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Addicted to love

Addicted to Love

Love is a drug. A sweet release. Heaven and spice and everything nice. Except, once you get past the cliches and the first-time rush, it can get a little....dark.

It started innocently enough--two ships passing in the night--but now it's about more than hearts and heady feelings. Now the scales have tipped to need...and you might not be fully in control.

How to:

1. Post your character's name and canon in the subject line.
2. Others go to RNG and comment to your post. Or just pick your favorite!
3. ???
4. Profit.

*Note* - Prompts and threads may contain triggering material. Click at your own risk...and be polite. Respect others' preferences if they aren't comfortable playing a certain option or scenario.

1. Baby Hit Me One More Time - You've gone once. Twice. Three times. But, for some reason, you can't get enough. Maybe it's a spell. Maybe you just have that much energy to kill. But your partner is looking as good as ever and there's no end in sight.

2. You Light My Fire - Things started out normal enough, but the more you touch your partner the more your energy spikes. Your heart is racing. Your pulse is thrumming in your ears. Your adrenaline is screaming for you to do something crazy. Extreme. Just hope you don't reach your limits before you finish the ride.

3. Smooth and Steady - Lately, it seems like the only place you're calm is with your partner. When they're around, everything is mellow. Right. You could lie with them for hours doing nothing. Except what happens when they want to leave?

4. You belong to me - You share a special connection. Completely special and unique. And you aren't about to share that with anyone else. At any cost.

5. You are my world - When you're around your partner, the rest of the world might as well cease to exist. You want to explore them. Talk to them. Taste them. Touch them. Stare into their eyes for hours on end. Everything else just seems pale in comparison.

6. Pick your poison - An option you want not here? Or do you want to mix and match? Create your own adventure here.
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[Adachi stood in the doorway, watching her sitting on the couch doing... whatever it was she was doing with her back to him. He didn't know, he didn't really care. His thoughts flipped around themselves when it came to her, and he didn't know what the hell to do with them the majority of the time. He tried to throw her away, she kept coming back. He tried to call her an idiot for hanging around him, she just stuck to him more often.]

[What the hell was he supposed to do with that?]

[He never actually had someone that was 'his' before, and he did not want to readily admit that this was what was going on here. Hell, she didn't act like he owned her or anything, especially when she had that damn parasol of hers in hand, but she may as well have been. Did she actually want to stick around, or was she just being this damn insistent so when she did let him down it hurt that much more? Damn, this shit was so much easier to deal with when it was just him...]

[After a moment, he let out a faint breath, approaching behind her quietly, before draping himself over the couch, wrapping his arms around her.]
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[As a matter of fact, she was reading up on the laws of Japan. Goodness, but this place had quite a few laws that were foreign to Ylisse, and she didn't want to accidentally break one, especially considering the language barrier. It was bad enough that she couldn't quite bring herself to leave him; it was even worse that they'd found themselves... well.

He hadn't touched her - at least, not in any manner that was particularly scandalous. He was protective of her, a trait of his that had seemed to spring from that awful place where they'd nearly died at the hands of those moving... animatronics, they were called (she thought). And he'd been changing. Slowly, but it was change, nevertheless.

She gasped when she felt his arms around her, turning her head so she could look questioningly in his direction.

He'd never done this before.]
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[...she really needed to stop sending mixed signals like that. Adachi let out a grunt at that noise, backing off slightly.]

Ah... s-sorry. Too much?
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[She raised her hand to caress his, looking back towards her book rather hopelessly.]

No... it's not. Are you alright?
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[...mixed signals.]

[Adachi hesitated a moment, before leaning back again so that he held her a little closer to him, resting his head next to hers. This was probably the most touchy feely he had been with anyone.]

Same as always.
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[She really doesn't know what to do with this. She's never felt this way about anyone before - and a criminal, no less! She'd been trying to pull away from him, but he simply drew her back in - and it seemed to be mutual, because whenever he'd pull away, she called him back to herself.

She felt her own cheeks grow hot as his face neared hers, and she turned her face in his direction.]

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[...damn. There she had to go being cute and blushing again. This really wasn't very fair. How was he supposed to deal with something like this? He smiled faintly at the look she was giving him, breathing in her sweet scent.]

...feel a little better though.
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[This was getting awkward. No, this already was awkward. Maribelle patted the seat next to her on the couch, resisting the urge to move in closer to him.]

Do you? I'm quite glad to hear it.
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[, increase snuggling capability, or stay behind her...]

[...snuggles won out; he let go of her then, but only to round the couch. He was practically curling up against her once he was seated, his arms wrapping around her as he peered down at what she was looking at.]

What'cha reading?
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[Maribelle was surprised at the eager way he pulled her to him, but she simply snuggled against him and glanced back at her book, trying to not blush any more than she already was.]

I'm reading about the laws of this country. There really are so many differences here.
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[Was it wrong to be possessive? Well, maybe a little; he hugged her a little tighter to him.]

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[She casts a sideways glance in his direction, surprised at the way he's holding her. He's never done that before.]

It looks as though my stay in your world has been extended, so I believe it would be best if I knew my way around, legally speaking.
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Eh... it's not really that hard. Just don't be disruptive, and go about your life like a good citizen.

[There might have been an edge of bitterness in his tone, before he shook it off.]

'Sides, don't you want to go back to your place? Gotta be more exciting than here.
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I have no intention of breaking any laws, Tohru. Besides, I hardly think that explaining my status as a person from another world to your city guard will go over well.

[She sighs, looking almost sad for a moment.]

Sometimes, I think about it. But there is something I must see to here. Besides, do you truly wish me to go?
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Well, you can start by calling them 'police' and not 'city guard'.

[He was going to have to work on her speech too; man, no one spoke that formally in the world unless they lived under a rock for 200 years. Which... considering Persona and all those freaky powers, was actually a possibility. Never mind.]

And I didn't say that, just thought you might be homesick.
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Oh! Yes. Police.

[Wow, that word was strange. It was a good thing there was a language barrier, too; she was still learning modern Japanese, but she still tended to be quite formal in her speech... except, perhaps, with Adachi.]

I am, but the gates between our worlds are open to those who know where to look. I may always return.

[A pause, and:]

Do you, then, enjoy having me here? [As if his arms around her didn't make it obvious.]
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[...well, that was a loaded question. He paused, mulling over a good way to answer that as he tightened his arms around her, drawing her closer. Finally, he let out a faint breath, turning his head slightly to place a soft kiss on her cheek.]
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... Nn.

[She can't hold back the slightly startled squeak that escaped her, nor stop her face from turning red again, so she simply shuts her eyes and silently prays the idiot hasn't noticed.

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[Yeah... considering he was right against her face, it was hard as hell not to notice. It was kind of adorable really, and he almost wanted to pull her onto his lap and maybe make the kissing a little less than innocent. He kept his cool though, only letting out a little chuckle as he pulled away slightly.]

Anyway... the law isn't really that hard. I could help you; I pretty much know it backwards and forwards.
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[Adachi, do that, and she'll pretty much melt kill you.]

I know, but I also wish to learn it myself.
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[Adachi couldn't help but chuckle, hugging her close again.]

You're so stubborn...

[...he kind of liked it.]
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Naturally, darling. Women of breeding always are.

[She knew he did.]

However, I must ask you... why are you suddenly acting so...?
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[Okay, so he was being a little clingy. So what, right? It didn't mean anything.]

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So... [She tries to think of a word that isn't clingy. This sort of thing isn't bad, after all.]

Affectionate. I'm not going to complain, of course...
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Is it bad?

[His hand shifted a bit upward, and he was definitely being much more possessive as he buried his face in her hair.]
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Well... no. [It's a nice change from him being a colossal dick, for one.]

It's just... strange.