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21 April 2017 @ 07:51 am
First Relationship Meme

Whether it's because of your age or because you never had the time or desire before, this is your first relationship. Everything is so new, you're just testing the waters, and you definitely don't want to move too fast. You don't want to screw this up because, admit it or not, you're a little bit crazy for this person.

How to Play
  • Comment with your character, preferences, and info, if you'd like.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread.
21 April 2017 @ 08:48 am
There's always been tension between the two of you, a will-they-won't they kind of vibe. Perhaps you're even romantically involved, if that's your way. But for some reason, you haven't taken the next step yet.

Now, though, you're finally ready to be sexually intimate.

How to Play:
★ Comment with your character and preferences.
★ Comment to others.
★ Play out the scene.

First Time: This is your first time having sex, so it was something to approach with caution.
Unsure: You're uncertain of your skill or prowess or even how to go about this.
Uncorrupted: One of you is more innocent, younger, more inexperienced, and the other doesn't want to take that away.
Differences: The two of you are different enough - perhaps even different species - that intimacy may be an issue, but you're ready to attack it head on.
Taken: You aren't "together," and one of you is involved with someone else. This is the big decision to do an act that may be viewed as heinous.
Forbidden: There's been no sexual contact because it's utterly forbidden, be it incest, class difference, enemies, etc.
Realization: Maybe you'd been friends, but this is the first time you've really seen them in that light.
Otherwise Distracted: Whether it be a job, a holy mission, or anything else along those lines, you've just been too busy to be with someone like that because it would take your mind away from what you have to do.
Finally Free: Before, you just didn't have the chance. Now you do.
Only Time: You were unsure before, but now, it looks like you'll only have this once chance to be together.
A Long Time: You've been separated and it happened before you could get to the good parts. You want to pick up where you left off.
Desperate: You've wanted them for so long...God, this feels so good, you never want it to stop.
Romantic: You want it to be perfect.
Waiting Until Marriage: Doing things all proper-like.
21 April 2017 @ 09:33 am

Are you tired of building up to the act? Do you sometimes wish for a chance to skip the conversation and go straight for the scenario you've always wanted to experience?

In that case, rejoice! This meme was made for you.

  1. Post with your character in the middle of having sex.
  2. Any scenario and level of description is allowed!
  3. Other characters reply as your character's partner in that fuck!
  4. Keep going and finish the act.
  5. Go for another round or have fun with cuddling and afterplay.
  6. Have fun!
21 April 2017 @ 01:01 pm

21 April 2017 @ 01:24 pm

Lucky you. For a while, you get to eschew a normal life; you've got an adventure on your plate! It could be for personal reasons, for fun, for profit, or to save the world as you know it. In all likelihood, it's the latter, given the natural order of things, but hopefully it's not. Whatever the case may be, you won't be going it alone, however. Whether it's just you and a partner or a true team, you've got people to back you up. You may not all start out as the best of friends, that's true - still, the fires of potential life or death scenarios draw you closer together, and a friendship forms.

With one member of your team, more than friendship grows between you.

But wait, you have to solve a well-buried mystery, defeat the dark lord, fight evil by moonlight, create a giant robot, plan the perfect party, or any other number of tasks. There's no time for this sort of nonsense! Actually, you may push them away because of the mission or due to past wounds that tie into said mission. Maybe, though, you can steal moments to get closer, let a romance blossom...or more.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and any other info - ie, keep it PG, etc.
  • Feel free to AU your character or include information about them.
  • Reply to others.
A Disney Romance
21 April 2017 @ 01:37 pm
the monster & the maiden fair meme

There's a long precedent in folklore and myth of beautiful young people - both men and women - being kidnapped by monsters: dragons, beasts, goblins, demons, elves, vampires, wolves, or even evil humans. In the end, however, these prisoners are almost always rescued and brought back to civilization to live a normal and happy life.

But what if they didn't want to leave their jailor?

They've seen behind the surface and have begun to sympathize with this "monster;" no, more than that, they've fallen for them. Will this story have a happy ending? Will the monster believe that anyone could love them? Most importantly, though, can the two of them be left alone without any attempts at a "rescue?"

how to play
  • Comment with your character, your preference, and what role they'll play. Feel free to AU characters to your desire role.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread anything that could remotely fit under the umbrella theme. Was the kidnapping just that, or did both parties know (and care) for each other before, making it a collaborative, mutual effort? Perhaps you'd prefer to play the actual Beauty and The Beast-style getting to know each other or seeing behind the grizzly facade. What about an attempted "rescue?" Or maybe you could thread out a scene where the prisoner runs away from the society they were forced back into and returns to their beloved beast! It's all up to you. You could even do smut if you wanted to, but this isn't a smut meme.

At Your Service
21 April 2017 @ 08:14 pm
draw everything for me, chris samnee.

low-key dating meme.

Not every relationship has to be ridiculously world-shattering and universe-encompassing. Sometimes, two people can simply enjoy each others' company and enjoy that little fluttering in their stomachs when they're together.

That's the case for you two. It's dating, having fun, pure and simple. Of course, the catch is, your relationship is actually so simple that it's below the radar. No one knows about it except for the people involved. Maybe you guys are just private like that; on the other hand, it may be a necessity to keep things a secret from others. Maybe you're both team mates, and others on the team would give you grief, or you're not suppose to be dating, or you're not the type to usually date and you're only testing the waters. Perhaps it's the combination of you two, possibly an odd couple, that would bring some controversy or some teasing. Or, you know, you could not want to deal with friends and relatives being busybodies. Your reasons are your own.

Are you content with stealing moments to be together as a couple? Do you want to make your relationship known and the fact that you can't drives you batty? Remember, there are lots of benefits to dating in secret. You can be yourselves completely, away from prying eyes, and get to know each other better as potential longterm romantic partners. After all, you're not at that stage quite yet.

how to play.
Comment with your character, preferences, and information.
Reply to others.
Play out stolen moments (◡‿◡✿), secret dates (◕‿◕✿), secret handholding (⊙‿⊙✿), and secret kissing ( /)w(\✿)!
21 April 2017 @ 09:32 pm
Apologies to those whose threads were deleted but there were two TFLN memes posted right next to each other. The second was removed.

Happy endings are what we crave, right? If we see a couple we like in movies or in real life, we root for them to make it. Why, then, is there such a desire to see love that's tragic, doomed, or bittersweet? People watch sad movies like Titanic, and they know what will happen, but somehow that makes it more poignant. This goes all the way back to tales like Romeo and Juliet. There's just something about a good cry that makes us feel that much more human and even more receptive of beauty.

This meme is equal parts tragedy and beauty, sweet and bitter. Some prompts may be triggering, so tread with caution.

How to Play
- Comment with your character, preferences, etc.
- Comment to others.
- Roll the RNG to determine which scenario to play out.

  1. Romeo and Juliet: The classic starcrossed lovers. You can't be together because of warring factions, and you're at the end of your rope. You have to do something.
  2. Not the Same: Angel and demon. Human and god. Whatever the combination, you're not of the same kind. This probably won't end well, especially if one of you is immortal and the other's not, or there's some kind of power difference.
  3. Past Wounds: One of you was hurt in the past, and it was so bad that it's hurting your relationship. Can you be healed by love, or is this something that can't ever be fixed?
  4. Bad Things: This bad thing isn't in the past. This happened when you were together, and now it's affecting how your lover behaves toward you.
  5. Loss: Perhaps it's a loss only one of you suffered, like a family member. Or it's something the both of you share, like the loss of a child. Sometimes, together you can pull through. Other times, it's just too much to bare.
  6. I Can't Live Without You: Whether it be through injury, curse, terminal illness, one of you is dying. There's only a limited time left. Will you spend your last days with the person you love, or will you end it for their own good, so they don't have to watch you die?
  7. Unfaithful: One of you has been unfaithful, even if you still love your significant other. Can this wrong ever be forgiven?
  8. Gone Away: You're being torn apart by location and distance.
  9. A New Start: The sweet part of bitter. Where one relationship ends, another begins. But is your heart too hurt to accept new love?