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Persephone was gathering flowers with the Oceanids along with Artemis and Athena—the Homeric Hymn says—in a field when Hades came to abduct her, bursting through a cleft in the earth. Demeter, when she found her daughter had disappeared, searched for her all over the earth with torches. In most versions she forbids the earth to produce, or she neglects the earth and in the depth of her despair she causes nothing to grow. Helios, the sun, who sees everything, eventually told Demeter what had happened and at length she discovered the place of her abode. Finally, Zeus, pressed by the cries of the hungry people and by the other deities who also heard their anguish, forced Hades to return Persephone. Hades indeed complied with the request, but first he tricked her, giving her some pomegranate seeds to eat. Persephone was released by Hermes, who had been sent to retrieve her, but because she had tasted food in the underworld, she was obliged to spend a third of each year (the winter months) there, and the remaining part of the year with the gods above.

but even that hardest of hearts unhardened suddenly when he saw her there: persephone in her mother’s garden, sun on her shoulders, wind in her hair, the smell of flowers she held in her hand and the pollen that fell from her fingertips. and suddenly, hades was only a man with a taste of nectar upon his lips

To live your life in darkness is no easy task. Evil may be just a point of view - one you may not ascribe to yourself - but a black heart or a ruthless mind is hardly quieted. While you don't regret what you've done, at least not outwardly, you do wonder if there isn't something more. Grey morality has discolored your world.

That is, until you see them.

They are beautiful, pure, good: everything that you are not. You should be annoyed or at least ambivalent to their presence; after all, they serve you no purpose, promise you no gain. But oddly enough, you are drawn to them, and not even in hopes to destroy or corrupt. No, you want to have them, to keep them with you. What to do with this newfound feeling?

Act on it, of course. You've never let anything stop you before. What you don't realize (or perhaps do, you just don't exactly care) is that the object of your...affection may not be too keen on being taken what they see as prisoner. Yet you only have their best interests at heart! Still, you do care for them, in your own fashion, more than almost anyone else, so surely a deal can be struck...

You just couldn't bear to lose them.

  • This meme, obviously, is inspired by the myth of Hades and Persephone. Feel free to be as literal or as loose with your interpretations as you'd like.
  • Comment with your character, canon, preferences, and what role you'd like your character to play.
  • Reply to others.
  • Play anything and any scenario that fits within the theme.
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After a long day, you find yourself tired, achey, in desperate need of a drink, and maybe even a pillow to rest your head on. Three Broomsticks is a warm refuge from the freezing cold snow gusting outside.

"Welcome to the Three Broomsticks, luv! What can I get for you?" Madam Rosmerta is bright and cheery, heralding the bar where a number of wizards are already seated, wetting their whistles with ale or butterbeer.

Hop on over to the Harry Potter Dressing Room and come mingle. This meme is open to both HPs and cross-canon characters alike.

Link to Harry Potter Dressing room

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Ancient Rome

Your character is now in Ancient Rome! Most famous city of the Ancient Western world. All roads lead there and now they're here too. Roll the RNG and find out what your character is up to! Or don't and just pick your own, I don't care.

1. Colosseum Games: Gladiator matches! Fights to the death! Chariot races! Naval Battles! Wild animal fights! Are you there to watch and cheer on your favorite fighter? Or are you one of the attractions, fighting or racing for the crowd's approval?

2. Senate: Debate with your fellow Senators about the fate and laws of the Finest City in the World. Democracy in action! Okay not really. Or is there a dictator that needs a good stabbing? A conspiracy to concoct? Friends, Romans, Countrymen!

3. Party: After a long day of whatever it was you were doing, everyone likes a good party to relax, right? Bring on the slaves with the wine and food! Eat, drink and be merry! There might even be an orgy around here somewhere, and don't forget to visit the Vomitorium if you get full. (Or not. Ew.)

4. War: You fight for the Emperor, and the Emperor wants more lands added to the Empire! See foreign lands, meet interesting people! And then kill them and subjugate them under Roman rule. But hey, they're getting roads and civilization out of the deal so it's all good, right?

5. Roman Provinces: You live in one of the provinces, not in the city itself. Maybe you were conquered recently, or maybe you've gotten used to this whole Being Roman thing and you like having roads and aqueducts and all that around. And really, the taxes aren't so bad, right?

6. Slave Market: Out shopping for a new addition to your household? Or maybe you're about to go on the auction block, waiting for a Citizen to decide to purchase you.

7. Choose your own: Mix and match or come up with your own idea. You're a free citizen of the Roman Empire, I shouldn't have to do all the thinking for you.

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Do you love jamjar situations? Are you too busy to join an actual game? Do you want to have cross-canon interaction but don't know how? HAVE WE GOT A MEME FOR YOU. Throw your character into a jamjar with no strings attached. Make some kind of network post, run around some strange city, meet new people. Please note that while this meme allows for a lot of fourth-walling, make absolutely sure to check people's permissions pages or ask them first!

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Welcome to the world of Philip Pullman’s 
His Dark Materials series, a world in which humans are constantly accompanied by dæmons: the beloved animal embodiments of their inner-selves. Dæmons shift their shapes frequently when people are young but begin to settle into one, fixed, animal form as children reach puberty.

A Few Basic Dæmon Facts:

- They take the shape of animals
- They can talk, no matter what their shape
- Neither the person or the dæmon chooses the final settled form, but it always reflects their personality (although not necessarily in obvious or simple ways)
- They are almost always the opposite sex as their human
- If a dæmon feels pain, so will their person, and vice versa
- Being physically apart from one's dæmon causes horrible emotional and physical pain
- Dæmons frequently talk to and touch each other, in ways that reflect or complement their persons' interactions, but dæmons talking to humans other than their own is considered strange, and touching humans not their own is extremely taboo; it generally occurs only between long-time lovers. Touching someone else's dæmon without permission is a terrible violation.

How The Meme Works:

Just design a dæmon for your muse and put as little or as much information as you like about them (shape, name, link to a picture or species wiki if you are so inclined) in a comment, with your muses's name and series in the subject. Check out other people's dæmons and let your dæmons interact.
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1. Drinking Games:
You're at that special level of drunkenness where previously unimagined things start to sound like a good idea. You know, like another drink. It's cool, I know this great game that will inevitably end with everyone involved being totally wasted. You play until... shit, what were the rules again?

2. Unsolicited Advice: Oh man, you suddenly know the solutions to all of life's mysteries. All it took to figure it all out was half a pint of whiskey! It's time to tell all your friends how to fix the problems with their personal lives, whether they want you to or not.

3. Drunk Texting: Frankly, you can't IMAGINE why anyone wouldn't want to hear about how drunk you are right now. If only you could remember where the vowels are on this tiny keyboard. Drawing inspiration from TFLN is encouraged.

4. Tell Them How You Really Feel: You lost some of your less important inhibitions three or four drinks ago, and it's time to tell it how it is! Hunt down the person you love, or possibly the person you hate, or even just the person you don't literally just met, and bare your heart to them in a way that you'll almost definitely regret tomorrow morning.

5. Karaoke: Shot through the heart, and you're to blame! You give love... a bad... something...

6. Terrible Ideas: This is going to be so awesome, guys. I've got the skateboard, and I'm handcuffed to Steve... is the camera rolling? And who's lighting the fireworks?

7. Flirting: While all that booze may not have enhanced your charm, it certainly did wonders for your ego! Time to find all the hottest dudes and/or chicks in this place and make them swoon before your gin-powered charisma.

8. On the Streets: What better way to follow up a good bar run than by drunkenly wandering the streets in the middle of the night? There may be loud, embarrassing singing. There may be puking in the gutter. You may be completely lost, and not sure why that police officer is speaking Italian.

9. The Next Day: All that you took with you from last night's adventures was a blur of jumbled, confusing memories, a lampshade with googly eyes drawn on it taped to your head, and a brutal hangover. What exactly happened here? And who's that sleeping next to you?

Leave your top level blank or add in some brief starters/preferences!
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You're tired of being a goody-two shoes. It's time to join the mob! That's right, time to join the world of organized crime. Whether you're mafioso, yakuza, triad, something entirely different - you're in for a treat. It doesn't matter what family you're in, what side you're on, what your end goals are, things are going to be wild, dirty, and violent all along the way. Maybe you survive, maybe you don't. Maybe people you care about don't. Maybe you need to get revenge. Whatever. The world is your oyster.

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the quote prompt meme

  • comment with your character.
  • others will leave a quote/lyric/poem. try a sea of quotes or tumblr if you need help searching for a quote.
  • reply to them with a setting based on the quote/lyric/poem.
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the  smut picture prompt meme



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Magic is something intensely intimate. Whether it's something inherent in you from when you're born or something drawn out in rituals and summonings, it's full of depth and wonder and potential dangers. Maybe you're showing someone that doesn't have magic what you can do, maybe you're sharing magic with someone you love, winding things together. Maybe you're heading out with some friends to make a salt circle and bring someone back from the dead. The point is you're not in it alone. You're sharing in this intimacy whether it's new for you or old hat. Take care of yourselves and each other; hope that the person you know isn't prejudiced against magic.

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops.
• Naturally you can AU your characters to have magic or AU them into other canons that have magic! Don't let a "mundane" setting deter you.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• Have fun!

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Comments, corrections, questions, etc welcome.

Feel free to advertise RP related comms and materials below.

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