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smut meme
There’s no real push to your actions; you do them as if they were second nature. Perhaps, initially, you were assigned this role, as protector and guardian of this person. Maybe you took it on because there was no one else. A natural guardian or not, good or evil, you caught a shining to them and felt…something. Something hard to explain, but you want to keep them safe and happy - or at the very least, content. No one is as dedicated to them as you. You want them to reach their goals; to help them achieve them, you'll do what you must, even if it means being their gofer or their right hand.

But most of all, you don't want them to end up like you. They're worth more than that.

Yet somehow, along the line, you became more to them, more than just their protector. You protect them anew and you've found a different way to make them happy. It's selfish, too, because you love them in your way and you want them more than anything. You may feel guilty, of course. They don't, though, and that's what matters.

Right now, you two have a rare moment to yourselves. There are special matters to attend to. Continue to do your duty.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and what you'd prefer to play: protector or protected.
  • Remember, you don't have to be so rigid. A traditionally weak character can "protect" a traditionally strong one in emotional ways.
  • Reply to others.
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Maria Hill | MCU/Agents of SHIELD | F/M

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[Probably the protector, but you're welcome to try protecting her.]
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Re: Maria Hill | MCU/Agents of SHIELD | F/M

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[Interested? Bucky is definitely ok with being protected by a woman like Maria Hill.]
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[I can see it. Maybe she's protecting him from Tony's "because science"?]
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[Awesome, works for me! You wanna start, or shall I? I can play Bucky however, I'm not too picky with scenarios for him.]
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[If you want to start, that'd be great!]
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Another lab. Just another lab. He was back to being a rat in a maze. Stark Industries, HYDRA, the KGB, it all looked the same. This place was brighter and slicker, but it was all the same.

Soon enough, he was going to be experimented on. Stark was going to find some way to turn him back into a weapon. Because Stark made weapons, didn't he? Missiles, guns, Iron Man, it was all still the same.

And why wouldn't Stark weaponize him? The hard work was already done. He knew just how easy the reprogramming was. The instructions for wiping the Winter Soldier back to his factory defaults were simple to follow. The arm would be easy enough to repair as well, once he was docile and obedient again.

This was a tiny cell. Just as bare as every room he had passed through to get here. No bed, nothing to use as a weapon or hurt himself with.

If his arm was working, he could rip this place to pieces, but instead he was left helpless, useless, human.

Unable to defend himself from Stark turning him back into a weapon.

He didn't want to become a weapon again, didn't want to be unthinking and unfeeling again.
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When Maria Hill got angry, the temperature in the room seemed to drop by a few degrees. Not because she was a mutant, but it sure felt that way when she turned her icy blues on someone who'd managed to piss her off. Being born in Chicago during one of the coldest Januaries on record didn't help, either. So, when she stormed into Stark's lab, it was no small wonder that a blizzard wasn't close on her heels.

"Not just 'no', but 'hell, no'," Hill stated without much preamble. "Are you out of your mind?! I don't give a flying rat what the KGB, Red Army or HYDRA did to him. Barnes is still a human being, and not your own personal guinea pig!

"I also don't care whether or not you're my boss. I've called Director Fury on the carpet for a lot less that what you're trying to do. Barnes has had his memory wiped more times than the hard drive in my old laptop. And, I swear to God, if you say 'because science', I will physically hurt you in ways Potts probably won't like. So, don't give me some bullshit dog and pony spiel about using that chair on him ever again. If you don't send that hunk of junk to the scrap yard tomorrow, I will."

High heels clicked in cold staccato as she marched over to the cell where Barnes was being held. Hill punched in her required security code, placed her palm on the appropriate screen and stepped up to have her retina scanned. Two seconds later, the door opened.

"And another thing," Hill continued, turning to face Stark. "Don't think for one second that I can't take care of myself. I was a Marine before SHIELD recruited me. May and Romanoff are about the only other two people I can think of who know more about hand-to-hand and self defense than I do."

It wasn't a brag, but a simple statement of fact. One did not simply become Deputy Director without first-hand knowledge of what her agents were taught. Hill never ordered anyone to go through weapons and combat training she, herself, had not had.

"C'mon, I'm getting you out of here," she said, changing her focus to Barnes. "You're getting new, and definitely more humane, quarters."
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Bucky had no idea anybody was even outside the room before the door was yanked open. Maria Hill. He recognized her as an "eliminate if possible" target from the folder Pierce had given him.

He jumped and turned to face her, bringing up his flesh hand to defend himself, before he realized who it was and what she was saying.

He looked between her and Tony Stark beyond her, who looked both surprised and a bit angry. Bucky hesitated before he nodded. "Alright." He stepped forward. He was barefoot, in a plain t-shirt and sweatpants, his right wrist rubbed raw by restraints. But anywhere had to be better than here.

Bucky stepped out of the room, sidling around Stark almost nervously, looking to Hill for directions.
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The injury to his wrist was noted, and Hill fixed Stark with another icy glare. There was no doubt she and Potts were going to have a conversation about that in the not-too-distant future. For the moment, Hill opted not to say anything to Stark.

"Barnes, you're with me."

It was beyond obvious that she was used to giving orders and having them carried out without having to repeat herself. As such, Hill didn't turn to see if Barnes had indeed followed her out of the lab.
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He nodded and obeyed, almost jogging to keep up. He walked right on her heels, glancing around. She may have been staring straight ahead, walking with purpose, but Bucky couldn't just set aside his hypervigilance. "Where are we going?" He asked.

He was barefoot and injured and cradled his left elbow in his right hand to keep some of the weight off his shoulder - His body could handle the arm normally, but not when it just swung back and forth uselessly. He was nearly defenseless. He wouldn't be able to run over rough ground, and he wouldn't be able to fight well enough with only his weaker arm.
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Letting Barnes loose on the streets of Manhattan was not what Hill had planned. She knew better than that. Especially after what Rogers and Wilson had gone through to track him down.

"Downstairs," she answered curtly and walked up to one of the elevators. "My place."

The new position as VP of Stark Industries' Logistics Division came with a few perks. One being a new apartment on the seventeenth floor. 'Homey' and 'cozy' weren't the best words to describe the harsh, clean lines of Hill's design choices. She preferred a modern style and efficient use of space.

"Have a seat," Hill said when they entered her apartment. "I'll go get something for your wrist."
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Bucky looked around the apartment, not at all surprised to learn this was Hill's style. Still, he obeyed and sat on the edge of the couch, perching and looking around the room.

It was modern and clean, the opposite of everything he had ever been in or near his entire life until ending up here. Stark Industries was nothing but modern and clean and Bucky wasn't entirely sure that he liked that. Clutter seemed to better fit his mental state at the moment than anything else.
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The requisite and well-stocked first aid kit was kept under the kitchen sink. Hill thought it made more sense to keep it there than the bathroom. It was closer to the door and with her track record of cooking disasters, it was much more convenient. The kit itself may have started life as a multi-tiered fold-out tackle box, but the customizable compartments were perfect for the various bandages, ointments and other necessities.

"Hold out your wrist," Hill said, setting down the kit on the glass-and-steel coffee table and sitting at his three o'clock.
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He obediently held out his wrist then asked, still looking around, "Don't you work for Stark? Won't you get in trouble for taking me?" He watched Hill work, curling his fingers into a loose fist.
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"If I do, it's my ass. I doubt he'll make that mistake." Hill flipped open the kit and started pulling out the necessary items: antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, gauze and tape. "He'll have a damned hard time replacing me or at least my experience as Deputy Director of SHIELD. Now, hold still. This will probably sting."

Thanks to Romanoff's intel, Hill knew that Barnes had been given HYDRA's version of the same serum that Rogers had. He probably couldn't get any kind of infection, but that didn't stop her from falling back on the mandatory field medical training she'd received in the Corps. Besides, every little bit helped, right? Right.

Hill was nothing if not quick and efficient, and her bedside manner could stand to use a little work. Still, it wasn't long before she was wrapping a strip of gauze around Barnes' wrist and securing it with a couple strips of tape.
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Bucky nodded slowly. He asked, after a few seconds, "I haven't tried to kill you, have I? If I did, I'm sorry." He winced when she cleaned out the abrasion around his wrist but didn't react otherwise.

He looked down into the first aid kit, a bit surprised at just how thorough it was. He wondered, distantly, if there was a sling that could support his malfunctioning left arm in there.
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"Me? No. Director Fury and half of DC? That's a different story." There was a slight lift to the corners of Hill's mouth that took a little sting out of her words. "I'm willing to cut you some slack since you were still under HYDRA's control and taking orders from Pierce."

As she spoke, she packed away the rest of the supplies and closed up the kit. Her blue eyes flicked over to Barnes, assessing whether he had any other injuries that needed medical attention.

"Anything else I should know about?"
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Bucky hesitated then said, "My left arm is malfunctioning. Is there a sling in there?" Stark could no doubt repair his arm, but he didn't want the man anywhere near him. It was too risky. "If I let it hang, it will damage my skin and muscles and bones over time from the weight."
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"Malfunctioning? What do you mean malfunctioning?" That was all she needed: a metal super arm going haywire. But then she nodded. "Wait here. I'll see what I can come up with."

Hill already knew that there wasn't anything remotely resembling a sling in the kit. Though she probably should add that sometime in the near future.

Just like the rest of her apartment, her closet was organized within an inch of its life. Her uniforms had been replaced by business suits and blouses. Jeans and t-shirts were neatly folded and placed on shelves. Shoes and boots sat in neat rows below her rack of trousers and skirts. Her eyes landed on a pair of well-worn, tan suede boots, and a faint smile crossed her lips.

Rather than pull the laces from the boots, she opened a drawer and pulled out a khaki-colored woven belt. It was probably the best option she had for a sling. Hill only owned one or two winter scarves which would have to be retied every five minutes, but not the belt. And the woven material would be more comfortable than leather.

"Okay. I know it's not much, but it's probably the best I've got," she said, walking back to rejoin Barnes.
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He looked up when she came back. "Can't use it." He tried to make a fist, but couldn't. The fingers twitched minutely, and he tried to bend his elbow but couldn't. "Probably something gummed up the inside. Sand, or something."

It was a finicky thing. Probably made that way on purpose so he would always have to come back for repairs. He had no idea how to fix it himself.

"That'll work." He supported his left arm with his right. "Need something on the wrist and the elbow, probably. It's heavier than it looks."