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Rainy Day Meme

♫ Click for rainy mood

Looks like the weather forecast was right; it's absolutely pouring! And most people are complaining about the sudden downpour.

But forget those negative nellies! Just post a comment with your series name and character name as usual, as well as any other notes you wish to add, then pick a prompt using the RNG and get started!

1. OMG RAIN!!!

Rain is just the BEST THING EVER, RIGHT?! Well, that's what you think and you're determined to have a good time. Either going for a walk or splashing through puddles or even just sitting around and getting wet, you're going to milk every second of this rain and drag your friends along for the ride.


Oh god, it's raining. This just completely ruins your day. Maybe you were planning to go shopping but the roads are still flooded up, or because the school closed thanks to the storm, you need to hire a last minute babysitter for your kids. Whatever the reason for it, you're not pleased about this rain and you don't care what anyone else thinks.


Oh lord, it looks like you're stuck inside. It's raining too hard for you to even think of leaving! Will you make a daring escape in a ridiculous raincoat or will you just give up and watch TV? But what if you run out of snacks? Or the TV reception dies?!


Nothing like the sound of rain beating against your umbrella, right? You don't really care either way about the chaos and even though it's chilly, the one thing you want to do today is head out for a walk in the rain and maybe grab a hot chocolate on the way back.


Either combine any one of the above prompts or come up with your own scenario!
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He isn't meaning to crash anyone's space, really. Let alone the space of an eight-limbed fugitive. He's just looking for someplace to wait out the rain.

Unfortunately, because he was on the bad side of town for less than savoury reasons, it's the abandoned, gutted warehouse on the pier he comes to. Soaking wet, blood still dripping from his hands along with the rainwater, he ignores the sign that says in big bold letters CONDEMNED and ducks inside.

His attention's on the rain, not on the person or persons that might already be inside.
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On the one hand, it's a terrible idea to return to the scene of a crime. On the other hand, it's hard to find housing when you've got four metal arms welded to your back and your face has been plastered all over the papers. It's not Pier 56, but the warehouse he's camped out in isn't a far cry from his last hideout. The biggest difference is, it's worse.

He'd dismissed this place before precisely because it was falling apart even worse, hence the condemned sign. Huge gaps in the roof let in the downpour that was coming down now, and he could have sworn he saw a few small pieces of it fall in earlier. He'd be lucky if the place didn't come down around his ears, in this deluge. Still, there were patches where the roof still held and it was dry enough to wait out the storm. Near the doors, for instance, the front corners of the building still held together.

When the stranger entered, he was all too close, and that set his ever-defensive actuators into high alert. From a dark corner less than a dozen feet from the doors came the soft click of metal, like a stick dragged along a fence. Four red lights tilted and focused on the man covered in water and blood. Four red lights, each surrounded by three metal talons to form a claw.
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Sounds good to me!

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It's not the worst thing he could have turned around to - an armed and angry SWAT team tops that list - but it's up there. It's the scraping sound that catches his attention first, harsh and grating like nothing he's ever heard before, but then he turns and he's -- surrounded. Four angry red eyes in the darkness, two looming up over him, two spread to either side of him, cutting off his retreat. He doesn't scream, but he does gasp.

There's nowhere to run, not with two of those clawed things blocking the way back out, so he doesn't. Instead he stands his ground even as the tri-pronged drones close in around him, baring his teeth like a cornered animal. His fists, normally all the weapons he needs, feel awfully puny in the face of this new looming threat.

"Come on," he murmurs, practically quivering with tension now they're almost on top of him. "You things want a piece of me? Come and get it."
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They're menacing, sure, but they aren't attacking just yet. They're also attached to a thing of flesh and blood, a man who sits in a hunched lump in the corner, also wet, albeit not drenched. He's got a full, oval face, eyes shadowed by heavy brows. His voice is deep and rumbling, but also a little tired. "You're the one who crashed in here. What do you want?" He sounds annoyed, gives a few coughs and stirs lethargically, uncomfortable and weary.

The actuator claws dart and weave like snakes, watchful, but they also keep just out of reach. They know their creator is in a miserable mood, and they're a little overprotective, but they've been told to hold back while he assesses the threat.
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Re: :)

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It takes a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, and to his surprise, the drones don't take him apart in that time. They don't back off either, but at least they don't attack, and as he can see more of his surroundings he understands why - the 'drones' aren't drones at all. Instead of being the floating machines he first thought they were, the four claw-things are instead tentacles of some strange kind, all connected to a single form in the corner. A man, who might look like any other homeless guy in this city if not for the machines currently guarding him.

He doesn't completely relax, but he does drop his fists, letting his hands relax and taking a more neutral stance. This guy doesn't seem to mean him any harm, and sounds more annoyed than angry. He might well have been sleeping, or trying to sleep. Davis tries for a conciliatory tone. "Just a dry spot to wait out the rain, that's all. I'm sorry if I disturbed you."

'Disturbed', right. If he really disturbed this guy, those machines of his might well have plucked him apart like a wishbone. Or at least tried to.
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The man in the corner was pretty disturbed to begin with, but it's true he's not really in a fighting mood tonight. Sleeping is out of the question, unfortunately, due to sheer discomfort. And he's used to crashing on a desk or in the corner of a warehouse. A crack of thunder makes him flinch, though, and all four tentacles recoil a little, made nervous by the raw electricity on the air.

"You did." He pauses, but it's just not worth it to kill the stranger, and kicking him out also seems like a lot of trouble. "...It's just you, right?"
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Seeing the way the man in the shadows seems to squirm from the water leaking in and the cracks of thunder, Davis finds himself feeling an odd sort of sympathy for him. He's reminding of the meteor types from his hometown, people forced to live on the streets because of abilities they could not understand or control. While he's not sure if this man has any powers, he can't imagine living a normal life would be easy with those huge mechanical limbs protruding from his back.

"Yes." He nods once, keeping his hands where the man can see them. Making no sudden moves. He knows how to be a calming presence when it's important. "Just me. And I'll leave as soon as the storm passes, I promise. I'm not here to cause any trouble."
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Although he's not about to bring it up, the assessment is an accurate one. It's not just the robotic arms that keep him from a warm dry home and a normal life- the criminal record doesn't help, after all, but it's debatable he'd have one if it wasn't for the other.

"Just... stay over there, out of my way." One triple-pronged claw makes a vague little gesture at the opposite corner, which is at least no wetter than where the man in the shadows is sitting. There's a few old crates for seating, provided they don't fall apart, but it's not a very hospitable place. The claws retreat a little further to hover around their host, still watching the stranger balefully. How metal claws with red lights can convey such emotion is hard to say, but they do all the same.
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Now that he knows this strange man means him no harm, he finds himself feeling more curious about those mechanical appendages than afraid of them. It's strange, the way they all seem to stare at him, as if those red sensors (he thinks they're sensors, anyway) were actual eyes. There's a fluidity to their movements he'd never expect from artificial things, and they almost seem to be protective in the way they encircle their disheveled owner.

"Thank you." He moves where he's instructed to move and takes a seat on the most solid-looking crate he sees. No, it's not a very hospitable place, but he's been in worse places in his life. Heck, he's had to sleep in worse places a couple of times. Settling down on his seat, he rests his hands in his lap and regards the other man cautiously. His strange appearance practically begs to be asked about, but at the same time, Davis doesn't want to be rude.

Curiosity wins out after a few minutes of awkward silence (well, it feels awkward to him at least) and he clears his throat. "Those, ah.... prosthetics you've got, they're something else." He looks up at one, wondering if that blinking red light is somehow looking back. "I've never seen anything like them before."
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If the stranger sat quiet in his corner until the rain passed, then left without comment, he would have been utterly astonished. As it is, the large man heaves a put-upon sigh, and the claws tilt towards him slightly, then look back to the intruder, as if watching a tennis match. There is almost definitely some sentience there, separate from the man they're attached to, and the way they move strongly implies the red light at the center of each claw acts as a face.

"Actuators." The man corrects him, voice deep and rumbling, but that does just seem to be the way his voice naturally is. "You must not read the papers, much." 'Doc Ock' and his mechanical arms were, not so very long ago, splashed all over the front pages. This is also assuming the younger man now sharing his shelter is from around here, of course.
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/casually replies forever and a half later

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Working in the medical industry, he's come across a fair number of people who prefer the tranquility of solitude to conversation... not a lot, as such people are rare, but enough. He gets the feeling that's what this man is like, someone who prefers to be left alone and finds this intrusion on his claimed shelter to be unwelcome at best and borderline unpleasant at worst. Then again, having four robotic prosthetics-- sorry, actuators might have something to do with it to. This fellow can't very well warm his hands over a barrel like the rest of the city's homeless population.

"Not lately." The younger man admits, his own tone mostly sheepish but with a slight tinge of bitterness underneath. There hadn't been any reason for Tess Mercer and her Daily Planet to out him, not when the world already believed him to be dead, but she went and did it anyway. From the sounds of it, he might not be the only one in here who's run afoul of the press. "Is that why you're here, then? The local media turned you into a public enemy?"
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Re: /is excited for reply anyway!

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"...One of the reasons." To be honest, it's been a while since Otto had an actual conversation with anyone. Trading banter with Spiderman hardly counts, after all, and there's been nobody else to around to hear his voice but the metal arms. They know his mind without the need for words, so he's started to fall out of the habit of saying much. His voice is a little rough, and he coughs again.

As reluctant as he would be to admit it, Otto is curious about this stranger sharing his space. When the man goes, he'll be alone with the actuators again, and his own thoughts, and neither of those is the best of company. He squints at the stranger, wary, and belatedly notices something amiss. "...Is that blood?" His eyes are better in the dark, since the incident with the reactor, and the 'eyes' of the actuators are better still.
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/playing with tagging you in the badguy meme, b/c clearly one slow thread isn't enough haha

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"... Yes." Davis could probably have come up with some sort of lie, if he'd tried, but why bother? What's the worst this man can do to him, arrest him? Well, maybe not that, but he could probably do a good number on him with those actuator things if he wanted to. If pain and death were still things for him to be afraid of, the thought would probably give him pause. As it is, all he can bring himself to feel is a sort of weary resignation. If this guy wants to try and kill him, he'll hardly be the first.

Letting out a breath, Davis looks down at his hands and tries to figure out what to say next. There's no accusations or condemnation from his host, though all four of the man's machines seem to be studying him now. He rests his hands on his knees and turns them up, wondering if the man is watching him through them. It's not completely out of the question. "Don't be afraid. I'm not going to try to hurt you." Slowly and carefully, he shrugs off his torn-up jacket, letting the other man see that he's carrying no weapons.
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You can never have too many threads?

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That the actuators could take this stranger down is an assumption he's already made, and instead of looking relieved at the show of no weapons, the large man just gives a snort and a smirk. He's perfectly confident in his ability to protect himself, or at least wants to look like he is. On the flip side, if he intended to do harm, with those metal arms of his, he would have already. "Good. That's likely to work out better for you."

At least he's starting to look more receptive to conversation, now. His tone is neither accusatory nor alarmed, just matter-of-fact in the way of one who's had blood on his own hands before. "Yours, or somebody else's? I don't want you bleeding out in here."

Because then he'd have to dispose of the body, and that's just a bother.