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Love Like the Movies

The Love Like the Movies Meme

The fun thing about movies is that there are so many options, nearly something for everyone. Action, adventure, comedy, tragedy, whatever your taste, you'll probably find something at the cinema. One of the most popular genres, of course, is romance. But don't think it's just chick flicks: a lot of movies have love in them, and those relationships presented can be as varied as the films themselves.

In this meme, you'll get a chance to play out some of the scenarios made popular in films. Some are directly inspired by certain movies, others by common tropes. So grab your popcorn and your chocolate and getting ready for some lovin', Hollywood style!

- Comment with your character and preferences.
- Others will comment to you, rolling the RNG to determine the prompt.
- Comment to others doing the same.

1. Childhood Friends (Just Friends, etc): You were friends as kids, but you never noticed how much this person means to you until you're grown up. That, or they got really, really hot.

2. Beauty & the Beast (what do you think?): One of you has a charmed life and is beautiful, and the other is ugly- physically or otherwise- or has something else about them (a tragic past, a curse, etc) that society deems you as "broken" for.

3. Beauty & the Geek (The Breakfast Club, every John Hughes movie ever, etc): Maybe this is a high school AU, or maybe it's not. Whatever the case may be, one of you is hot, popular, and athletic, and the other is...not so much. Still, there's something here. Will both of you be willing to look outside your clique and bear the ridicule in order to be together?

4. The Tearjerker (Love Story, a ton of Nicholas Spark movies): The two of you are falling in love, and your relationship is perfect. Or it is until one of you finds out you're dying, whether it be of illness or other causes! Or maybe not dying, just leaving forever. Who knows, whatever the reason, the two of you won't be able to be together forever. What will you do? Break up to ease the pain, or continue on until the last moments?

5. I was Enchanted to Meet You/Fairy Tale Love (Enchanted, etc): Though it may be awkward at first, your relationship is straight out of a fairy tale! Sugary sweet with lots of slow realizations and cute scenarios; singing animals are optional. This kind of love (and the right princess, of course) can even make the most stoic of men melt. How does she know you love her?

6. It Was Just Sex (No Strings Attached, Zack & Miri Make a Porno, etc): You both agreed it was supposed to be just sex. Friends with benefits, that's it. Well, about that. One of you wants to be more than just friends. That won't mess things up, will it?

7. The Hookup Gone Wrong (Knocked Up, etc): You got somebody pregnant, they accidentally imprinted on you, you went through a mating-for-life ritual without noticing it, whatever you crazy kids do these days. Now you're stuck with someone, may as well learn to tolerate them. If you're lucky, tolerance can grow into fondness, and then...

8. As You Wish/The Princess and her Stable Boy (Princess Bride, etc): This person may be beneath you, but whatever the case, you've always taken them for granted. Will you see their love before it's too something bad happening?

10. A Little Species Difference (Twilight, Underworld, etc): Love is love...even if you two don't have the luxury of being the same species. But who cares if you're a vamp and she's a human, or you're a demon and he's an angel? Okay, maybe the rest of your kind or society cares, and that may cause a few problems, but it all works out in the end, right?

11. For Richer or Poorer (Titanic, etc): The poor boy sees the rich girl and falls in love at first sight. Maybe this doesn't describe your relationship exactly, but there differences in your social classes. Will the people around you and their obsession with money drive you apart, or can you show them that blue collar and black tie can be as one?

12. This is Very Unprofessional (The Bodyguard, etc): For some reason, you're supposed to protect this person. For the benefit of this missions, it's better to keep emotions out of it- oops, you've fallen in love with your charge! Or perhaps, even worse, you've fallen in love with someone who should be your enemy or you were supposed to eliminate!

13. The Wedding Crasher (Romcoms, romcoms): The person you love is with someone else- maybe even about to take the plunge into marriage. But they should totally be with you, and you're about to show the world! Er, even if that means crashing their special day.

14. The Enemies turned Lovers (Romeo + Juliet, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, etc): Perhaps the oldest story in the book, people from warring factions overcoming hate to give into their love for each other. Need I say more?

15. I Want You to Want Me (10 Things I Hate About You, etc): Ahh, hate growing to love. A staple of teen movies and romantic comedies for many years. That's because it works! There's just something about the chemistry you feel with someone you can't stand changing into a desire to actually be close to this person. After all, they say there's a thin line between love and hate.

16. The Comedic Misunderstanding (The Proposal, every romcom ever, etc): Oh no! You just heard the guy you love call you ugly to his friend! You saw the girl of your dreams with another man! Surely this means you're doomed and hated and you'll be forever alone! Oooor maybe it was just a misunderstanding- NOPE. DOOMED AND HATED AND FOREVER ALONE.

17. This Isn't A Love Story (500 Days of Summer, etc): Not all love ends with happily ever after. Sometimes there are just plain endings- very, very messy ones with lots of hate. So whoo keeps the dog, the apartment, and the IKEA furniture, you mad hipsters exes? Well, deciding that's part of the fun!

18. Find Something Better (Yet another romance cliche): You've broken up with somebody and totally sworn off of relationships for good! Nope, nobody is going to make you love agai- darn it! That free spirit made you love again! Shoot. Well, you don't have to let the- damn it, you let them into your heart, didn't you?

19. It All Worked Out in the End (almost every movie): You've been through lots of disasters and trials, maybe even years worth of separation, so now you've earned your life as a happy couple. Enjoy it!

20. Love at First Sight (many a movie): The obligatory love at first sight, which seems to dominate a lot of movies. You see this person and you know they're the one! Now you just have to win them over.

21. Mistaken Identities (I'm pretty sure a Mary Kate and Ashley movie was like this): You've fallen in love with someone, but while they love you, it's not the real you they love. They think you're someone else because of a misunderstanding, your own designs, or something along those lines. Can you risk telling them the truth and get them to love you for you, or will you live a lie?

22. Good Girl/Bad Boy (Grease, etc): I got chiiiills, they're multiplyin'! One of you is a goody-goody (at least in some capacity), while the other is from the wrong side of the tracks (what tracks?). It's dangerous, but there's something thrilling about danger. Still, are you sure this isn't just summer lovin'? If you really care for this person, maybe you can make it work.

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[She really should have known better.]

[The signs were all there, of course; it did eventually get to the point where he didn't even bother to high how ugly he was on the inside. If she noticed, she didn't seem to care... and that was really dumb on her part. She kept coming back and coming back... why did she keep thinking he wanted her false sympathy? All these fake emotions and off hand compliments... were they supposed to satisfy him or something? Why would anyone want to keep going back for trash like him anyway, unless he wanted him to hold them by the throat, unless they wanted to have their feet dangling just above the ground.]

[She was just so stupid...]
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[She did notice - and frankly, she'd seen and worked with worse. Tharja, for instance, had experimented upon her own future daughter, hexing her until the poor girl was so terrified, she could only assert herself through a violent second personality. Gangrel, who'd been responsible for the death of Ylisse's beloved ruler, the Exalt, and had crushed an entire country (nearly two) under his heel. Walhart..

But she'd tried to take a page out of Robin's book. She'd stayed with Adachi; after what had happened in that awful place (and she shuddered over the nightmares she'd been having over being trapped inside an animatronic suit, killing Adachi over and over), she couldn't simply leave him. She'd tried to bring back his humanity.

Stupid, really.]

Tohru? I've come as you asked. What did you have to tell me that was so important I had to come here right away?

[Please let there be no more puppets.]
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[Adachi stood with his back to her so she couldn't see the twisted grin spreading across his face. Just like he asked... for a moment, he wondered how it felt to be the puppet on strings, when he realized he already knew, that he'd been playing his part again and again.]

[It was sickening. This whole world was sickening.]

...why do you keep doing that?
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You know very well why.

[She couldn't say it. She wouldn't say it... but something between them had changed after that time. The uneasy truce they'd come to had shattered - and yet, they were somehow closer than ever.

She wasn't sure that was a good thing... but here she was, nonetheless.]
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[And in that next moment, Adachi was whirling on her, grabbing her and throwing her against the wall.]

Who the hell asked you to do that!? Who the hell told you to care!?
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[She's caught off-guard by Adachi's sudden movement, gasping in fear and pain as she's thrown, instinctively grabbing for his wrists.]

What do you think you're doing, you ungrateful idiot?!

[Her eyes narrow at him, even though she's shaken.]

You ought to know very well by now that I allow no one to tell me what to do unless I wish it.
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[Adachi slammed his hands against the wall on either side of her head as she grabbed for him, his gaze ice cold as he glared down at her.]

You wish it... so you wished to just torture me hunh? Is that it?
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[She flinches as he draws nearer to her, but doesn't lower her eyes.]

... Torture? What ridiculous nonsense are you on about?

[Is he having nightmares, too?]
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[Adachi slid his hands closer to her, until his knuckles were grinding into the walls and his fingers were pressing against her neck.]

You... you and your stupid bond. You're no better than that damn kid, are you?

[His voice was surprisingly calm, despite the fact that he was pressing harder against her.]

Friendship? Bonds? In the end when you get tired of me, you're just going to leave, aren't you? Just like everyone else.
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[Maribelle's eyes narrowed dangerously, though she remained calm.]

Well, if you insist on acting like an uncouth brute, I certainly will.

[And by "leave", she means "in a pool of your own blood", tyvm. This is now how one treats a lady.]

It is not a matter of "growing tired", Tohru. It's your own actions which drive people away.

[And then she slaps him across the face. Hard. It's a warning, of course, but it's nothing compared to what she's going to do to him if he continues to corner her.]
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[The slap was a shock to his system to be sure; it got him to let go of her, his hands going to his face as he near clawed at himself, trying to wrap his head around why the hell she would go through this trouble. So he drove others away... okay, fine, he could live with that. He rather be alone anyway, it was easier that way. But why... why... why.]

...why the hell do you keep coming back then!?
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[That was a hell of a question. Why did she keep coming back? He was dangerous, he was a murderer.

He was lonely.]

I... after everything we've been through, did you truly think I would abandon you? Even now?

Do you think so little of me?
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[He pulled his hands away slightly, just enough so he could glare at her through his fingers. He was trembling, shaking like he was going to fall apart at the seams any second, and Mari was the only thing holding him together.]

I could kill you.

[He should kill her; it was easier alone anyway, right? What the hell did he even need her for; just one shove in a TV and his issues were solved... except for the whole fact that if another dead body was found hanging in the wind, he would be hunted down like a damn dog.]

[Dammit, he couldn't even do that!]
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Could you?

[Her voice is perfectly calm and steady as she looks him in the eye, more composed than ever now in the face of human evil and insanity.]

In that case, I do believe the feeling is quite mutual, Tohru.

[In other words, try it. See what happens.]
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[He pitched toward her, looking like he was going to go for her neck again... but he ran out of steam before he even got close. Instead, Adachi end up slumping against her shoulder, shaking as he sobbed against her.]
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[Maribelle braced herself, tensing as Adachi came at her, and prepared to strike at him. But then he reacted in a way she never would have expected. Was he... crying?

Maribelle's own heart grew heavy despite herself, and the young woman gently wrapped her arms around Adachi's shoulders, unsure of what else to do.

She should hate him for what he's done, she really should - but he's saved her, and really, he's more pitiable than despicable, as he is now.]
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[Eventually, his shaking calmed down, though he still reached up, clinging to her sides. A moment more passed before his voice was steady enough for him to speak.]

...I don't know what to do.

[He shifted against her, though he still didn't lift his head.]

...everywhere I go it's empty praise and broken promises. I don't want that anymore...
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[She hears him - feels him - murmuring against her shoulder, and she knows what he's saying, even though she can't quite hear him.]

It is never too late, Tohru.

[She presses closer to him, hesitantly, still tensed in case he should use this moment to attack her again.]

But... you must first truly wish to change, before you can.
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I just want the world to stop being shit.

[...but he was moving his hands so his arms circled around her instead, calming down slowly as he pulled her against him.]
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And tell me, can you do that by raging at everything like an ill-mannered lout?

[Her words are harsh, but her voice is soft, and her arms tighten around him.]
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[personal profile] sleight_of_hand 2014-09-05 01:28 am (UTC)(link)
I... don't know.

[It'd be a lot easier if he could have gotten his original plan to work, maybe. But then again, what was the point of being king of shit hill?]
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Tohru, one does not give a false answer to a question such as this.

[Use your adult brain, Adachi.]
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[personal profile] sleight_of_hand 2014-09-05 01:34 am (UTC)(link)
But I don't.

[He let out a tired sounding sigh, spent out emotionally and just wanting to cling right now. Was that too much to ask for?]

...can I just hold you a little longer?
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[Oh. That answer rather hurt. Maribelle nodded, burying her face in Adachi's chest and inhaling his scent. She felt more tired right now - and more confused - than she had in a very long while.]

... Yes, you may, provided you don't act like an unruly brigand again.
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Spoil my fun.

[His tone was teasing... and he might have taken it another way. Oops?]

[Still after a moment he let out a sigh, closing his eyes as he held her close. Damn, she always smelled so nice...]
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Perhaps you ought to gain a better definition of "fun", darling.

[She lets out a soft laugh, then, pressed close against him. How did they ever come to this?]
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Heh... you helped me with that, remember?

[...heh. Maybe she could be the thing that kept him grounded, if she was actually being honest with him.]
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Well, one does one's best.

[Of course she is. She may not like showing her true feelings too often, but after that nasty business with her Shadow, well...]