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the i n s o m n i a meme

It happens to everyone - sometimes, you have nights where you just can't fall asleep, no matter what you do. It could be for a number of reasons, or no reason at all. And this is what's happened now: you've been laying in bed for what feels like hours, just tossing and turning, and nothing seems to help. So what's left to do? Get out of bed and go wake someone else up, of course. If you're not getting any sleep, then why should they?

i n s t r u c t i o n s

• Post with your character (note the name and fandom in the subject).
• Other people reply to you by generating a number from 1 to 10.
• Have fun!

o p t i o n s

01 • FEAR. Maybe you're hearing strange, indeterminable noises; maybe there's a severe storm happening outside; maybe you watched a scary movie before bed? Whatever the reason, you're terrified and it's keeping you awake. You just want to wake someone else up so they can protect you from the monster in your closet.
02 • HUNGER. Your stomach is growling and it just won't stop. Or perhaps your throat is so dry you could cough up a tumbleweed? Well, you've gone to the kitchen to remedy this and hey, that was a pan that just dropped on the floor. It was loud enough to wake the dead! Oops.
03 • PAIN. Your body is completely worn out, be it from exercise, battle, sickness, or what have you. Either way you're in enough pain to keep you from sleeping, so maybe someone else has a home remedy or something, or can at least help you take your mind off of it.
04 • SOLITUDE. For some reason, your bed just feels so empty at the moment. You're feeling terribly lonely and really just want someone to keep you company for a while. Maybe it'd be easier to fall asleep if you're with them...
05 • DISCOMFORT. Your room is an oven. Either that or a freezer. Or maybe this bed is just really uncomfortable? Who knows why you can't get to sleep, it feels like it could be anything. Why even bother trying? Maybe someone else can preoccupy you until you feel tired enough to ignore your discomfort.
06 • PENSIVE. Something's on your mind, and no matter how hard you try to focus elsewhere, it's just not going to work. Your body may be tired, but your mind is incredibly busy and it's virtually impossible to get to sleep. Surely, talking it out with someone else will help?
07 • SADNESS. Something terrible has happened that day, perhaps; or you could just be severely depressed. Either way you're trying your hardest not to cry yourself to sleep, and it's not working at all. Better find a way to get it out of your system somehow; you need a shoulder to cry on.
08 • ANGER. You are just... fuming. Who knows why - that annoying dog is barking again, or maybe the people next door are getting busy and keeping you awake. Whatever the reason for your ire is, you'd better put an end to it so you can get some damn rest already! Go wake up a friend so you can complain to them.
09 • RESTLESS. You're far too energetic to sleep right now. Maybe you're just trying to do so out of necessity - you have to be up early tomorrow! But you just don't think you'll be able to fall asleep for a while now, so why waste the time trying to sleep when you could be doing something else? Namely bothering someone else - you're totally jealous because they're getting more sleep than you.
10 • WILDCARD. Choose one of the options above, or make up your own scenario.

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The Reincarnated Lovers Meme
Everyone knows the feeling of when you see someone and you know you've seen them before. Isn't that a part of déjà vu? But what if the connection you have with that person goes beyond the superficial recognition of familiarity? Perhaps you were connected the most intimate of ways. Some religions and philosophies believe in reincarnation of souls, and it's said that souls could be reincarnated together - once again to follow out the same path they did before.

Or maybe not. Maybe it could be a second chance for fixing things that went wrong before, like the a tragedy or circumstances keeping you apart. But can you take that chance? Do you even want to?

  • Comment with your character, stating preferences and pertinent information.
  • Tag around to others and roll the RNG to determine what your scenario will be.
    • The first roll determines the parameters of the "past life," the second the parameters of the "present life." The meme is intended to take place in the present, but there's nothing stopping you from playing out flashbacks to the "past."
  • Play out the scene!
  • WARNING: There will probably be triggers here.
  1. Medieval: The two of you lived in the middle ages or an equal high fantasy setting. Kings, queens, knights, wizards, your doomed love was set among the sword and shield.
  2. Feudal Japan: During this time, honor reigned supreme and warriors lived and died by the sword. Perhaps the two of you lived here?
  3. War: World War I, World War II, World War...III? Whatever the tension was, the two of you weren't living in happy times.
  4. Not Human: You were gods, demons, monsters, angels - or at least one of you was.
  5. Sci-Fi: The two of you found love in a world of science and technology...maybe a base on the moon?
  6. Taboo: In a past life, the two of you were related, yet still somehow fell in love. Or perhaps there was a big age gap, or different social standings. Whatever it was, your affection was "wrong," somehow.
  7. Intended for Someone Else: One of you was engaged, intended, or taken by someone else.
  8. Not Allowed: For some reason, you couldn't have your love back then.
  9. Tragically Cut Short: Somehow, your love ended in tragedy and one of you died.
  10. Living Happily Ever After: The two of you grew old together, had a family, the whole shebang, and died of old age. As a reward, you get to be with your loved one again.
  1. (Not So) First Meeting: You could swear you've seen this person before...but where?
  2. Need to Be Near You: You don't know why, but you have to be close to this person, to protect them, to love them.
  3. Memories: You're having memories of your past life and it's freaking you out.
  4. The Reveal: Somehow, the truth is revealed to you about who you used to be and what you life was like with this person.
  5. But I'm Taken: Unfortunately, you've already moved on to someone else who doesn't fit into the picture of your past.
  6. You Have to Be With Me: You're determined to rejoin with your past lover...even if they're not interested.
  7. He Doesn't See Me: You're afraid your lover only sees the past "you" and not the you who exists now. Are they in love with a memory?
  8. Madness Ensues: It's getting hard for you to tell which life is the "real" one, the one you have now or the one in the past. Perhaps you only see one way of release: becoming reincarnated again.
  9. It All Worked Out: The battles are fought, the war is one. You've earned your happy ending in this life and the two of you can live together.
Meme inspired by the anime/manga Please Save My Earth. Feel free to repost this as you feel fit.
Every Repost is a Repost Repost
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You or your meme partner has been hurt, but don't worry! This time around it's not that bad. You can still limp your way out of this mess.

1. Sprain/strain. How did you screw up walking?
2. Broken bones. Simple fractures still hurt.
3. Cuts. Hopefully one of you has a sewing kit.
4. Burns. Location, location, location. Let's pray this one isn't on your ass.
5. Concussion. No, they're most likely not holding up fifteen fingers.
6. Other. I'm not a doctor.

1. Stupidity. You did this to yourself.
2. Accident. Is an unintentional attack still an attack?
3. Attack. Don't lie, you deserved it.
4. Other. It's probably still your own fault.

1. Home. Did you remember to invest in a first aid kit?
2. School/Work. This should be excellent for getting you out of doing stuff!
3. Outdoors. Predators like the smell of blood. Clean up asap.
4. In the water. Hopefully there aren't any sharks!
5. Other. Like a hospital. That'd be handy.
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Winter Wonderland Meme

❄ it's quiet
and the snow's beautiful tonight → a winter open meme

‧ post with whatever character you want
‧ responders roll for weather + scenario and get to threading
‧ ???
‧ profit

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Dramatic or cracky, there are options for everyone who has a sudden itching to play out some ships.

↘ Post your character below, listing their name and series in the subject.
↘ Others respond after
going to and entering 1-16 for a scene, reply back and have some fun!
↘ Roll as many times as you like! Play out as many scenarios as you want! Just enjoy the fluffy or angsty goodness.

● 01 I HAVE A CONFESSION | There's someone you really like and it's finally time to tell them! It can be spur of the moment or elaborately planned out.
● 02 START OF SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL | You've just got together and everything is great! You can't stop thinking about each other or keep your hands off your significant other. You want to spend all the time you can together, doing whatever!
● 03 CAN'T GET IT UP | It happens to everyone, honest! For whatever reason, you just haven't been able to perform or maybe you're just not interested in sex. Is it because things are dull? Is it because you're not attracted to your partner? Or have you just been too busy or stressed out?
● 04 SAW YOU LAST NIGHT | You think you saw your partner in the arms of another - was it an honest mistake or is something honestly going on here?
● 05 FIRST TIME | It's the first kiss or the first time making love with your partner and you're so nervous and awkward, you're sure you'll mess it up! Maybe you do, but that's okay... they like you, right?
● 06 ANNIVERSARY | Two week, two month, two year, or whatever number you decide, that's how long you've been together with your partner and you want to do something special to celebrate it!
● 07 WANT YOU BACK | You broke up, but it was a mistake. You need to correct it ASAP... will your lover take you back though?
● 08 JUST MARRIED | Just married! Is it the wedding night? The honeymoon? You decide!
● 09 BAD ROMANCE | You're no good for each other and you know it! Unfortunately, your relationship is so sizzling, you can't break it off and you don't even want to.
● 10 FIGHT | You're both in one of those moods where you just want to sit around fighting over every little thing... bills or money, friends, your partner staying out too late, or whatever you can think of!
● 11 LET'S MAKE UP | Of course making up is the best part though! Whatever it was is totally forgotten now.
● 12 HONEY, I'M... | You've been feeling a little funny for a bit, so you take a pregnancy test and... oh no! Or is it 'oh great!'? Time to tell your partner either way...
● 13 ABOUT LAST NIGHT | Time to face that one night stand...
● 14 CHEATER | You're not being cheated on! You're the other person meddling with someone's lover! But for whatever reason, you just can't say no even if you know you should...
● 15 OBJECTIONS | You're facing a lot of objections to your relationship and it's starting to put a strain on it. Why don't you sit down and discuss it, see if you can work it out?
● 16 HAVE TO LET YOU GO | You have to break up with your partner... not because you want to! But because you need to protect them... can you do it successfully? Will they find out? You decide!
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❝THE TRUE LOVE ♡ meme❞

Perhaps you're the kindest, most love-filled person in the world. Or, on the other hand, you may be a calculating, cold villain. But for this meme, everyone in this spectrum has one thing in common: you feel love towards someone. Not a facade, not even lust, but real, true love. This, of course, complicates things, yet your love is all-consuming and cannot be ignored.

How To Play:
  • This is a shipping meme that operates on "true love." You're welcome to interpret that as you will through your character and your character's culture/society/canon, but what your character will feel is equivalent to love. Not pretending, not a falsehood, etc etc. Actual love. This may be hard for them but that's the point of the meme!
  • Comment with your preferences.
  • Comment around to others. Respect their preferences.
  • Use the prompts or make up your own ideas.

1. First Love: You've never felt love before, at least not romantic love.
2. Been Burned Before: You had a relationship or loved someone before, and it didn't go well.
3. Fighting It: Nope. You don't want love. Not gonna happen.
4. Confession: You decide not to fight it. Instead, you just want to give in and tell the person, for better or for worse. Good thing they love you back...
5. Courtship: You want to take it slow, so you're doing the dating thing. Awww, how sweet.
6. Do That To Me One More Time: The obligatory smut option. You're using the physical to show the emotional.
7. I Don't Deserve You: You don't think you deserve the affection of the amazing, perfect person who loves you, disgusting and horrible and broken you.
8. Forbidden: It had to be here. You're both members of different factions, species, classes, and so on. But nothing will stand in the way of your feelings unless you let it.
9. Be My Bad Boy: Similar to the above but one of you is "good" while the other is "evil." Despite this, your relationship is just as strong and just as pure as anyone else's.
10. For Your Own Good: We all know the romance trope. One party must leave the other, though they still love them desperately. They must make their love hate them for their own good.
11. Trying to Make It Work: Through good times and bad, you've decided to work together for what you feel, because you know you'll only ever love this person.
12. Back Together: You only had room for one person in your heart, and they were the one that got away. Now, though, you have another chance.
13. I Refuse to Leave: Sometimes, even true love isn't all that good. Sometimes it's destructive and painful, and the person you love isn't the one who's good for you. But they love you, and you can't leave.
14. Keep Your Hands Off!: You have to defend your partner, and you won't let anyone stand in the way.
15. Marry You: You've decided to make things permanent. You're getting married to this person, or whatever other bonding ceremony applies.
16. Doomed: You are seeing this love through to the end, even if you know one of you is dying, being taken away, or otherwise gone from the picture.
17. Wildcard
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Everyone deserves a special treat now and then! Whether it’s for a romantic anniversary, as a holiday gift, or just something you pick up for yourself after work, chocolates are a tasty way to celebrate, relax, or just help you get through the day. There are so many different kinds, too! There’s milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and many, many more. It’s a treat that almost everyone can enjoy!

That’s why today is a lucky day! There’s plenty of chocolate to go around. Your character might get some as a gift, buy some for themselves at a sale, or just find it lying around...that happens, right? And all of the chocolate is unique, too. Why not take a bite? What’s the worse that could happen?

1. Post your character and list any preferences you have
2. Use a random number generator to see what kind of snack you're having!
3. ...Wait for someone to reply or just plot it out. Go nuts!
4. Play nice and have fun. Respect people’s preferences and all that.

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The Love Like the Movies Meme

The fun thing about movies is that there are so many options, nearly something for everyone. Action, adventure, comedy, tragedy, whatever your taste, you'll probably find something at the cinema. One of the most popular genres, of course, is romance. But don't think it's just chick flicks: a lot of movies have love in them, and those relationships presented can be as varied as the films themselves.

In this meme, you'll get a chance to play out some of the scenarios made popular in films. Some are directly inspired by certain movies, others by common tropes. So grab your popcorn and your chocolate and getting ready for some lovin', Hollywood style!

- Comment with your character and preferences.
- Others will comment to you, rolling the RNG to determine the prompt.
- Comment to others doing the same.

1. Childhood Friends (Just Friends, etc): You were friends as kids, but you never noticed how much this person means to you until you're grown up. That, or they got really, really hot.

2. Beauty & the Beast (what do you think?): One of you has a charmed life and is beautiful, and the other is ugly- physically or otherwise- or has something else about them (a tragic past, a curse, etc) that society deems you as "broken" for.

3. Beauty & the Geek (The Breakfast Club, every John Hughes movie ever, etc): Maybe this is a high school AU, or maybe it's not. Whatever the case may be, one of you is hot, popular, and athletic, and the other is...not so much. Still, there's something here. Will both of you be willing to look outside your clique and bear the ridicule in order to be together?

4. The Tearjerker (Love Story, a ton of Nicholas Spark movies): The two of you are falling in love, and your relationship is perfect. Or it is until one of you finds out you're dying, whether it be of illness or other causes! Or maybe not dying, just leaving forever. Who knows, whatever the reason, the two of you won't be able to be together forever. What will you do? Break up to ease the pain, or continue on until the last moments?

5. I was Enchanted to Meet You/Fairy Tale Love (Enchanted, etc): Though it may be awkward at first, your relationship is straight out of a fairy tale! Sugary sweet with lots of slow realizations and cute scenarios; singing animals are optional. This kind of love (and the right princess, of course) can even make the most stoic of men melt. How does she know you love her?

6. It Was Just Sex (No Strings Attached, Zack & Miri Make a Porno, etc): You both agreed it was supposed to be just sex. Friends with benefits, that's it. Well, about that. One of you wants to be more than just friends. That won't mess things up, will it?

7. The Hookup Gone Wrong (Knocked Up, etc): You got somebody pregnant, they accidentally imprinted on you, you went through a mating-for-life ritual without noticing it, whatever you crazy kids do these days. Now you're stuck with someone, may as well learn to tolerate them. If you're lucky, tolerance can grow into fondness, and then...

8. As You Wish/The Princess and her Stable Boy (Princess Bride, etc): This person may be beneath you, but whatever the case, you've always taken them for granted. Will you see their love before it's too something bad happening?

prompts 9-23 under the cut )
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 the sexting meme.

Probably the easiest meme ever. Post a blank with post with your character's name and universe. For the replier, the reply must be a dirty text to the poster's phone, or a picture of naughty parts. It can be on purpose ...or a mistyped number. ("Woops, sorry I showed you my junk! ... But how was it?!") The original poster can reply to the text or ignore it. Have fun!
Fredericka von Eberhardt
19 November 2013 @ 07:58 pm
*girls, and all beings of other genders, most definitely count as bros too

A meme for fun people who just want to chill out and embark upon kickass friendship shenanigans.
Leave a comment with character name and canon in the subject, and others will pick a scenario and tag you.
Fun times to be had for all!

Food! Everybody loves food. It is the best social lubricant. Cooking it. Burning it. Eating it. Throwing it around! All kinds of food! A picnic, or a diner, or a barbecue, or a swanky restaurant which is going to regret letting you in very soon. The possibilities are endless.

Fuck yeah, sports. Who doesn't love getting all hot and sweaty in the sun? Balls, frisbees, cricket bats! Or, if you'd prefer not to torture yourself with physical exertion, maybe a game of pool is more your style.

It's always been your dream to play in a band together! Finally, you are making it happen. You are the most awesome bandmates and you make the best music. You are going to be stars!
(Or not?)

Pawn to d4. Get out of jail free. Colonel Mustard did it in the conservatory with the revolver. Nooo, I told you not to pull that Zenga block out! I warned you, bro.

Truth…or dare! Or maybe just the lot of you wrecking everybody else's shit. What a bunch of clowns. But face it! It was hilarious. Just maybe not for, uh, that particular guy, who is coming over here, right now, with that look on his face…

For some bizarre reason, you decided to leave your nice, comfy beds behind and camp outside. In the dark. In a tent! Or even just a sleeping bag, under the staaaaars. Don't burn the marshmallows! What was that noise?

Look at this awesome ride. You'd be happy to take your friends for a spin, of course! Wind in your hair, radio blasting music, the works. Although you would never let them touch the wheel. Nope. This car is your baby (or your parents') and that would be an extremely dumb thing to do!

Whether it's an ocean or your backyard or a jungle pool, there's nothing like a good dunk in the water to cool you off! I hope you can swim, because you are going in. Right now!

The smell of cotton candy, the tinny music, the cooling puddle of vomit near the exit to the rollercoaster. It brings you back to when you were ten years old and you thought this was amazing! Or maybe you still do. Who knows. Either way, there are plenty of things to keep a friend or two occupied for a day.

What? These traditional, sacred bonding activities are dull and cliched? Your friendship is special and you need to do something a little more special? Jeez, what a wet blanket. Kidding! In that case, you are limited only by your own imagination.

Have a rad bromance! :B
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♥ Leave a comment with your character's name and fandom.
♥ When replying, RNG for a number between 1 and 7. The number you get corresponds with the kind of "first time" sex you're having
♥ Go from there! The sky's the limit.
01] Romantic | You waited and waited and waited for the right moment to take this final step with your partner, and it really paid off; neither of you can imagine this night (or day!) to be any better than it is right now. 

02] The Only Time | You know somewhere in your heart that you won't be getting a second chance for this. The relationship is forbidden, or they're moving away, or you're moving away, or something is tearing this relationship apart, and that may be the last thing you want.

03] Set-Up | ... Oh. Well. Someone nudged you and this other person together, the one that you may have loved or hated or been friends with your entire life. It isn't completely by choice, but it doesn't sound like that bad of an idea... Or maybe it does. Who knows?

04] Experience Difference | One of you knows exactly what to do, and the other doesn't! Maybe they're just a natural at this kind of thing... or maybe there's a thing or two they haven't told you yet.

05] Hesitant | One (or both) of you aren't quite sure if you're ready for this next big step... at the same time, you want this to happen, though the thought makes butterflies flutter around in the pit of your stomach.

06] Awkward | It feels like everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Relax? You can't relax! This is s-s-s-s-sex-- oh, boy, there's another mistake.

07] Wildcard | This is the "other" option. Choose any of the above or create your own!

[credit goes to [community profile] connikebox]
Krystle Harrison
19 November 2013 @ 08:50 pm
Good Ending/Bad Ending meme

* Post your characters name & fandom in the header and in the comment set up two scenes. One with an ideal setting (They got what they always wanted, hit it big, became rich and famous, etc.) and one with a bad twist of events (They're homeless, everyone hates them, maybe they're even dying!)
* Others respond to one of the two settings (Or both in different comments, if they want!)
* Respond.
* ???
* Profit!!!

Just remember: no ending is set in stone; good endings can turn sour, and bad endings can be made better. Just see where it takes you and enjoy the ride!

[The fine print: Blank comments will not be deleted, but they will be up for pointing and laughing at. If you'd rather use a different good and/or bad ending for each person replying, say so!]