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Rainy Day Meme

♫ Click for rainy mood

Looks like the weather forecast was right; it's absolutely pouring! And most people are complaining about the sudden downpour.

But forget those negative nellies! Just post a comment with your series name and character name as usual, as well as any other notes you wish to add, then pick a prompt using the RNG and get started!

1. OMG RAIN!!!

Rain is just the BEST THING EVER, RIGHT?! Well, that's what you think and you're determined to have a good time. Either going for a walk or splashing through puddles or even just sitting around and getting wet, you're going to milk every second of this rain and drag your friends along for the ride.


Oh god, it's raining. This just completely ruins your day. Maybe you were planning to go shopping but the roads are still flooded up, or because the school closed thanks to the storm, you need to hire a last minute babysitter for your kids. Whatever the reason for it, you're not pleased about this rain and you don't care what anyone else thinks.


Oh lord, it looks like you're stuck inside. It's raining too hard for you to even think of leaving! Will you make a daring escape in a ridiculous raincoat or will you just give up and watch TV? But what if you run out of snacks? Or the TV reception dies?!


Nothing like the sound of rain beating against your umbrella, right? You don't really care either way about the chaos and even though it's chilly, the one thing you want to do today is head out for a walk in the rain and maybe grab a hot chocolate on the way back.


Either combine any one of the above prompts or come up with your own scenario!
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Bruce Banner l MCU l ota

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2 or 3, maybe?

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This is the kind of weather that keeps good, sensible people indoors. People who have a warm, cozy, dry indoors to be in, anyway. The bulky figure that trudges down the street doesn't appear to be enjoying the downpour, but at least he's dressed for it, in a long army-green coat and a battered fedora. The sunglasses may be a little incongruous, though.
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2 it is

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The guy he's passing however isn't dressed for the weather at all in jeans a hoodie and a baseball cap. He's soaked to the skin and shivering though he isn't really reacting beyond that other than to look up when the man in sunglasses passes him.
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Head down, hat pulled low, collar pulled high, the large man isn't really looking at anything because he's focused on finding a place to get out of this downpour.

In a sense, though, he's not alone. The actuators are alert and watchful, so that he doesn't have to be, and something about the drenched man in the hoodie catches their attention. Something stirs, under the long coat, and there's the quiet ratchet of metal-on metal, then a red glowing light somewhere in the vicinity of the man's ankles focuses on the stranger. It still takes a few seconds before the man it belongs to lurches to a stop.
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Re: :)

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Bruce is interested almost at once tilting his head trying to see what is causing the red light and noise. "Oh wow," he mutters softly because once a scientist always a scientist.

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The stranger turns slowly- he's a large man, both tall and stocky, with a hunch-shouldered look under the long coat. Behind the sunglasses, narrowed eyes study Bruce. Whether or not the full face, with its slightly beaky, crooked nose is familiar to him or not may depend how much attention he pays to the news. The large man shifts his weight a little, and the claw with its red light closes slightly and tries to withdraw under the hem of his coat, but there are four of them in all and it's a tight fit.
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"Sorry," Bruce said with a cough and a duck of his head. He tends to stay away from the news himself given his own issues but he's heard rumors about this man. "I was just curious....I've only read about technology like that."

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Now that's interesting. The man has spotted his extra appendages, or at least one of them, yet there's no alarm, no screaming, and no attacking. All there is, in fact, is a very subtle appeal to his ego, and those tend to work wonders on Dr. Octavius. "Hmn." He glances around, to make sure there's nobody else so observant about, but really the few people who are around are just in a hurry to get to someplace dry.

"Have you? Technology like this, or this specific, particular technology?" There's a slow smile, but it's cautious, although he does draw a step closer for some privacy. His voice is deep and rolling, but pitched just loud enough to be heard over the rain. From under the edge of his coat, the claw sways and tilts, focusing the red eye to look up at Bruce. The man gives off some odd radiation readings.
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"Second one," Bruce says with a slow smile of his own, "My research and yours crossed paths briefly, but I decided the risks of creating such technology out weighted the benefits. Now I know I should have taken the risks."

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For the moment at least, Bruce has the advantage of him. While Dr. Octavius would recognize his alter ego in a heartbeat, the face before him now isn't ringing any bells. He's both curious and flattered, which puts Bruce on his best side.

"I don't expect to see it repeated anytime soon. Shame, really, the benefit to all fields of science would be enormous. But perhaps... we should find someplace drier to exchange notes?" He tries to suppress a shiver, but his smile grows just a little easier.
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"Yes I could use a cup of coffee myself it's cold out here," Bruce says with a slight shiver, "And I'd be happy to give you what notes I remember of my own research."

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Lowering the sunglasses a little, Octavius squints up the street, pupils dilated even in the glare of neon from nearby shops. Something is not quite right, there, but he can see well enough to spot a cheap diner. "That place looks quiet..." He slides the glasses back up as he heads that way, pace slow and easy to match despite his long legs. Carrying the actuators slows him down, but letting them walk with him and support their own weight is a sure way to attract attention.

He'll hold the door for Bruce, but once inside he heads for a back corner table, out of the way and poorly-lit. Today at least, he's trying to keep his head down.
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Bruce jogs right alongside Octavius easily keeping up and managing to keep his head down at the same time. He doesn't need some off duty cop to see him and alert the US Army that the Hulk's better half is open to capture. He slides into the booth and slides down a bit to complete his fake disinterest.

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Bruce can sit in a booth, but Dr. Octavius glances around, and pulls up a chair, turning it backwards to sit with arms folded on the back. He's a large man as it is, and with the bulk of the metal arms at his back a booth would be a very tight fit. He does take off his hat, tossing it carelessly on the empty booth seat to leave a puddle for somebody else, but keeps his coat collar turned up.

"I don't believe we've met before..." He's reluctant to admit it, but he's definitely fishing for a name to put to the face. Dr. Octavius naturally assumes his own name is known, since he's been recognized and lauded for his work already.
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Bruce smiles. "We haven't," he says, "and I'm a bit sad about that." He offers his hand. "Dr. Bruce Banner. I'm sure you've seen me on the news."

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Well, that does explain the odd radiation readings.

For a few brief seconds, Dr. Octavius freezes, and the smile begins to drop away. Bruce is probably used to that kind of reaction, in fact. The smile is quick to return, although there's a slightly harder edge to it than before. It's not a wholly unfriendly expression, but he's going to be more cautious, now. The handshake is returned, but he hasn't bothered to remove his dark leather gloves. It's a firm grip, friendly and professional. "Yes and no, I think... but then, anyone who stands out may be subject to the degenerate scrutiny of the press." He gives a sneer of distaste, but it's not directed at Bruce himself. Far from it. He'd rather paint them both as victims of bad publicity.
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"This is true," Bruce says softly, "I've done my best to try and convince people that the Hulk isn't the bad guy here but they still aren't listening."

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Dr. Octavius rests both elbows on the back of the chair, fingers steepled together against his chin. "There is a point where it is no longer worth wasting your breath trying to convince anyone. The rabble will believe as they are told to believe. There are far better pursuits you could put yourself to than attempting to sway feeble minds."
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Bruce smiles. "And what is that, scaring them...I'm not that type of guy?"

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"No... no, I imagine you find that kind of activity... distracting from your work?" He pauses, as a bored waitress approaches. Octavius orders coffee and a slice of apple pie, and waits until she's taken Bruce's order and wandered off before he continues.

"I know I find it distracting, anyway. I'd far rather be left to my own scientific pursuits. What is it you're keeping busy with, these days?"
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"I'm working closely with Tony Stark on something completely new...a robotic Avenger so to speak. Only it learns and grows so it doesn't have to be reprogrammed."

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"...I see." There's a definite narrowing of the eyes, behind the dark glasses. The Avengers, and Tony Stark, aka Iron-Man. That Bruce is working with the so-called heroes clearly does not sit well with Dr. Octavius, and under the hem of his coat the actuators rustle and rattle softly. He nudges one with his heel, while sending a mental reminder not to draw attention to themselves.

"A robotic Avenger to go after people labeled as criminals, I presume. supervillains." It's a sneer, and possibly a note of warning.
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Bruce considers the question then shakes his head. "Not completely no...it's to help us gather intel and technology from Hydra that is our main concern right now."

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"Ohh?" Not that he's foolish enough to believe that completely, but it doesn't sound like the kind of answer somebody could make up out of nothing. "Tell me more about Hydra?"