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the otherwordly meme

Otherwordly Meme

Sometimes all you need is a word to spark off an idea.

1. Post a comment with your character's name, canon, and any preferences you may have (no shipping, no smut, etc.)

2. Leave the comment blank or post a word or two in the body.

It may also help if you list scenarios you would like to play.

3. Reply to other people, either with words you picked out, or words they posted as prompts for a thread.

( A cleanup of the previous Otherwordly Meme. )
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((Went looking for one of my own and fell across this first. Only slightly less dramatic than your first prompt...))

There was a time The Shadow's name was murmured on the street by newsmen and police, but that era has passed. This does not mean he is any less busy than he was. Over decades his work has grown quieter, but his net has spread wider. Drug and arms dealers still whisper and look over their shoulders at night, and for every seemingly random shoot-out in New York City, at least half end in some criminal left for the police to find, alive or dead.
Crime has escalated, but so has the quiet fight against it. Not all the criminals are on the streets, of course. In the summer of 1991, the news breaks the story of a major banking corporation involved in massive fraud schemes, some of it including political bribes. How so many of these shady dealings have all been thrust to light at once, it does not say, but the CIA is sent scrambling first to deal with the fallout, then to apologize for their own involvement. The supreme court has a monumental task on its hands.
Less newsworthy, the nights after this story breaks, the streets are busy with petty criminals being routed into the hands of the police. The Shadow is playing catch up, now that the bank case is in the hands of the law.

The shootout a few blocks over may or may not wake Balthazar Blake. The brush up against his wards ten minutes later is certain to get his attention.
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Some nights, Blake still has trouble sleeping. Partly it's his own decline into a reclusive state--he'd do better if he expended more energy during the day, not doubt--but partly it's a mix of bitter memory and slow-building despair. He's been faithful to his cause for centuries, but the longer he works for it, the more niggling little doubts creep in, about who his Master was, about who he is, himself, and about whether the Prime Merlinian will ever be found at all.

So this night, he's up with a book and a bottle of scotch, and doing a better job working through the latter of the two. Still, he's not drunk, and he doesn't miss the distant sound of gunfire. It's not as unusual as it should be.

The brush against his wards, by contrast, is a mild surprise. Setting his text and his glass aside, he slips outside to investigate.
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They're both a mess...

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It's best that he goes out the front door, as something or someone seems lodged up against the locked back door that opens into the alley. A dark shape is there, fetched up against the door frame for the shelter it provides. Overworked and dazed in the wake of a gunfight, The Shadow is not as sharp as usual, and may not even notice a quiet approach.
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Also old.

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For his part, Blake has a bit of trouble letting his eyes adjust to the gloom, but his magical senses lead him quickly to the source of the wards' reaction. He stands still a moment in surprise before clearing his throat tentatively.

"Are you injured?" Is all he asks. He knows the Shadow by reputation, certainly, and may have seen him before, from a distance. It's slightly unsettling to see him collapsed like this.
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And curmudgeonly?

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The look up is abrupt, a hint that he was not aware of the other man's approach, and his eyes narrow. He's well adjusted to the darkness, himself, and the sorcerer is a figure he likewise knows by reputation. Anyone who stays in the same spot in Manhattan so extraordinarily long is worth noting.

He's slow to come up with a verbal response, though, wheezing softly as he catches his breath. "...No." There is a brief pause, before he adds a "Thank you." Then he straightens and lets go of the door frame in an attempt to recover his dignity, only to sway dizzily. He's forced to clutch at it again for balance while the alley reels a bit.
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"You've been busy, I know. Come inside? I can make tea." Normally he's not this friendly, and the Shadow may even be aware of that. But the aging crimefighter looks like he's on the verge of a complete collapse.

Balthazar steps closer, not quite catching him, but reaching to open the door. "Better to be somewhere quiet while the clean up is being finished anyway, I suspect."
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The tall figure shifts to move out of his way, but this time he takes great care in making sure he's steady enough to walk before he makes the attempt at it. He knows he's been pushing it lately, but he wasn't expecting it to catch up to him all at once on the street. Tea will help. Caffeine has always kept him going in the past... perhaps beyond when he should.

"...Tea... would be nice." He knows, roughly, who this man is, and it's clear he's known in return. For now that will have to be enough to base some trust on. Putting one foot in front of the other takes focus enough, and Blake will have to close the door behind him. He's headed for the nearest place to sit that he sees.
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"Anywhere but the red divan!" He's quick to instruct, locking the door behind them. Especially in a worn-out state, that particular furniture is a bad place to settle. He slips ahead to move papers off the nearest chair, then retreats to the back room without further admonishments. His inventory is certainly safe in the Shadow's company, and vice versa.
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Sadly, nearly anything is safe in The Shadow's company, for the moment. He settles in the newly-cleared chair, pinches the bridge of his nose, and removes his hat. He's wheezing still, breathing hard from the speed at which he fled the scene of the shoot out, and hearing his own blood pounding in his ears. By the time Balthazar returns, the vigilante has his silver head bared and appears to be taking the moment to pull himself together again from his recent adventures. He's a cadaverous old man with a spectacular nose, and the heavy girasol ring he wears would not be out of place on a sorcerer's hand. In another life, perhaps, his abilities might have been channeled down a different avenue...
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Balthazar returns with tea, honey, and a bowl of grapes with crackers and cheese. Mother-henning is not usually his first impulse, but he's seen enough students through vulnerable periods--both in youth and in age--that he's capable of this type of hospitality.

"You make me feel like I've been lazy," he admits, setting the tray down. "I've been sulking here for a decade."
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"...I noticed." He glances up, composing himself, and rethinks that comment. "I meant... I noticed that you've been settled here far longer than is ordinary." He looks exhausted, but sitting down is helping, and some kind of food will likely help more. Ordinarily he has enough common sense to make himself grab a peanut butter sandwich or an apple between work and more work, but lately he's been burning the candle at both ends and it occurs to him he is not quite certain when he ate last.

The Shadow lets out a wheezing sigh. "What did you mean?" The tea is the first thing he reaches for, moving slowly and carefully lest the waves of dizziness return.
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He snorts. "Thanks."

Then he shakes his head as if to indicate he's not offended. After all, the Shadow's probably not at his most tactful just now. (If he knew him better, he'd realize the Shadow is never tactful.)

"You weren't aware? I've owned this building since the 19th century. My name is Balthazar Blake. Eldest Merlinian." Somehow he expected the Shadow to be aware of his history already, even with the reputation of sorcery as a whole on the wane.
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He may yet learn. The first statement truly wasn't what he meant, but the amended implication that he's noticed Blake is at least as old as he is may not be all that tactful, either.

One gnarled hand waves in a distracted manner, although the Merlinian part is good to know for future reference. "Not that. I meant when you said I'd been busy." He knows about Blake, but how Blake knows about him is a matter of concern. After blowing only briefly on his tea he takes a gulp, thirsty even as he begins to get his breath back. The painful catch in his side is easing, now.
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"I've lived here long enough to notice certain patterns, that's all." He shrugs. "And clearly you're out and about."

He helps himself to tea, as well, sitting on a battered leather chaise nearby. "I probably still have a couple pulp novels in my attic, now that I think of it." Now there's a dubious honor.
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The Shadow gives a mild cringe. At the very least the novels were less embarrassing than the radio shows.

"...Ah. Well. I will be as long as I'm still around. Other work kept me busy, and now there's a lot on the streets to catch up on." Too much, for an old man, even with an extensive network of agents to help him. He always leaves the most dangerous tasks for himself.

"Are you... here because it's easy to go unnoticed, or is there some other business? I don't see as many of your kind around, the past few decades."
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Ah, good. Now they've both been tactless. They are clearly meant to be BFFs.

"There always will be," he nods mildly, feeling a mix of pity and respect. Some jobs you don't retire from. His is one of them; the Shadow's is another.

"I'm searching for the heir to Merlin's lineage and power. But it's been a very long search. Settling in one place for a time seemed...prudent."
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Cronies who respect each other or dire enemies may be the only options available.

In theory, The Shadow could retire as easily as anyone else who works against crime, but it's true that the job will always be there, and he's never found a proper successor. His work got under his skin a long time ago, and he'll be at it until it kills him. Thanks to the sorcerer, he's been spared another night to carry on.

"Business, then." He considers a moment, but this is not the first time he's come face to face with the reality of old legends. Sorcerers are outside his usual sphere of things, but he's aware there is more that goes on than he can manage to be an expert on. "Best of luck." Tentatively, he takes a cracker with cheese.
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This is the easiest discussion Balthazar has ever had about his quest and his history, and after nights of fretting and brooding he can't help but laugh out loud at the tacit reply. "Thank you. I have my doubts these days on my chances of success, but I can't quit, either. In any case, you can rely on my support and hospitality. We're on roughly the same side."
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While he may not be certain of all the details, Blake caught his attention some time ago just for being such a fixture. He was researched, watched, and dismissed as both not a criminal and not really The Shadow's business. That this might make him a potential ally never truly crossed his mind. Sorcerers operate in entirely different circles than he does, for the most part.

"That's... generous. I wasn't looking to recruit you, but... I do appreciate the safe haven, tonight." He is looking rough still, nibbling at the cracker as if he's half expecting it to turn on him, and still wheezing softly. He seems to have caught his breath at least, and does not look about to fall over.
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Blake would concur with both of those conclusions. Psychic powers or not, the Shadow isn't a sorcerer and shouldn't be drawn into his battles. He would never ask for assistance, himself, but feels obligated to offer.

He's good at setting up double standards for himself.

"Well, I'm not volunteering to be a field agent, but yes. You're welcome here, and if you need a haven for a witness or agent in the future, I'm willing."
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One dark eyebrow arches expressively. "That's generous... it wouldn't be an imposition? Trustworthy safe houses can be hard to come by..."

Growing bolder, he finishes the cracker, and begins to realize that he is, in fact, fairly hungry. His tea vanishes rapidly, too. This is precisely what he needed. This, and some solid sleep.
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"Nothing gets past my wards without my notice." He smiles faintly, then shrugs. "I'm offering. My home isn't large, and my inventory can be unsettling in its own right, but no, it's no imposition. And at the risk of offending you, I think you ought to consider sleeping here tonight."
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The Shadow gives a slow, thoughtful nod, then pinches the bridge of his nose. "Do I look that bad?" He feels that bad, and is wondering if he can trust himself to get safely to his own bed. It seems such a long way uptown, even though his closest apartment is here in Manhattan.

"That... would be greatly appreciated. Just this once..." He hardly likes to make a habit of relying on the generosity of relative strangers, or even allies, but it wouldn't be the first time, either.