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Inspired by the plurk meme: Your character is minding their own business (or maybe not), when another shoves them up against a wall. To kiss them, fuck them, or fight them. What happens next is up to you.

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Sure we've got your fun interplanetary romps, your space spaghetti westerns, your xenoromance. This is none of those things. This is you getting lost in the depths of space. This is you being stuck in a silent hulking dead ship with no idea where to turn. This is you hiding in the dark and hoping the creature doesn't see you. This is you, surviving some kind of horrors. Or not. Do your best.

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01 March 2017 @ 08:29 pm
Carnal Character Creation Meme

Given how expansive the multiverse is, it should come as no surprise that there are vast unexplored areas. But at least one of the hidden places is unique. It's where anyone who enters can have control over another person.

Depending on the interloper, the room appears different. Some, the more scientifically minded, may see a dark but sterile laboratory. Others may see a wizard's lair, filled with magical and obscure tomes. A gamer may see a character creation screen with sliders galore. Others still may perceive a grungy back alley. No matter what the locale looks like, though, there is always an aura of power.

There's not much to explain this, but most people would just know what to do. You're here to create, to mold, to change. You're here to create. Who? Why, there's a list, be it a scroll, a tablet, a computer screen, anything, just something that lists your "raw materials." A veritable menu of women, men, and otherwise, each with a blurb describing them under their picture.

You know what you are capable of here. You can completely transform bodies, modify them to fit your tastes and preferences. More curves or less, bigger junk up or down stairs, black hair to blond, tattoos, piercings, anything. But it's not just that, is it? No, there's more. You can modify personalities. Morals, capabilities, sexual preferences, even memories. You can turn the most timid bookworm into a lewd and promiscuous party girl with no memories of her former life and only a new wardrobe to her name. Make a guy with no ambitions become a rockstar, ready to get all comers into his bed. In contrast, you could turn an evil villain into a sweet housewife/husband. Maybe pregnancy is more your style, though, and now you're able to instantly give anyone look that would usually take nine months to achieve. Or perhaps, even darker still, you want to try corrupting a pure angel into something evil. Not even species is a hard line: say goodbye to being the last orc on earth, you now have a mate who's completely devoted to you.

  • Stolen with permission from [personal profile] makemeyours and retooled as an open post/meme.
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Some Sweet Shipping

There's nothing wrong with wanting to play out some cute, fluffy interaction. So break out the butterflies in the stomach, the hand holding, the love confessions, the NOTICE ME SENPAIS, and all the adorableness you can stomach - no matter if if fits your character perfectly or not. It's all about characters getting comfortable with each other while being total goobers and showing love.

It's shameless, sure, but it's fun!

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  • Thread and doki until your heart can doki no more.

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