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The Somnophilia Meme

t h e S O M N O P H I L I A m e m e

• comment with your character's name, canon, and any preferences you might have.
• write a starter for your character if you want, or just leave the first comment blank.
• tag other people's comments.
• pick your prompts with the RNG.
• WARNING! several of the prompts leave room for triggering and/or explicit content. proceed with caution when reading, and (if possible) add any content or rating warnings in the subject line of your thread(s). thank you!


01 long day, early morning. sometimes it's just time to fall asleep.
02 under the weather. exhausted from work or battle. injured or sick or weary. whatever the case, their energy is sapped.
03 under the influence. drunk, drugged, caught by a spell. your doing or somebody else's, their consciousness is fading either way.
04 on the edge bags on their eyes, a sigh on their lips. they want to sleep so badly, but something is getting in the way
05 in their dreams not in their bed, but in their head. forget watching them fall asleep, slip right into their subconsciousness and watch what goes on behind closed eyes.
06 WILDCARD combine, roll again, make up your own thing.


01 goodnight. talk in a soothing voice, stroke their skin, press a chloroform rag to their nose. anything to help them fall asleep, or stop them from waking up.
02 sweet talk. gibberish, secret truths, sweet dreams, and nightmares. they're mumbling words in their sleep, and you're there to listen and reply (if you're feeling so inclined). or maybe you have something to say you can only tell their sleeping self.
03 gentle touch. why disturb them at all? it's enough to make sure they're comfortable, enough to pull up their blanket, brush away that loose strand of hair, and watch them rest in peace... temporarily.
04 rough hands. you want them, and you want them now. why wait until they wake up? or maybe that is how you wake them up? hey, as long as you pull up that nightdress and have fun!
05 good morning. smell the coffee, let the sunshine in, get up, get up! don't let them sleep (any longer).
06 WILDCARD combine, roll again, make up your own thing.

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Alex Murphy || RoboCop 2014 || Open to f/m or m/m, but no fluff

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[Open to smut if you can make it work. Open to new CR/past CR.

Would be especially interested in past CR, possibly working it into past scenarios. Let me know if you want normal/neurosuppressed Alex. I'm open to him either being the one out or the one doing the exploring
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(Any preferences?)
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[Maybe neurosuppressed Alex? Could be before then ten year thing? Clara doing the exploring]
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(Maybe something in the same timeline, but a couple years before hand? Also, would you rather prose or commentspam, just for easier tagging purposes?)
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[Prose but doesn't necessarily have to be tl;dr. Just don't want to do a lot of html]
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Apologies for the TL;DR. I apparently can't write a short starter to save my life.

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(Lemme know if you need me to change anything.

Even after all this time, seeing DPD pop up on her phone is slightly terrifying. Sure, there's a much more rational part of her brain that calmly reminds her that it's much harder for anything to really do much damage to Alex these days, but it's drowned out by the rest of her brain that's currently terrified that they're calling to tell her something catastrophic's happened.

For once, the loud, panicked part of her brain's right. The woman on the other end of the line sounds impossibly young and it's clear from the sound of her voice that she isn't used to breaking bad news, which just makes Clara's heart clench up. The girl shoots out her message in a rapidfire pace before saying "Have a nice day. Goodbye." and hanging up.

From what Clara can hear over the sound of her pounding heart, Alex had a seizure while on duty and is currently in the lab and they won't be able to make the necessary repairs until next week since the project head's out of town for a golf tournament and, as such, can't sign off on doing anything past stabilizing him. But, no worries, everything should be okay in a week and she shouldn't be concerned and it isn't necessary for her to come into the lab.

Apparently no one ever told them that Clara's terrible at following those kind of directions. Which is why she fires off a text to David letting him know the basics of what's going on and that she won't be home when he gets back from hockey practice and drives to DPD's headquarters in what she's convinced might be record time.

As she storms her way through the lab, she notices that most of the current project team gives her a wide berth (and for a moment she wonders if Dennett had made a note to stay out of her way if she comes in like she's on a warpath. She wouldn't be surprised if he had) until she gets to the door. She pauses for a second before breezing through like everything is just fine. And what she sees once she gets into the room surprises her more than it should.

Alex looks like he's asleep, but other than that, he looks perfectly normal. Well, as normal as a six-and-a-half foot tall cyborg can look anyway. She isn't sure what causes her next action, if it's a wild fantasy brought on from a childhood of being fed tales of magic kisses waking someone up, or if it's from the memories of being the first one up and kissing him awake (and how that all seems like it was a lifetime ago). Unlike most of those kisses, this one doesn't have the heat of 'Hey, if you wake up we can get another round in before David's up,' and is almost gentle, like she's trying to slowly draw him back into the waking world without one of those tablets she sees all over the lab.
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The truth is Alex Murphy drifts in and out of consciousness.

The sedation doses weren't calculated correctly because his weekend handlers are new, inexperienced, and instead of being offlined, he's in that strange gray area. For a cyborg who’s started to glitch more and more over the past few years, it’s…nice. He likes it. There’s still a part of Alex that feels, that hasn’t been lost to battle simulations and scanning the database for the latest murderer at large. That part grows smaller, quieter each time he rejects the newest upgrades and becomes that much more obsolete. It’s most active when he’s in this twilight, when most of his systems are on standby. Kissing Alex is surprising because his face might have that uncanny quality – too smooth, not enough little muscle ticks normal people have – but his lips are still warm to the touch. They’re even a little chapped. OmniCorp hasn’t stripped him yet of everything human.

Unlike the fairy tales, Alex doesn’t bolt awake. He doesn’t reach up to wrap his arms around his wife and hug her to his chest like he used to. He doesn’t kiss back.

Alex’s eyes flicker behind closed lids. It’s not dreaming and he’s not entirely wake either. He seems to relax when Clara pulls away from the kiss, lips parting as if he’s quietly sighing. The right hand Raymond Sellars “let” him keep twitches against the cradle’s arm rest.
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Clara doesn't expect him to bolt up and suddenly be okay (this isn't a fairy tale, after all. Kisses don't have magical healing properties, as much as she wishes they did, or else things would have been fine years ago and none of this would be happening). She honestly doesn't know what to expect. And maybe hoping that a kiss might bring him around if he was on the right side of consciousness was a shot in the dark, but it's what she has to work with and it's worked a few times before over the years when they brought her in before he woke up from whatever upgrade he had received or if he had undergone some major repair after getting himself blown halfway to hell.

But she does notice his hand and...well, that's definitely a sign of something. She isn't sure what that something is, but it's definitely a sign of it. So she places her hand over his, gently brushing the pads of her fingers over the back of his.

"Please come back to me," she murmurs. If she weren't so worried, she wouldn't have said it that way. It's almost always us when she's said things like that. But no, she's being admittedly selfish for once and it feels surprisingly good to actually say it that way.
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The voice doesn’t bring him back, Alex’s face remaining relaxed. It’s one of those times where he doesn’t look like something wearing her husband’s face, getting the details about their life wrong because his recall is corrupted by the updates, the failed upgrades. His brown eyes don’t open and stare at her as if she’s some random civilian off the street. With his eyes closed, he looks like the man she married, the one she thought she’d live out the rest of her life with. Grow old with. Not grow older while he slowly falls apart.

Alex’s hand spasms at Clara’s touch. His fingers interlock with hers, uncoordinated, possibly too tight like when he came back from his first 419, years ago. Something desperate about his grip that he couldn’t put into words. They had told him that after the first body, you either learn to suck it up and deal or you wash out. He’d dealt. Mostly dealt. Clara saw the times he didn’t deal. After OmniCorp…he stopped coming to her, stopped holding hands or even giving her those hugs around the shoulder like they were still watching beer pong at college. The movie nights where they cuddle fizzle off because he breaks the couches and he stares blankly at the screen. There wasn’t any one point where it trickles off. A few years later and he hasn’t touched Clara at all. He forgets her birthday this year. The anniversary won’t happen.

His fingers are entangled with Clara’s now as if she’s a lifeline. The screen nearby displays spikes in his neural activity instead of the usual shallow curves of unconsciousness. He’s trying. There’s still a part of Alex that knows what he’s missing: his wife, his kid, the old life he’ll never have again. The connections and the intimacy he let die because he was too busy being Detroit’s savior.

Alex’s eyes are flickering more and more underneath his eyelids. A low sigh escapes as he holds on tight to Clara, tight enough to almost start bruising.
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Clara's instincts start telling her that she needs to make him let go. His grip on her hand is starting to hurt and he's much stronger than her (he always has been, even before the suit) and could do some serious damage without meaning to. Except that there's something in her telling her to hold tight, that this is the first real physical contact they've had in ages and she needs to relish it.

She's always been careful not to say anything about it, mostly because she didn't want to push him into something if he wasn't comfortable with it, but the change she's missed most about the way their lives used to be has always been the fact that he's seemed so unwilling to touch her. Sure, she understands why, but that doesn't make it suck any less. Before, they had always been fairly tactile, so losing that hurt more than she could say.

She's imagined doing this quite a few times over the years. It's been this little passing fancy that slides through her head, but she's never dared act on it, mostly out of fear of being caught and having her access revoked instead of the (mostly) open door policy they'd given her and David after that night on the rooftop. Of course, she can justify it now because this isn't about her and how much she misses curling up with Alex in their bed at home, it's about trying to make sure he's okay. No one could possibly fault her for that.

Still holding onto his hand, Clara stands up. Taking a deep breath to steel herself, Clara climbs on top of Alex, only pausing for a second to make sure that the cradle's still stable. And, okay, it's not the most comfortable position in the world and they don't quite fit together the way they did when he was just flesh and blood, but she already knew that. After a few small shimmies up, she reaches up with her free hand and brushes his cheek with the backs of her fingers as her chin rests on his chest. "I know you're in there, baby. I just need to know that you're okay."