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high school au meme

high school au meme


1. Post with your character with their name and series in the subject line.

2. Roll 1-19.

3. ???

4. Play out high school AU times.


1. first day

Catch up with old friends, brave new teachers, fight your way through the sea of students, and hope you're in the right classroom. Oh, you're the new kid. Well, that's okay as long as you've got more than enough summer vacation anecdotes to fill ten pages of Times New Roman size 12, single-spaced.


2. first period

You're gonna be late! Or are you already there? Class hasn't started just yet, so chat it up or copy your classmate's homework before the teacher gets here.


3. lesson proper

You're probably diligently taking notes, looking out the window daydreaming or reciting in class, much to your teacher's delight - or dismay. Try not to be too obvious when counting down the minutes and pass that note as discreetly as possible.


4. faculty

Have a bone to pick with your terror math teacher. A crush on the cute chemistry teacher? There might be something you want to ask your homeroom teacher about. In any case, you plan on seeing a faculty member today. Or maybe they plan on seeing you!


5. lunch break

Man, you are starving. Hopefully, today's menu has something good. If the crowded cafeteria's not your thing, try the rooftop.


6. hooky

One of you is skipping class. You should try talking them out of it if that's your thing.


7. detention

What on earth did you do to get this? Oh well. Detention can't be that bad when you've got all these very nice, approachable model students around to talk to.


8. p.e.

Baseball, basketball, dodgeball - no matter the sport, just remember: you are the star. It's you. At least, you hope it is.


9. home ec.

Sewing! Cooking! ... Try not to burn the school down!


10. lab work

Frog dissections! Explosions!


11. school fair/festival

Every school has one of these. What's your class doing this year?


12. theater

Oh boy, oh boy, being the star of this play is your dream. It isn't? Oh. You're still helping with the props and costumes, right?


13. library

If you need to look something up or just want some peace and quiet, this is the place. Whatever you do, shh, people are trying to read.


14. bully

Whether they take the form of Nelson Muntz or Regina George, if you choose to meet them at the gym at four o' clock or else, be ready to face the consequences... or maybe you don't have to. Not when someone's here to help you out. (This can go either way - one of the participants can be the bully or someone helping the victim.)


15. tutor

You're having trouble with a class or you're trying to make up for the days you were absent. It's a good thing someone was nice enough to offer their assistance.


16. clubs

Assuming that you actually have one. Are you writing for the school paper? Part of the student council? The marching band? Maybe you're a member of one of those weird occult clubs or something...


17. prom

Do you have a dress? A date? Who are you voting for prom king? Is being on prom committee is driving you crazy? Do you even care?


18. graduation

Well, it was fun while it lasted. It's time to say those last words, settle those scores and get ready to grow up.


19. roll again/make your own scenario

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Clint Barton || marvel movie!verse || ota

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6 - Color Me Amused | Sr. P. Coulson says 'Get back to class, Barton'

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[Having gym so early in the day had never bothered him. He ran in the mornings before school, got a second dose of physical exertion during third period gym, and then did strength training with the weights his father had gotten him the beginning of freshman year before his evening jog around the block. However, today he just wasn't feeling up to yet another day of flag football.

Coach was trying to gear them up for the competitive season; try outs were two weeks away and half the team graduated last year. Phil didn't particularly car for the game, preferring basketball and hockey over football any day. Heliked contact sports but football just never appealed. That's why he felt only a twinge of guilt at having begged off and headed towards the parking lot instead of the practice field.]
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You were skipping first.

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{Gym wasn't the issue. Clint liked physical activity, worked at staying fit and spent a helluva lot of time down at Queen's Archery on 9th, but the fact of the matter was that he didn't particularly like full-contact sports and it seemed the Coach had it out for him in that regard.

So most days he dodged gym all together. And spent it all but hiding in the bed of his old beat up truck in the senior parking lot. He wasn't a senior, but no one really checked and he kept a low profile.

It was a nice day though, reasonable weather that was hinting at turning hot soon, and he was dozing, half-asleep, in the bed when he heard the footsteps approaching and cracked open an eyelid}

Go away.
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Not a sound argument.

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[Phil jerked his head to the side, eyes widening a fraction, in search of the voice. All he was seeing was a lot of empty vehicles which meant he could rule out the cars with windows up and seats in upright positions. There were a few trucks, though, and a truck bed was easier to search than stooping down to look through windows. It'd make him seem less like a potential, and incompetent, carjacker too.

Three trucks later and he was leaning over the side of the worst of the lot and staring down, unamused, at dozing student he knew all to well.]

And the reason you're not with the rest of the class getting handsy? [It wasn't really a question since he already knew the answer. Clint hadn't actually attended a full gym class, or many classes, since he enrolled. Phil didn't approve but he had to admit that any guy that could miss so much class and still manage a passable grade was slightly impressive.]

Coach is going to have you running laps until graduation if he catches you out here.
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Shut it, Phil.

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{Of course, if he had to be busted by any senior, it'd be Phil Coulson, jock and brain and teacher's favorite in nearly everything he did and entirely unobtainable in his excellence. Not that Clint was trying to obtain or anything.

He cracked open an eye and met those baby blues, shaking his head, and settling his hands behind his head.}

We still doing football? {He asked by way of retort, and arched an eyebrow}

And he's too busy staring at the short shorts in that class to care that I'm missing again. You're not the skipping type, though, so that raises some of its own questions.
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It's either my nagging or class. Notice you aren't hightailing it to class...

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It'll be football until the roster is filled for the season. [He answered with a grimace. He was going to have to come up with a reason to ditch football for the bleachers or get out of gym altogether if he wanted to keep his sanity in tact for the next few weeks.]

Coach Hill actually listened to her daughter and took the girls to the softball field so unless Coach Wilson's interests have shifted and aren't currently all about putting together a winning team this season, he's running drills and yelling at the slackers who thought gym would be an easy A.

[The truck shifted, groaning slightly, as Phil, arms folded, leaned against the side.]

Unlike you, I asked to be excused. Coach knows there's no way in hell I'm putting in for the team this year.
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He was having a great nap, thanks.

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Then I'll skip until we have a roster {He asserts, flinging one of his arms over his eyes, except turning to look up at the man before shifting so that he's less sprawled in his napping position and more into a lazy half-sitting sprawl}

Don't lean too hard on the fender, it's been thinking about coming off for a month {He warns, before rolling his eyes at the comment}

Ah, to be loved by all.
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How are you not expelled yet?

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It's called mutual respect and actually being a reliable student. [Okay, that might have been a jab but it was a pretty tame one. He just didn't understand how a guy like Clint could be so unconcerned about school, his future. Phil had already signed up for a four year hitch with the USMC and was just counting the days until graduation. He doubted Clint had thought much passed breakfast this morning.]

Mr. Heywood would take a look at it after school if you offered to help clean up the metal shop.
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Sexual favors, mostly. That and my devastating good looks.

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{Of course Phil had his life planned. If he had to put money on it, Clint would bet that somewhere in his color-coordinated notes, Phil had an entire ten year plan etched out in varying degrees of detail. It likely had diagrams and statistics. Clint wanted to be able to laugh about it, but really it was just sort of impressive.

He bet there were a whole lot of suits in Phil's future, and he was just going to blame that time when the seniors had to do a presentation in their government class, but Clint could at least assure anyone that Phil could definitely pull off a suit.

And once those shoulders of his filled out completely? Well, Clint might have been infatuated every now and again, but give him Phil Coulson in his prime and he was going to be a goner. But, of course, their lives were headed in completely different directions and this was all a very pleasant pipe dream Clint had to keep him company when he was busy doing things like not giving in to the collective guilt trying to send him to gym class.

The comment about his truck though, that has him sitting up properly, so he can check Phil's face and read it for seriousness}

You think so?
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You are a handful.

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A couple of years ago he use to just have after school detention in the shop and have the attendees straighten the place up for him while he worked on whatever project was on hand but that stopped when Stern and Urich got cute and decided to fabricate sharps and duel.

[Will got in a lucky shot and ran the length of sharpened steel through Ben's shoulder. There had been a lot of screaming and enough blood leaking out of Ben that convinced the other teens that he was going to die. Luckily Mr. Heywood had a first aid kit and plenty of know-how; he didn't panic and had Ben calmed, wrapped, and waiting when the paramedics finally arrived.

Well, Phil assumed that's what happened since he'd been with the rest of the baseball team out in the back field doing drills. He didn't even know anything had been wrong until an ambulance tore through student parking and careened around the gym towards the metal shop.]

But, yeah. [Phil adjusted his weight and leaned a little more heavily against the rust bucket Clint called his truck.] He'll take a look at your truck while you clean up the shop and work out a deal if it needs fixing. [His tone heavily implied that Clint's truck needed fixing. Honestly, Phil was surprised the damn thing run.]

[ooc: Sorry this took so long. Power went out thanks to the neighbors being stupid.]
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You're welcome to give handling him a try.

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Didn't know that {He admits, because, well, he tries to keep his nose out of most of the school's business. He doesn't need the gossip--gets that enough around the folks he calls family, and he doesn't need the social scene because he's never really trusted those as far as he can spit.

So he just does what he does and is good at it. And every now and again he misses a reference for something he's pretty sure is campus-wide knowledge.

The slight on his truck has him arching an eyebrow. It may be old, but it gets him from point A to point B and it's not like everyone has a stable family willing to shell out a couple grand for a nice ride. This is what he could afford after three summers of working blood sweat and tears at a number of places he never wanted to see again}
That better not be an insult to my old girl here, Coulson. She's seen more than you and I combined and still looks a beauty for it {That last part is a line, she's all mismatched paint and cobbled together parts, but--well, he likes her}