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( what you can never have )

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the bodyguard shipping meme

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you turn my ocean deepest blue
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Sex &

A witch’s sexuality was essential to her enigmatic power, abhorrent corruption and her menacing allure.

Sex magic (or sexual magic or sex magick) is a term used for various types of sexual activity used in magical, theurgical or other religious and spiritual pursuits. It is based on the premise that sexual energy or libido (and the release of sexual energy through orgasm) is the human organism’s most potent force, and that harnessing it through sexual activity provides an experiential conduit for the transcendence of reality. The level of energy generated by sexual arousal is claimed by its practitioners to create very powerful magic.

As far as the roll of the dice of fate can fall, you could have scored worse: you're a witch (or wizard, magician, mage, what have you), and power flows through your veins. Still, before you can use this ability or don your black hat, you must pay the carnal price of this world, no matter your personal feelings on the matter. Fortunately, sex is plentiful for those who need to craft their spellwork. You might as well enjoy what you do.

  • Comment with your character, canon, info, prefs, and etc.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread!

  1. Sole Practicioner: People may view you as a mystery or the town eccentric, yet you never want for the needed supplies.
  2. Coven: You live together, protect the old ways, and practice your art.
  3. Familiar: In possession of one or being one - always ready to serve your master.
  4. Dark Arts: Consent isn't needed for your selection of spells.
  5. Summoning: Be careful what kind of spirit or demon your lust may call forth.
  6. Witch Hunter: Supposedly, you're the one taking out witches, only you may just have been caught up in their snares.
  7. Willing Sacrifice: In order to curry favor, you've offered your body up to a magic user.
  8. Normal: So, your girlfriend or boyfriend is a witch and you're not. Do you know? How will you feel if you find out?

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Strange Chocolates

Everyone deserves a special treat now and then! Whether it’s for a romantic anniversary, as a holiday gift, or just something you pick up for yourself after work, chocolates are a tasty way to celebrate, relax, or just help you get through the day. There are so many different kinds, too! There’s milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and many, many more. It’s a treat that almost everyone can enjoy!

That’s why today is a lucky day! There’s plenty of chocolate to go around. Your character might get some as a gift, buy some for themselves at a sale, or just find it lying around...that happens, right? And all of the chocolate is unique, too. Why not take a bite? What’s the worse that could happen?

1. Post your character and list any preferences you have
2. Use a random number generator to see what kind of snack you're having!
3. ...Wait for someone to reply or just plot it out. Go nuts!
4. Play nice and have fun. Respect people’s preferences and all that.

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  "Each of your Eggbabies has a built in computer which registers the amount of care-- or lack of care-- it's given. These readings will determine your grade. As you can see the babies exhibit a wide range of emotions and expressions in need. It's your job to fill those needs."  
How to:
✦ Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom. Others will reply
✦ Congratulations, the two of you are now in charge of an Eggbaby. You can pretend it's for class or, for those who aren't in school, you can assume the baby is some sort of important mission. It is your job to take care of and keep the baby happy. If you drop the baby, you fail. You can not turn it off. Remember, this is a joint effort. This is a very important assignment that determines if you pass/fail the class or save the world.
✦ You can RNG a number between 1 and 8 to find out what kind of situation you're in.
✦ Good luck!

1. Other plans. You had other plans but now you aren't sure if you can do them because of this baby. Try to convince your partner to do you a favor or else you'll have to drag the baby along with you.
2. Broke baby. Something is seriously wrong with this baby. It won't stop crying no matter what you do and you really wish this thing had an off switch.
3. Lost baby. What do you mean where's the baby? Don't you have it? Wait, you mean, you don't? FU-- WHERE'S THE BABY?!
4. Perfect baby. Your baby never cries. In fact, it doesn't really do much of anything. Wow, this project sure is easy! . . . Dude, it keeps staring at me.
5. Not my baby. This isn't your baby but you're watching it for a friend until they get back from that super important meeting. They've been gone all day and you hope they'll get back soon.
6. Twins. You're taking care of your baby and someone else's baby. (bonus option: you're taking care of another baby and another and another and another. . .)
7. MY BABYYYY! What the hell did you do? Your baby is broken. You've failed your assignment. Maybe you can put it together and no one will ever notice or try to steal someone else's baby.
8. Crack baby. Roll again, combine prompts, or make up your own scenario.
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For most people, the lines between platonic and romantic are very clearly drawn. Not true for you two; friendship and romance intermingle in your relationship, and to be honest, it's hard to discern where one ends and the other begins. You're bosom buddies. There's a spark between you. You're lovers, too, maybe, or it could be completely innocent. You're love interests. You're intimate, you're close, you're ride or die. You don't understand why romantic and platonic can't coexist. You don't need labels.


  • Comment with your character and preferences, i.e. no smut, etc. Feel free to include as much or as little information as you'd like.
  • Reply to others.
  • RNG for a prompt or choose your own.




crack pairing

An unusual relationship of any kind of fandom (i.e. books, television shows, movies, ect.) that is unlikely to happen.


Randomly take two characters… they don’t have to know each other, they don’t have to show ANY signs of a relationship, and hook them together. That is a crack pairing.

We all know them. Fandoms have fostered these little gems of shipping since the early days, and now, they can even be serious contenders in even the most hostile of shipping wars. Maybe they're absolutely ridiculous and only "for the lulz." Perhaps they make perfect sense...if you squint. Whatever the case may be, these so-called "crack" pairings are not canon and they're nowhere near as popular in fandom as the big fanon pairings.

Most of the time.

Of course, it's important to note that a lot of the time in RP, pairings are always crack pairings. Especially crossover ships, which canon purists would deride purely for being impossible. Still, in memes, that's less likely to happen because people either stick with canon ships, fanon ships, or close CR because of the lack of opportunities for development that games offer.

Not here. This meme is for ALL your ridiculousness, all your high school fangirl dreams, and just plain not being sorry for your ships. Think these characters would be cute together? Go for it. That character have adorable icons and that all you know about them? Ship it, by all means. Here, the reasons come after the desire.

- Comment with your character and preferences. If you want, you can include a one sentence or so blurb about your character. But blank comments are fine.
- Tag to others.
- RNG for prompts. Prompts cannibalized from random memes.
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"talk dirty to me."

1) phone-sex. - it's been a long time since you've seen each other, or maybe you've never even met. describe in detail what you'd like to do to the other and let the words flow.
2) sexting - quick, dirty, and covert. maybe your partner's in the middle of a business meeting. maybe you're doing it over dinner with your parents. all you know is that you want them, so tell them how much.
3) during - sometimes the best way to dirty talk is in the middle of sex itself, covered with sweat, either being pounded into or pounding into someone else. describe how hot they are, describe how wet they are, how big they are, just let them know how much you're enjoying it.
4) teasing - you might deliver, you might not. it all depends on how good they are.
5) fantasy/roleplaying - you're the teacher, they're the naughty student. you're the cop, they're your criminal about to be shackled to the bed. tell them what they better expect from you, and make it exciting.
7) humiliation - it's not your fault they're a dirty fucking slut. humiliate them for what they are, and put them in their place.
8) masturbation instruction - give them something to wank to and tell them how you want them to do it. hard or soft, fast or slow, you're in command.
9) don't use your mouth - not everything has to be with words. maybe you've gained telepathic powers, maybe you're a master of body language. let your mind or your body talk for you.
10) random - go for a combination, or go for one or the other. just enjoy it.

feel free to use RNG, or feel free to pick and choose. just have a good time.
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IT'S TIME TO BE A PIRATE, NERDS. OR LIKE, A PIRATE HUNTER? OR TRY TO TURN PIRATES INTO HONEST MEN? LOOK, WORK WITH US HERE. Essentially this is where you can let loose all of your deep dark pirate desires while judged by both muppets and aliens so we mean best of all worlds, right? Be a pirate, sail the seas, steal shit. Be rich, get stolen from. Be the law, arrest some fucking pirates. Be a madam. We don't care. THE POINT IS, IF IT IS AT ALL TANGENTIALLY RELATED TO PIRATES? PLAY IT HERE. Even Space Pirates. Sky Pirates. ANY KIND OF PIRATE.

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• Have fun!