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Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no Lies

The Truth Meme

Comment to this entry with your characters.

No matter the question, your character feels compelled to answer truthfully. Even if it's the most personal question they've ever heard, or a query about something they would normally refuse to talk about -- too bad.

Watch the madness unfold.

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What did you really think of Tom?

[It's not often when Sherlock holds back on his opinions, but he was strangely mum when it came to her former fiancé, which surprised her. She assumed this was John's doing, stepping in to make sure Sherlock didn't upset her. But now that it's over between them, it doesn't really matter anymore and hearing what he has to say may actually make her feel better about her decision to end it with the man.]
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Molly. Don't.

[This question isn't nearly as dangerous as some of the things Molly could decide to ask him.

(Tread carefully, Sherlock Holmes.)]

A poor substitute for me. Not your fault.
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[She frowns at his warning. She thinks this is not too dangerous and also, Sherlock's said a lot of terrible things to her already. What could possibly be worse than that one Christmas?

Well, okay, maybe this is a bad idea, she thinks as she reddens slightly at his answer.]

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I have come to the same conclusion.

[Which is true and part of the reason she broke it off. Appears she isn't quite over him after all. She never really was she guessed.]

I'm sure that feeds your ego quite nicely.
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Not really, no. [Sighing heavily, he elaborates:] I want to be desirable as a detective, not a love interest.
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What about both? [Her ears tinge red as she speaks.]

Why does it have to be one or the other?

[Because really it's partially his intellect and skill as a detective that attracts her.]
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[Sherlock compartmentalizes his own life as much as possible. [Pleasure] should never interfere with [Work], and so on. Most people don't understand such a system, but it's helped him to get this far.]

When combined, it's messy. It's difficult to see where one thing ends and another begins.
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Do you mean in general? That you can never combine being a detective with being someone's....something or do you just mean specifically not someone you work with? [There was a difference between not dating someone you work with and not ever dating anyone because you're always working.]

I mean...I'm not saying me...because I're not... [She shakes her head like she's trying to clear her thoughts.] What if someone came along that you did fancy that way?

[Molly's stomach clenches at the thought. The Janine thing had hurt enough - even though it had turned out he wasn't really interested in her. It's one thing to know she'll never have a shot with him when she knows that most other women have just about as much of a shot. It would be another entirely to see him find someone else.]
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