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In the spirit of the season...

The Silent Hill Meme

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Maybe you've come here by accident. Maybe on purpose, or together, or alone. Either way, the fog is settling down thick, and all roads leading out have crumbled away, leading only to deep cliffs and chasms. You're stuck.

Welcome to Silent Hill.

1. Post your character with their name/canon in the subject line.
2. Tag around!
3. You can each choose or roll for a reason you're here.
4. You can even roll for a situation.
5. No powers! Sorry--enjoy that.
6. Oh, and try not to die.

NOTE: This meme can potentially contain triggers, for violence and psychological torture in particular. Please take heed!

why have you come?
1. You're searching for someone. A relative, a friend, a dead lover. Someone has led you to this quiet little town.
2. An accident. You got lost in the fog, the roads fell off into chasms, you thought you saw someone in the road and crashed. Time to venture farther in for help.
3. Returning visitor. You've come here before, to the lovely little resort town, and had a beautiful time. But this second trip will be different.
4. An escape. You're running from something ... or someone. A crime you committed? Grief? Too bad you ran to the wrong place...
5. Wildcard, or make up your own!

what horrors do you encounter?
1. You just met. You've only been able to find each other, no one else in town. Stores are deserted, doors are locked, silence is everywhere. What happened here? What's going on?
2. A shuffling in the night, the fog, or in a tight dark hallway of an abandoned building. A strange creature is moving toward you. Maybe humanoid, maybe not. They can be powerful. They can be slow. They can vomit acid. Time to pick up whatever plank, knife, or gun available to you ... if you both want to live.
3. A dark secret from your past is returning to haunt you. It manifests in hallucinations, the town reaching deep inside your mind to paint the surroundings in grotesque symbolism. Yet, the other person can't seem to see what you see.
4. The walls are peeling away. Or maybe you got knocked out and just woke up to an entirely different kind of town. There are chains, rust, fans, orange light, splatters of blood. A horrific version of what used to be around you. Welcome to the Otherworld.
5. That other person with you--you see them as someone they're not. Someone from your past that you loved or feel bone-wracking guilt over. And no matter what they say, that they're not, they're someone else, you just can't help but see...
6. The town has driven you insane. The monsters, the guilt you may carry. It's all coming back to you. You need to lash out. At anything. At anyone.
7. Wildcard, or make up your own!

[ From HERE, [personal profile] dendrophobia ]
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Ellimere | Old Kingdom series | OTA

[personal profile] ofspeech 2014-10-23 10:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[ She most likely got there by accident, has some confidence/responsibility based issues, otherwise she's the bossiest person ever. ]
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[personal profile] ofthought 2014-10-24 12:27 am (UTC)(link)
[ Hey, any prefs as to timepoint and things to avoid? ]
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[personal profile] ofspeech 2014-10-24 12:52 am (UTC)(link)
[ Actually, we could play it off as her looking for Sam after he left for Nick?? And ended up in SH oops. ]
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Nobody can get any decent maps. For serious.

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[ It's eerily quiet in the small town Sam found himself in, the paved streets more akin to the roads in Ancelstierre than the villages of the Old Kingdom.

He'd left Sprout grazing in a patch of grass at the first building he'd passed. It's a good piece of luck that the horse had been trained to be ground tied, or he would have had to lead her along, the sound from her shoes against the pavement announcing their location to the world. Not that there seems to be that many people.

Nobody had answered when he first knocked on the door, and there are signs of disuse on many of the buildings. Still, it can't hurt to look around. ]
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[ Ellimere, on the other hand, gives no fucks about announcing her presence; she's not the one running away from the law, after all.

Because of that, Sam will hear the particular sound of a horse coming down one of the weird streets, the figure of her sister sitting atop of it, looking particularly stiff even at a distance. Yeah, this looks a bit too much like Ancelstierre.
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[ He ducks into an alcove, given that he really, really doesn't want to be caught by any guards who would be on the lookout for a rogue necromancer.

Still, he recognizes that figure. Which just might be worse, he would rather sit one night in jail than have to experience a lecture on his duties to the people and how he's done everything wrong. There's no doubt that there will be one.

But Ellimere would be a familiar face... and he could do with that.

He steps out, shoulders hunched in on himself before she rides past. ]

Ellimere! How did you end up here?
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[ Ellimere's face goes from surprise, to joy, to anger as she realizes it's her brother the one calling to her.

She dismounts and walks the last few feet with decision, her face already masking some of her relief with stern determination.

How did you end up here? Last time I checked, little lost towns in the middle of the woods were nowhere near your quarters.
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[personal profile] ofthought 2014-10-30 03:07 am (UTC)(link)
I got a letter from Nick which demanded a change in priorities.

[ He rubs at the back of his head, glancing down. It's not the whole truth, but he doesn't want to talk about how he can't study the Book as mother had wished.

Not to mention how he believes he'd killed the guard when he left. ]

He'd crossed the Wall, with some unknown guide - and it's not like I can just let him get hurt, or even worse. At least, that's what I was doing before ending up here.