't promise his body will be up to the demands he'd like to make of it, but willpower and a little magic may be enough.

Her brief, abrupt comment gives him pause, though. He's still trying to make sense of the woman, who isn't quite like any fae he's met before. Admittedly, his experience with them has been limited. "...Mm. I've... never given much thought to finding pleasure in life until more recently." He can't move as fast as she does, but he follows at a steady pace, long legs compensating some for the rocking limp. He may not recognize she's picking the course to make it easier on him, but he'll benefit from that nonetheless. It's easier to trip on rocks and roots when you can't feel what's underfoot.

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We r srs rpers. *nods*

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