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The Moment After Meme.

The Moment After Meme

You've seen The Morning After, and the Build-Up, and even the Mid-Fuck memes. But what about the moment after characters have done the deed? Do they cuddle or light up a cigarette? Go for seconds or reflect on what just happened? Hop into the shower to wash away their sins? Regret everything?

Well, we'll find out, won't we?

How it works:

- Post with your character, name and fandom in the subject. Include any prefs or no-no's.
- A set-up isn't necessary but hey, if you want, go for it!
- Others respond to your character.
- Congrats! They just had sex.
- Have fun and be excellent to each other!
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Loki's breathing hard when he finally collapses on the sheets, and he's sore all over from their exertions. He lies there for a long moment as his breathing evens. Then he looks over at his brother with a frown, like he's disappointed.

"Is that all you've got?" It's the first coherent not-breathless sentence he's made in nearly an hour.
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[personal profile] draperies 2014-10-11 04:29 am (UTC)(link)
This isn't what he should have done -- he knows that as soon as it's over. The release, however, makes it so very difficult to regret. He draws in ragged breaths, feels his heart pound within his chest...

And he feels absolutely wonderful in the afterglow of the act -- until Loki speaks, of course.

That has him squaring his jaw as he looks to his sibling, eyes arrowing. "You were not sated?" Incredulous, he shifts up on to his elbow.

"Do not act like you had no enjoyment, brother."
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As always, Thor is too easy to goad. All of Loki's aches simmer pleasantly in the aftermath of their heated pleasure. Whatever dark consequences arise from this encounter, he will not soon regret the act for its pleasures.

"I would not put it that way," he says with a thoughtful frown. "I suppose I just thought, after I heard so much of your prowess, that it would be... well, forget it. It was fine."
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"Loki," he protests, eyes narrowing further as he shifts up again and leans over his brother, one hand planting firmly beside his head.

"If you desire more, all you need do is ask." He leans in then, to catch Loki in a kiss, a bit rough with agitation. "I am hardly exhausted yet."
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Loki's eyes widen in mock innocence as Thor catches on to his antics. But it slips away easily enough with Thor's rough kiss, and Loki reaches up to pull him down into it. His lips move pliantly with Thor's, lazily accepting under his brother's unyielding stamina. It's been a long time before this day since Loki's given in to anything Thor has wanted, but he finds himself indulging easily with this new experience.

It can't last though, lest Thor think this a new habit for them -- and he'd rather Thor not take him for granted in this matter. He's fought viciously hard to set himself apart, to not be pulled along to Thor's every whim, and he'll not have that turned back. Loki finally turns away, but with a playful smirk.

"But you are filthy, and you've done the same to me. I'd sooner bathe. Perhaps you can prove yourself to me another time."

Another time. The words are casual, like there could be another time of this.
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His brother and his antics both earn a look from Thor when they part from the kiss at last. It's incredulous, disbelieving... after all, of all the complaints --

"Surely you jest," he finally sighs. Fine, if his brother would sooner bathe than indulge in more of what they clearly both desire, then so be it.

"I can just as easily prove myself in the bath, brother. Do you realize this?"
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The look on Thor's face doesn't quite make up for the missed pleasure, but it tugs up the smirk on Loki's face. There's a thrill in not letting his brother get exactly what he wants. For the moment, at least.

"Prove yourself in the bath? How, by washing me? I suppose I could consider it, if you will draw the bath for us."

Loki relaxes back into the bed then, hands falling from Thor and pulled overhead onto the pillows, eyes closing, quite content to lay here until his bath is ready for him.

One eye peeks open at his brother to see if he'll do it.