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feels in 3, 2, 1...............

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[ Ever since the party had all but parted ways, occasions they all gathered were close to none. Cheria took pride in continuing the relief organization's work, even if she made it a point to visit the Lhant manor and come home every so often. And sometimes, business brought her to Strahta, or even Fendel.-- But even so, she kind of missed being surrounded by the people she had traveled with, and truly, the people who she had come to know, and in turn, had come to know her.

So the invitation to Richard's birthday party was certainly taken with utmost importance. There was no way she was going to back out of this perfect chance-- to have such a fun time, of course! She'd been really working hard lately, even going so far as to start looking into the betterment of medical clinics and such in her spare time... yeah, a break was in order.

And that was how she found herself wearing a formal dress in the main ballroom of the Windor castle, fingers playing with her silken gloves as she peered about. Any familiar faces?

She'd easily take note of a blue head of hair, though-- brightening up nearly immediately as she'd try to make way through the crowd. ]
-- Hubert! It's been awhile.

[ A couple of weeks, at least! ]
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cries Kool-Aid tears

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[Hubert, dressed appropriately for the situation, turns his head at the sound of Cheria's voice. He nods at her greeting.]

It's nice to see you again. [It really is. After weeks of having to navigate the messy, roiling waters of Strahtan high society (to say nothing of his adoptive father and cousin), it was refreshing to see someone whose presence he could relax in. Relatively speaking, of course, since Hubert is rarely relaxed even while alone. He's working on it, really.] How have you been?
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this is just going to snowball into really cute/sad shit isn't it

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[ On the other hand, she finds herself relaxing nearly immediately, stumbling upon someone she knew. And it was Hubert, to boot. One of her precious childhood friends-- and a lot more sensitive to her than Asbel. Where was he, anyway? ]

I've been great! Well, really busy, actually. I've been checking in on clinics and seeing what I can do for them-- and I suppose since I'm already here, Barona's will be next.

... But that's enough about me. How are things for you?
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this will end both better and worse than we expected, mark my words

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As well as they could be. Strahta is in talks with Fendel regarding more infrastructure funding in Zavhert, so I've been occupied with negotiating the details of that as well as convincing the well-off of Yu Liberte to open their wallets a little.

[He wishes he could say he was surprised by the stinginess of some of Strahta's elite families, but...]
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emotions.... nOooo

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That's great to hear! Things really are going well, aren't they? [ She can't imagine it's easy to work so closely knit into politics. Even if her relief organization often twines into the forces of each respective nation, to bring them aid upon any monster attacks, she's only really been seeing into administration matters starting recently.

Things were calm, but she didn't want to sit and twiddle her thumbs when she could be making a difference. ]
I've been thinking of raising funds, too-- to improve clinic services and maybe see that each country builds more of them.

[ Never enough healthcare! ]
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how does I shot emotions

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[Another nod.]

I've heard from my cousin about your efforts. He's...quite enthusiastic about your organization.

["Enthusiastic" is a fucking understatement. It seems like every time Hubert has to share the same wind eleth with Raymond, Raymond is asking about whether Hubert knows any news about what Cheria is doing and whether she's actually dating Asbel yet and if maybe Hubert could convince President Paradine to think about sending national funds her way -- or, barring that, having Hubert convince Uncle Garrett that it's a worthwhile investment. While Hubert is theoretically pleased by the idea of a family member supporting a long-time friend, he can't help but suspect unsavory motives on Raymond's part -- and thus he can't help but feel mildly protective towards Cheria in this regard.]
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as long as no instant balls are involved

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[ She... has a feeling she knows who he's talking about. ]

Yeah... he-- is. [ That's not a particularly enthusiastic tone, but hey. She may not quite know to the extent Raymond tails her around the world, but he's... kinda creepy. Plus, he totally kidnapped her that one time. Although she's let bygones be bygones, well... he KIDNAPPED HER ] He... 'shows up' often, but we don't talk all that much.

[ Actually... he kind of just watches her. And offers her help from time to time, which she of course takes, but... yeah. Honestly, Cheria's willing to hope for the best from the guy and assume he isn't a creepy stalker weirdo who's intent on winning her love. ]

Speaking of, is he here?
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what if my instant balls are full of emotions

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Thankfully, no. He seems to have contracted a case of food poisoning. [And here he'll spare a moment of sympathy for his bedridden cousin. But just a moment. (He also spares a moment of paranoia because he is almost convinced that Raymond would power through food poisoning if it meant coming to see "his angel.")] Such things happen when one refuses to take sensible advice simply to be contrary.

[Wow, way to make it sound like you were indirectly the cause of said food poisoning, Hubert.]
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then she might be a little displeased in bed.....

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Oh, that's... unfortunate. [ She feels bad, really she does..... but if Hubert doesn't seem all that concerned, it's probably nothing severe. ] I hope he feels better soon.

[ Even if... yeah, she finds herself a little curious as to what he really means by that-- ] ... what happened, exactly?
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don't girls usually appreciate emotions tho

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He was attempting to cook something for once, and did not bother to follow my suggestions for preparing the meat properly. He also happens to prefer his meat cooked rare; I'm sure you can imagine the rest.

[That's the last time Hubert ever bothers with giving Raymond advice. what Hubert always tells himself after something like this happens, but the truth is that he can't help but, well, help the closest person he's had to another "brother" within the Oswell family. Experience has taught him to clamp down on his attempts to aid Raymond, as he seems to consider Hubert's aid a personal affront, but every now and then Hubert finds himself trying. Trying, because Raymond is family and maybe deep down Hubert wishes he could be on good terms with his adoptive cousin.]
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yes but not if they cause instant... results...

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Yeah. [ That prompts a giggle, because yeah, she can imagine the rest alright. And, the way he talks about the situation kind of warms her heart. She knows Hubert's still caring, but it's just moments like these where she truly remembers that things aren't all that different. Even if Raymond is... well, Raymond, she can sense it. ] Well, I guess he learned his lesson.

[ People are mostly milling about and talking, holding champagne flutes or otherwise-- so when there's the sound of shuffling of what seemed to be musicians and a lull in conversation, Cheria finds herself glancing over. But still, no sight of the others-- well, she thinks she can vaguely make out the Captain's strong build through the bodies, but she knows she can catch up with them all later. ]

It's hard to believe this is a birthday party. [ Even if Richard is a king... wow. This feels more like a fairy-tale ball, honestly. ]
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it's the internet age, most everything is instant these days

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[Meanwhile, Hubert is standing here completely immune to the magic of a royal gala -- but not, however, immune to Cheria's appreciation of it. Her comments only remind him of how far apart he's grown from those he used to consider his closest friends. Cheria always did like such fanciful things, didn't she? A magical world of romance and royalty, with herself as a prince and Asbel as her prince... Where was his brother, anyway?]

It certainly is a party fit for a king. I imagine, however, that his Majesty would have personally preferred something...much more low-key. [Hubert certainly would have.

...on the other hand, he can't say he liked never having his birthday acknowledged by anyone except the maids for the past seven years or so.]
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instant feels

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[ Maybe it was the way that she yearned for Asbel and Hubert's company as children. Being the granddaughter of their butler, she wasn't exactly of high status where anything was involved. The gap felt much larger as children (and her illness really didn't help), and that was partly where all of that fantasizing really came from. She wanted to be with them.

Although she can definitely imagine Richard not exactly aiming this high. He was-- a lot more of a humble type, despite his status. ]
He probably would have. Maybe if there's time, he can have a smaller celebration...?

[ Cheria knows that's unlikely, and probably why he could only host something like this. ]

Either way, I should probably make him something for the next time I drop by. Richard's... a big fan of Natto, isn't he?
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just add tears (and typos)

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[Hubert nods.]

Yes. [Not that Hubert can understand why.] I think he'd appreciate a meal or two from you. He probably misses your cooking from when we traveled together.

[How long ago was that, even? It seemed like ages, but...]
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cheria is the prince you will never be, obv

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You think so? [ She did try to cater to everyone's favorites, and honestly, she took pride in that. Cheria missed being able to cook so often-- it felt so long ago. ]

Do you miss my cooking too, Hubert? [ It's more of a tease than anything, but she does honestly wonder sometimes ]
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well hubert's a queen anyway so it all works out

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[Such a simple, benign question. And yet Hubert finds himself uncomfortable answering it honestly.]

I -- I suppose so. [CRAP THAT SURE SOUNDED EQUIVOCATING. Backpedaling slightly -- ] You always were the best cook out of our entire party.

[Translation: Yes, he does miss it.]
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queen hubert, the fairest in all the land

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[ Giggle! Aw, man. It always really hits her how much things changed at how hard it is for him to be so earnest and honest about even the littlest things, but at the same time, there's something really cute about it. ]

Thank you. I really miss cooking for everyone... there's not much time for it anymore. [ But with that, it's settled: ] So I'll make you something, too.
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[The words are out of his mouth before he can stop them:]

That won't be necessary. [But he manages to add:] However, if you make the effort, I certainly won't turn it down.

[Cheria's rice omelettes are as good as Kerri's. No doubt the girl learned from his mother at some point in the past.]
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[ That's good enough for her. ] Then, an order of rice omelettes and natto rolls it is!

[ Cheria certainly did. In fact, growing up, Kerri and Aston were basically an extended family to her-- looking out for her even after they lost their sons. ] -- Unless you have a new favorite?
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No, rice omelettes will be fine. Thank you. [Though he now suddenly finds himself craving banana pie.

Shall we go see if we can find Asbel?

[Since he suspects that's who she really wants to see here.]
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-- Oh. Sure! [ She seems a bit surprised. ] How long has it been since you've last seen him?

[ Hey, you could always ask if you wanted banana pie. You and Pascal can share! ]
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[Hubert briefly registers the surprise, and internally returns it with surprise of his own. He'd have thought she'd sound more enthused about the prospect.]

Quite a while -- the last time we spoke in person was before we parted ways after the Fodra Queen incident. He sends letters every now and then, though.

[Comprised of childishly-worded chicken scratches. But they are letters from his brother, nevertheless, and so Hubert is grateful for them.]
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Really? Then, we should get moving!

[ It's not that she's not excited to see Asbel, but at the same time, she wonders if Hubert doesn't realize-- she really likes spending time with him, and pretty much everyone else too. Although, he really gets her sometimes.

Just as she suggests that, though, the musicians finally settle into music- something slow but decidedly cutting chatter in the crowd. ]
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[Hubert nods.]

If he's not with his Majesty, he's probably wallflowering somewhere. [The delicate waltz that's begun playing has attracted a fair amount of partygoers to the dance floor, but Hubert can't imagine that Asbel would be among them, unless some sort of shenanigans were afoot. (Which is entirely possible, but...)]
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[ She can't imagine he'd be dancing, so she'll follow Hubert's advice and get herself to the nearest wall. It's difficult to navigate through the shifting bodies, nearly tripping over herself a couple of times, with hushed apologies as couples moved the other way to dance.

Throwing glances over her shoulder to make sure Hubert was nearby, she'd start scouting out the area again. ]
... hmm, maybe he's late?

[ She knows Asbel can be a bit scatterbrained when push comes to shove, but she's in slight disbelief. After all, this is Richard's birthday. Arguably Asbel's best friend-- so where the heck was he?

Okay, she admits it would have been nice to drag him out to the dance floor. It might have been really nice to take a break from all the responsibility of the relief organization and feel like a princess, if only for a second...

She puffs out a slight sigh. ]

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