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the picture prompt meme



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Graham Humbert // OUaT // ota

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I hope an AU is okay

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[The suggestion had been a joke at first, a throwaway comment not meant to be taken seriously. 'Now that we know where my heart is, maybe we can get it back.' A way to get back at Regina for taking it in the first place, for almost killing him with it. He'd had a lot of time to think while clinging to life at the hospital, and what he'd determined was that he was unsatisfied with his life the way it was. He couldn't be satisfied until his life was his own again.

He's a bit surprised that they've actually made it this far. That the comment went from being a joke to being a reality. If you're going to break into a vault and steal a heart, this is the team you want: the sheriff, the lockpicking deputy, and a wolf on lookout, standing among the fallen leaves strewn across the ground. The chill of the October air cuts through his jacket, causing him to shiver, and their breath leaves clouds in front of them.

They've made it through the locked door into the vault. He shines the flashlight into every corner.]

I know we've looked in here before, but there has to be a switch in here somewhere.
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[Emma's not entirely certain when this made the transition from a sort of private game between the two of them into reality. She's not entirely certain when she stopped expecting one of them to call a halt, either, to admit it had been nothing more than something to occupy Graham through his convalescence, and give up on any thought of secret rooms and stolen hearts. Somewhere in there, she has, if not fully accepted the thought of magic and curses as a reality, accepted it as something to be proven.

She plays the beam of her own light, hooded from old habits that sit uncomfortably close to the surface, over the edge of the thick glass panes inset into the wall, eyes narrowed in thought.]

This place isn't wired.

[She knows the signs, both of an alarm and of electricity in general. She's stayed in enough derelict buildings, played with the threat of enough electric fences. There's no current here; maybe Regina'd figured it would be too obvious if she had utility trucks out to run power lines to a gravesite.]

Any switch is gonna be mechanical, and it'll need leverage to throw it. I'm betting nothing above the five foot mark, probably lower, and near the door.
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I don't suppose she'd have marked it. [That would be too easy, and unnecessary besides, since she would know how to find it.]

I don't see anything different from last time. [It has to be here. This is the place the wolf led him to, the place he's been seeing in his dreams.]

If it's mechanical then there must be a visible mechanism that makes something move aside, or swing open or something.

[He swings the flashlight to the top of the stone slab.] I don't remember her father actually being in Storybrooke. So who's buried in here then?
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He could've been dead before you got here. [Before the curse, or before he'd moved to Storybrooke from wherever it is he'd come from - just now, in the dark and hush of the tomb, she's not entirely sure which she means herself.

She does know she really doesn't want to see a decades-old corpse tonight.

Still, she gives the foot of the slab an experimental shove.]

If you want to check inside, we're gonna need a crowbar. This thing isn't budging.
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You know what. [He aims his flashlight back outside the vault to illuminate the wolf.] He brought us here in the first place, maybe he has a better idea of where to look.]
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[She frowns a little, as though about to protest - what do wolves know about hidden switch mechanisms, after all? - but she nods after a moment's pause.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Swan.]

If there's a door, there's air flow. He might be able to detect that better than we can, at least. I'll stand watch.
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Or...who knows. It's worth a try, at least. [He whistles and the wolf comes padding into the vault with them.]
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Yeah. It is.

[She damps her light and moves to the door leading back out into the cemetary, trying to ignore the prickle of unease along her spine as she turns her back on man and wolf and coffin on order to keep an eye on the approach.]
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[For a couple of minutes, there's just the sound of the wolf's nose snuffling coming from the vault, then a shout from Graham.]

It's in here!
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[It's quiet enough that she starts at the shout, and her head whips around quick enough to make her neck pop. She hurries back in, flicking her light on again once her body's between it and the narrow opening she leaves behind her - just enough that they won't be easily locked in.]

Where? [It's pitched quiet, not needing to carry far.]
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[He taps his foot on the end of the stone sarcophagus. Looking closely at the floor, scuff marks across its distance are apparent.]

It looks like all we have to do is move this.
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[Emma's gaze follows the gesture, and she stares at the scuff marks for a moment in mute surprise. They'd missed them the first time; they'd been so close, and they'd missed them.]

I'll take the side, you take the end? [It looks heavy, solid. There must be a trick to it to let Regina move it on her own, but since they don't know it, brute force will have to suffice.]
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Right. [He situates himself at the end.] On the count of three?
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[Emma nods, and takes up a position along the side of the sarcophagus, hands finding purchase on the cold stone.

She isn't sure what she's expecting to see, but the long stairway exposed once the count is given and the masking stone moved is definitely not it.]

What the hell?
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[He aims the flashlight down the staircase.] One of the mayor's secrets, it would seem.
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That's a pretty big secret.

['Big' being the operative word here. She'd anticipated something more like a ladder leading down into a crawlspace. If the angle of the staircase is any indication, however, the space below is a good bit larger than the mausoleum above.]

This is insane. What the hell could she need that much space underground for?
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Who knows what the Evil Queen might need to hide? [He stares down into the opening for a moment.] Shall we?
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[The Evil Queen. Emma grimaces at the staircase, as though accusing it of something.

Possibly of hiding a dragon.]

Yeah. Let me take point, there might be security.

[It's more likely to be a shotgun rigged to a tripwire than anything electronic, she doesn't figure the downstairs has power any more than the upstairs, but that still lies within the realm of her experience.

Desperate people do horrifying things, sometimes.]
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[Emma might not believe, but he has portions of his memories back, and he has every reason to believe what Henry told him. So the Evil Queen it is.]

After you.
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[She believes enough to be here, believes that something is deeply wrong in a way that can't readily be explained. The rest, world-shattering curses and the responsibility for hundreds of lives, is too much to easily accept.

She starts down, steps placed careful and quiet, flashlight sweeping in front of her to catch any telltale threats. The air feels close and oppressive, and she can't entirely convince herself that it's just the weight of the stone pressing in overhead and the knowledge that she's walking into a secret chamber beneath a tomb, and not anything more sinister that makes the hair at the back of her neck prickle.]
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[He signals to the wolf to wait at the top, then starts down the stairs after her, taking care to give them both enough room to maneuver if they need it.

His hand hovers near the pistol on his hip. Just in case.]
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[She manages not to jump too badly when the light flashes off the mirror set into the wall of the landing where the stair turns, though she does mutter a quiet, startled curse. Beyond that, and the faint moonlight leaking in through the ceiling (how does it get in?), the vault seems silent as...

Well, as a grave.]

What are we looking for? [Though there's less risk of being overheard down here, the question is quieter than she'd been above.]
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I don't know exactly. It must be down here somewhere. It's in some sort of box, I would expect.

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