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The TOOK  YOU  IN Shipping Meme

They were on your front door, in your yard, or on the street, confused and clearly in no position to fend for themselves; in a worst case scenario, they were bruised and battered, possibly close to death. Bleeding heart or not, you can't just be so cruel as to let them suffer. They need a place to stay, and you'll open your home to them...long enough to get back on their feet, anyway.

Speaking of feet, the shoe could be on the other one. You're worse for the wear - in a new place, possibly injured, certainly not in the best state of mind. You could not even remember how you got here or who you are to get here, for that matter. You may not want to remember. Whether willing or not so willing, you're in no position to turn down help, especially if said helper won't take no for an answer. No matter how dedicated you are to looking after yourself, there's only so much you can do in your position.

The two of you are staying together, at any rate. Only for a while, the plan is. But after said while, even though strength and confidence is returning to the injured, there's something a little different between you two. It could be the close quarters, the kindness shown, or a number of things, but quietly, softly, feelings have grown. Could more confusion and hurt spring from this? What about when it's time to go? Can the temporary resident leave as easily as they intended? You're so close now, perhaps a little while longer can't do any harm...

...until whatever it was that put them in such a perilous position in the first place comes back, and there could be "justice" for anyone who's dared to help.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Say if you'd rather play the taken in or the person taking them in.
  • Reply to others.

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1. Comment with your character, series, and any preferences you may have - including your character's role in the marriage/wedding ceremony.
2. Reply to others. RNG or choose on your own.
3. Have fun!

  • 1. the proposal: how will you pop the question? is it something you've been rehearsing for weeks, or something unexpectedly blurted out during an argument or drunken spur of the moment? something simple or something grand? however you do it, let's hope they say yes!
  • 2. the planning: whether it's something you've been dreaming of forever or something you never even considered before, it's time to get all those little details ironed out. venues and flowers and seating charts, oh my!
  • 3. bride/groomzilla: your soon-to-be spouse isn't normally like this, you swear... it's just all the stress getting to them, they won't stay like this! ...hopefully.
  • 4. let's elope: disapproving family or friends? not a problem if you run off to vegas, or where-the-heck-ever else.
  • 5. destination wedding: aruba, jamaica...♪ make it a wedding no one will ever forget by having it somewhere beautiful and exotic! or maybe you're getting hitched away from home because it isn't yet legal where you live.
  • 6. shotgun wedding: no long engagement for you. gotta make it quick while your dress still fits over that baby bump!
  • 7. arranged: maybe you've known them since childhood, or maybe you're just meeting them for the first time - either way, your spouse has been chosen for you and now you're tying that knot.
  • 8. bridal shower/bachelor party: strippers? strippers.
  • 9. cold feet: days, hours, mere minutes before the ceremony, your mind is racing with "what if's" and you're having second thoughts. let's hope someone can find you some warmer socks because...
  • 10. today's the day! : time to walk, dance, skip, or fly down the aisle!
  • 11. wedding disasters: what happened to your veil?! who let your crazy ex inside the church?! it's raining on your outdoor setup and your minister is sneezing on everyone! luckily your videographer never showed up, so there'll be no evidence.
  • 12. jilted: you've been left at the altar...or you're the one doing the leaving.
  • 13. traditions: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  jumping the broom, breaking the glass. a white wedding dress, or red. throwing rice, peas, or red beads. every culture has its own traditions!
  • 14. always a bridesmaid: you know the cliché. always in attendance, always there for their friends, but never having that special day of their own. but maybe their luck will change! after all, there's always a chance they'll...
  • 15. catch the bouquet! : but be careful out there.
  • 16. sunrise, sunset: you're the father of the bride, or mother of the groom, or vice versa. or anyone else who raised the person getting married today. and you're asking yourself, "is this the little girl I carried? is this the little boy at play?"
  • 17. the reception: band or dj? the chicken or the salmon? are the guests getting happy and wasted or bored and wasted? is the happy couple in their own little bubble or already forgetting what marital bliss feels like?
  • 18. wedding crashers: whether or not you're following the specific example set by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, you're getting in on that free food, booze, and dancing.
  • 19. the wedding night: where would this meme be without the most obvious smut option?
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You're in love with them, but they don't know it and you have no real intention of changing this. Whether it's because you don't want to admit anything to yourself, can't handle rejection, don't think you're good enough, or have no real experience with this kind of thing, your lips are sealed...for now. And maybe forever, if you're contented to love them from afar.

That is, if the object of your affection doesn't figure you out first.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and whether they'd be the admirer or the admired.
  • Reply to others.
  • RNG it or not.

they're under here )

Because sometimes, you want to play out goofy, absolutely adorable adoration no matter your character.

You don't have a crush. You're not in love. But you wish you had either of those things, because they're the lesser of all evils. Instead, you have it oh so bad. You're smitten, kitten. Why, every little thing this special person does is magic! Their looks, their personality, their smile - or lack thereof - are the most beautiful you've ever seen. And maybe they're even nice to you when you totally don't deserve it! Whether your acquaintances would describe you as "soft-hearted" or "hard-ass pain in my ass," there's hardly been one as taken as you. Just looking at them makes you weak at the knees, and you think those butterflies in your stomach may be staging a revolt.

Damn it, it's disgusting.

No matter if you're a grown-ass adult or a school kid, you'll feel...uhm, like a school kid. Of course, you probably shouldn't pull any pigtails. Instead, put those conflicting emotions to good use. Admire your object of affection from afar. Hang out with them as much as you can. Be awkward as only you can. Enjoy being in their presence or being close to them because afhhdhflfh they're so pretty and so aaaaahh you're ensnared. Be super nice to them. Dote on them because they're so darn cute. Fulfilling their every whim will get you in good!

Or be a terrible tsundere, as that's all some of you assholes know how to do. Eventually, you'll get over your denial and realize, grizzled warrior-king or megalomaniacal god or bitchy brat you are, you're feeling flushed.

Comment with your character, preference, and what role you'd like to play.
Cutesy, emotional, kind, or young characters might get smitten easily. But part of the fun is seeing completely stoic, inappropriate, or horrible characters get silly quickened heart beats. Of course, said stoic, inappropriate, or horrible characters getting crushed on is just as funny.
RNG for a prompt or just go nuts.

Smitten: Be cool, be cool - oh god they're so precious you're going to vomit.
Smitten...On?: You're the one who's cast a spell, willing or unwittingly.


Not Together...Yet: Is senpai going to notice you?
Together: Aren't you so lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend or girlfriend or friendfriend?
Never: A forbidden love, you can never be together, GET THIS ANGST SHIT OUT OF HERE.
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Under the Sea AU Meme

Whether it’s the little mermaid or 20,000 leagues, this meme is all about the mysterious depths of the sea and the creatures that live in it. Which now very well may include you. Are you a marine biologist, a submarine explorer, or a creature of the dark and murky abyss? Perhaps, like Ahab, you’ve spent years on the waves, hunting some creature that lurks beneath. Perhaps you live in a house by the sea, and every night you watch the waves, but tonight the waves have dragged in something new and different.

There are unknown realms beneath the sea. Dread Cthulhu sleeps. Ariel sings. And adventure is awaiting.

How to play:
- Post with your character’s preferred role and a prompt or two, along with preferences and any canon or AU info that might be important.
- Venture forth into the watery deeps.
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Gothic Meme

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…
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Sentinels and Guides Shipping Meme
A Sentinel!AU Meme


There are special people in the world: Sentinels--whose five senses are incredibly enhanced, sometimes to the point of overwhelming and who can easily lose themselves in fugue states--and Guides, the empaths with the ability to ground a Sentinel and focus them. Meant to be the protectors of the Guides, for every Sentinel there exists a guide that is their perfect match. In some universes, when matches are made, a Sentinel and Guide form a soulbond to fill the feeling of emptiness.

How easy was it for you to find yours? How are Sentinels and Guides treated in your universe? Or maybe you're one of the normal, unremarkable people. Do you fear Sentinels and Guides? Despise them?


1) Post with your character/canon in the subject header.
2a) Choose whether your character is a Sentinel or a Guide
2b) If you don't know or don't care, just leave it blank!
3) Information about Sentinels and Guides can be found here and here. Information on 'The Sentinel' which this meme comes from can be found here.
4) All the tagging! Have fun 8D

oo1. The Meeting
How did you meet? Was it at an event organized specifically for finding your other half? By accident? Did you follow a mystical calling to them? Some other way?

oo2. The Bonding
Do Sentinels and Guides in your universe soulbond? How does it go down? Is there a ceremony or do you just retreat to the bedroom?

oo3. Rejection
Sometimes Sentinels or Guides propose a match but it's just not perfect. You don't feel the pull or maybe you think there is someone better or maybe you're already claimed. Maybe you were claimed and someone better came along?

oo4. Protection
Sentinels are meant to protect Guides, any Guides, but it's even worse when they feel their Guide is in danger. They go feral; blind to anything but stopping and killing whoever threatened their Guide or the bond. Maybe someone attacked your Guide or you haven't bonded yet and you feel threatened or maybe you're the one doing the threatening. Whatever the reason, Sentinels in a feral state are dangerous and only their Guides can stop them.

oo5. Lost
Sentinels often lose themselves in their senses. Either you're a Sentinel who has lost themselves or a Guide that has stumbled on one or a friend trying to draw them out. Unbonded Sentinels will find it hard to escape without a Guide. Or maybe you're bonded already which means you just need yours to come home.

006. Persecution
Sometimes normal people or the government fear the power of Guides and Sentinels. Guides are empaths, feeling the emotions and sometimes passing thoughts of others and it can make people feel violated. Sentinels often have enhanced strength, which can make them dangerous. So they scorn them, hurt them or in the case of governments, regulate them.

oo7. Death
Unbonded Sentinels and Guides eventually lose themselves to the empty cavern inside them. Torn apart from the inside by the feeling of something missing. Breaking the soulbond of a Sentinel and Guide is agonizing and horrifying, leading quickly to death for the remaining partner. 

oo8. Old-School
Guides used to be treated on the same level as slaves. Unable to work unless their Sentinel said. Not allowed out on their own. They used to wear collars and couldn't own land or inherit money. Maybe the old ways haven't completely fallen out of style. 

oo9. Unbonded
Nothing is worse than being an unbonded Guide or Sentinel. Always looking for your other half to fill that empty feeling but you probably have friends that aren't your match or who are trying to set you up with someone. Maybe you're skeptical about the whole love at first sight thing and haven't been looking.

o10. Wildcard: Some mish-mash of the above or anything else you can come up with!

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the best friends to more meme
There's nothing in this world quite like a true, blue best friend that you can rely on. They've been with you through thick and thin, good and bad. You want to have fun? They're the first person you look for, because they always know how to bring the best out in you. You need a shoulder to cry on? Don't worry, they're already here. You need to bury a body? ...you should probably reconsider your priorities, but you know your best friend will be there with a shovel and a smile. You'd never ruin this friendship for ANYTHING in the world.

Something's brewing that may do just that, though. One of you has feelings, has for a long time, and that spells trouble. Unless you keep that to yourself and remain platonic, of course. Repression in this case might be a good thing.

Only it's too late. The cat's out of the bag, whether it's by confession or by accident. What to do, what to do? If feelings aren't returned, can you turn down a friend, or will you force something that isn't there just to make them happy? If feelings are returned, will you risk changing the perfect thing you have?

  • Comment with your character, canon, preferences, and which side you may want to play. IE, the one with feelings, etc. Also, mention if you'd like things to be more fluffy or more tragic.
  • Respond to others. Assumed CR and AU it up if need be.


Sometimes it's best to forgive and forget. To move on with your life, to take the healing first step away from something someone has done to you. Ruined your company, stole your partner, got you thrown into prison, whatever. The right thing to do is take the high road, isn't it? Man, fuck that. You want revenge. It may be petty, it may be violent, it may be murder. Maybe it'll make you feel better, maybe it won't. Maybe you'll get closure, maybe you won't. Maybe you'll succeed, maybe you won't. Maybe, maybe. Is the wound fresh or have you waited to slam down with icy justice? Are you the one getting revenge, the one getting their comeuppance, or someone trying to stop it before it escalates? Hope that all works out for you.

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• Have fun!

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the phone sex +
sexting meme

what it says on the tin. leave a blank comment, include your preferences or a starter, it's all good. reply to others with a text, a dirty picture (please link all nsfw things!), misfires, misdials, drunk filthy voicemails, whatever your heart desires.