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"I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be, than me."

Let's be honest. For every good guy there's a villain, a bad dude, an angry person, a grumpy person - shoved in there or voluntarily choosing to be the bad guy. Life's not perfect, and until it becomes perfect then there's gotta be bad guys for superheroes to punch.

The problem is that it gets pretty lame and let's face it. Even if it's fun to be the bad guy, in some cases there might be some people who haven't accepted their role as bad guy or anti-hero. Or maybe batman just foiled your evil plan for the fifty billionth time. Or Aquaman showed up out of nowhere. You might be looking for a hook-up, or maybe you just need to cry (we all need to do it).

This is a "safe" (of sorts) place for villains, lady villains, and even anti-heroes who might just be really really angry to get out their frustrations. There's a selection of tables with terrible coffee, cookies, and stale donuts, metal folding chairs, and even if the sign says "no weapons." chances are you're armed right?


1. No good guys (Unless you want to AU your good guy into this.)
2. What happens in bad-anon stays in bad anon. Just post your character in a bad anon meeting.
2.5 For the sake of this, you can either fourth wall your character or treat it as "This is a typical support group for villains."
3. Have fun! And remember. There's no one you should rather be, then you.
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Magneto; X-Men movieverse, OTA

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[He's been called a terrorist, but a terrorist is just a freedom fighter who hasn't won his people's freedom yet.]
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[And a superhero is just a metahuman who has the support of popular opinion.]
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[Erik glances at the other man briefly. If nothing else, he has good taste in hats.]

What were you sent here for?
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[The four giant metal arms coming out of his back are a little odd, though. And strangely resistant to magnetic forces...]

Pursuing my work via less conventional channels, after being rendered unable to do so by the normal means. [His smile is thin, bitter.] That I'm no longer physically capable of leading a normal life is apparently no excuse, to the authorities, for no longer leading a normal life.
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[At the 'normal life' comment, Erik's eyes wander up to the metal tentacles.]

How closed-minded of them.
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[They're hard to miss, swaying and moving around as if they each have a life of their own. Each one ends in a three-taloned claw that holds finer tools tucked away, and glowing red lights, the claws acting as both faces and hands. One of them is even holding his coffee cup for him. The man himself waves a flesh-and-blood hand dismissively.]

Close-minded is, in my experience, a more common way of thinking than not for masses. I value the rare exceptions, of course.
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Is that why you're really here?
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... I suppose I was curious to see how others deal with spandex-clad so-called-superheroes interfering in their lives. It seems to be a perpetual difficulty.
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I ignore them. They're not the goal.
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That's all very well and good to say, and I freely admit they're nothing but a distraction. But I'm no metahuman, and it's difficult to ignore someone while they're trying to kick you in the head for going about your business...
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Maybe you should conduct your business in a way that doesn't draw their attention until it's too late for them to stop you.
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Such as obtaining everything including groceries by mail-order and never showing my face in the light of day again? Nor by night, for that matter. I'm... distinctive.
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Or you could buy a bigger coat.
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[His expression sours, as all four actuators retreat under the long coat (the last handing off the coffee to his real hand), and he stands- a little stiffly, because they're heavy and his knees are starting to suffer for it. The coat is long enough to hide the arms, more or less, except that they still make him look like a heavyset 6'3" severe humpback. Or possibly just a heavyset 6'3" man with a smaller person getting a piggy-back ride under his coat.]

Or simply get plastic surgery and walk on my knees? Ah, yes. That's brilliant. Why didn't I think of it before?

[To be totally fair, he much prefers using the arms to walk around by rooftop, and usually gets into trouble that way, but he's not about to offer that up. He's still recognizable enough trying to look normal that he's had trouble that way, once or twice.]
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If you don't want to look like them, you shouldn't have to. You were the one asking how to avoid the heat.

The other potential solution, of course, is to kill your bespandexed pain in the ass. But I imagine you already thought of that.
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I didn't design them to be permanently fused to my spine! [The metal arms rustle, under the coat, and he calms himself forcibly and eases down to straddle the chair again.]

That was a side effect of electrocution when the public demonstration of my fusion reactor was interrupted by Spider-man. But he's just one of many bespandexed pains in the ass, unfortunately.
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I would think, at the very least, that you'd want revenge on him.
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Oh, desperately. Some days it overshadows my desire to pursue my independent research projects, but that urge is a distraction from scientific pursuits. [Several of the metal claws flex, expressing a desire to do violence to the webslinger.]

On the one hand, I hate to give him the satisfaction of pulling me away from my work. On the other hand, he deserves to suffer...
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[Flatly.] It's a real dilemma.
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[His expression falls into a suspicious scowl as if by default.]

And why are you here?
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I'm trying to protect my people from genocide.
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And who are your people?
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Ah. I've seen the news. [He nods mildly, relatively indifferent to both sides. The argument for a new level of evolution is a valid possibility, and the threat they represent is equally valid, but he's not taking sides.]
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Apparently if you want to be free to live your life, despite the State's best efforts to stop you, and you fight for it, then you're a terrorist.

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