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The Picture Prompt Meme

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III — Reply to them with a setting based on the picture.
IV — Be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. That's kind of the point.

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hijikata toushirou | gintama | ota

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[how's this]

[He wasn't. . . exactly here to visit. No, he had a job to do, and so that's why there's a casual knock on the door of Hijikata's recovery room before Gintoki slowly walks in.]

Aah, so it's true. Maybe the Shinsengumi aren't all dirty cops after all.
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[ This damned hospital is non-smoking, and the nurses are forcing him to bedrest because of his constantly-high blood pressure. Hijikata had tried to tell the idiots that the blood pressure is because he's not allowed to have a damned smoke, but they refuse to listen.

When Yorozuya comes in, Hijikata has paperwork sprawled all over the extended side table. There are ink marks all over the bandages over his arms. He scowls at the sound of the voice. ]

The hell are you doing here? Go away.
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[The expression Hijikata gets is just that dead-fish look as Gintoki watches the other fuss over his paperwork. The look changes though, slowly, almost as if when he hears that tone from Hijikata and sees the other's frown at being interrupted, his own face breaks into a smirk, then a grin. Mission complete.

At least the asshole was just his normal, asshole self. Not like he'd wonder or worry over some jerk with a sword getting an injury or two. Gintoki has a bag in his hand, but for now he's sort of shifting it behind his leg so the other can't see it as he walks over and takes a seat, just like he belongs there. The bag goes under the chair. ]

Now, now, Hijikata-kun. Don't make it so hard for Gin-san to do his job, okay? Just because you got a little clumsy and you're cranky now.
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[ The moment Yorozuya sits down, Hijikata is already talking, speaking over the other man. ]

Oy, what are you doing, sitting down? I told you to get out, right? Are you deaf?

[ And his tirade is continuing without pause. ]

Whose making it hard for who to do their job? Do you even have a job?
And the one making me cranky is you, asshole!

[ ... He's never going to admit that he might just be a little pleased to see this man. Not in a million years. ]
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[Gintoki's just gonna sit there, looking at him like. . . well, like he's waiting for him to be done. Then he'll click his tongue at Hijikata a bit. ]

Aah, more cranky than normal cranky, I see, I see. Well, it's a good thing I'm working hard.

[He'll thread his fingers together, resting his elbows on his knees and lean closer. ]

You see, a giant gorilla bird told me that you were in the hospital, then he gave me a special mission. I don't normally listen to the Shinsengumi, you know, because who the hell would? But he paid me so I took the job, right?

I have a special delivery for one Hijibaka Oogushi Toshi-kun. On orders from Gorilla Kondo Gorilla Isao Gorilla-san.
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[ Hijikata's fingers ache to wrap around a cigarette. His mouth ache for a cigarette. In fact, his very blood is crying out for a goddamn cigarette. It's almost bad enough for him to start fidgetin, but he forces himself to stay still. Beside him, the heartbeat monitor starts to beep dangerously.

He takes a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. But it's difficult to do when Yorozuya's very presence makes him wish for soothing nicotine.

His eyelid is twitching a little. He takes another breath. Lets it out through gritted teeth. ]

How many 'Gorilla' are you going to put into Kondo-san's name? There's a limit to jokes, you know! And who the hell is Oogushi-kun?!

[ Calm, goddammit. Calm. He hisses out a breath. ]

So what mission did he give you? Will you- [ suddenly, he's tempted to ask if Yorozuya will bring him out of here to the gardens so he can finally smoke, but he swallows the words back instantly- ] do it and get out already?

You're making me feel worse.

[ Which is really a blatant lie. He hopes Yorozuya won't realise that. ]
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[Looking so serious now.]

Oogushi-kun. . . do you have amnesia? Forget your name?

[gonna give a slow, deliberate poke to that forehead with it's straight hair.]

And I'll use as many Gorillas as it takes to help people understand, oi.

[He'll fish under his chair, pulling up the bag.]

I think all this paperwork you're making a big deal about is probably making you feel way worse than Gin-san is, yeah?

But don't worry. This is gonna have you perking up in no time at all.

[He's gonna start clearing away most of the paperwork; sorry if it gets out of order. He'll set the bag - now obvious it's from a grocery store - in front of Hijikata.]

Now close your eyes and try to guess what it is.
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[ Hijikata bats away the invasive poking finger irritably with a hand. His own fingers are still twitching from the need for nicotine, but, strangely enough, the heartbeat monitor stops beeping so irritatingly.

It's probably malfunctioning. (But that doesn't explain how his body seems to sag deeper into the pillows.)

He's frowning by instinct now, reaching out with both hands. ]

oy, don't touch those! They're sensitive documents and who knows where your filthy hands have been?

[ They're not, not really. Just the usual reports (and the odd compositions from Yamazaki because that idiot still doesn't know how to write reports. Hijikata should threaten to send him back to temple school sometime.)

His frown deepens at the sight of the bag. ]

It's probably some kind of sickening sweet you bought. [ He snorts. ] I ain't going to close my eyes.

[ He stubbornly makes sure that they remain open, staring hard at Yorozuya. ]
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[As Hijikata fusses more over the paperwork, Gintoki's just gathering it all up and he'll drop it on the floor in a messy stack.]

Those papers, huh. If they're that important I guess they're good enough for me to take home and use as toilet paper. We're out, you know.

Why would Kondo-san send me to buy sweets and bring it to you? Use your brain a little more vice-chief, unless that's the part that got injured the most. It made me sick just holding it, so I used a bag.

[And with that, Gintoki's grabbing Hijikata's wrist and forcing him to put his hand on the familiar-shaped item in the grocery bag.]

Just remember, Gin-san brought you this happiness, oi.
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[ Hijikata is going to protest more about the paperwork, but Yorozuya is yanking his hand into the grocery bag. The shape inside is incredibly familiar, and Hijikata grabs the mayonnaise bottle and immediately pulls it to his chest, holding it tight.

He glares at Yorozuya suspiciously. ]

You're not going to take this away later, are you?

[ Because Yorozuya is an asshole enough to do such a thing. ]
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What a hilarious joke you just made, Hijikata-kun. Like, you actually thought someone would like mayonnaise so much that they'd try to take yours away from you? What a kidder you are.

But we all know that nobody likes mayonnaises that much, so rest up.

[Have a . . . really condescending pat here. He'll then take the yakisoba sandwich out of the bag and hand it over too.]

Here's a mayonnaise holding container for you. That's what all real, normal food is to you, right? Mayonnaise storage?

[pat. . . pat. . . ]
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What are you talking 'bout? Everyone loves mayonnaise. [ He's scowling again, but he's also peeling off the plastic seal of the mayonnaise bottle, so that's just something purely habitual. ] It's only assholes with weird eating habits like you who don't.

[ He's ignoring the patting on the head to grab the yakisoba bread. Ripping it open, he pours a small mountain of mayonnaise on it. Then, while eating: ]

And yakisoba bread is made to go with mayonnaise, you uncultured idiot.

[ Batting that hand now that he has his bread and his mayo. Now he just needs a cigarette and his life will be perfect again.

... Oh, right. And for Yorozuya to get out too. Don't forget that part. ]

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yeah idk let me know if i should find others

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/makes shit up

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[ Another summer. Another festival. Another day of playing bodyguard to whoever the Shogun tells him to. Hijikata shoves a cigarette between his teeth, taking a deep drag and tipping his head back to blow smoke out. The skies are grey, all the stars hidden by the multitudes of lights and lanterns that are all over the festival grounds.

He supposes that he should be glad that he's not guarding the Shogun himself, because that usually means a much larger fuss. But, to be honest, Hijikata would rather be on Shogun duty than to play bodyguard to Hitotsubashi Nobunobu. At least he can say with all certainty that the Shogun is a good man.

That Hitotsubashi guy gives him the damned creeps. Especially since the security detail tonight is far larger than necessary. Shogun's relative or not, he doesn't need these many Shinsengumi men to be pulled off-duty just to watch his damned arse. But tell that to the man and his retinue.

Right now, he's on his break. Kondo had to - as always - good-naturedly bully him into taking it, but this time Hijikata had given in earlier than usual. Honestly, he's glad to be away from the man.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a familiar straw hat. Hijikata's eyes slant over to the woman, and he sighs explosively. ]

Don't tell me your boss is drunk again. I don't want to have to move to arrest him.

/will roll with it /o/

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[It's not often that Mutsu finds herself on Earth, but the festivals here are quite spectacular. Both in their frequency and the money to be made off of them. She was here with a few other Kaeintai members to use this place as a sort of focus group for some of their culinary endeavors. She had been setting up for most of the day, but when it came to the actually cooking, she left that to the experts.

Instead she was supposed to both keep an eye on Sakamoto ( a nigh impossible task, but she had at least been able to slip a tracking device on his collar before he had disappeared ) and give out free samples.

At the sound of a familiar voice, she turned her head, inclining it politely. She had nothing against the Shinsengumi, particularly since they treated Sakamoto well despite his lengthy arrest record, and had a few interesting members.

You would be performing a public service locking him up and throwing away the key.

[Said the woman who routinely bailed him out.

She held out her tray of what looked like highly suspect and questionable crab puffs in front of her, a silent offer.

Where's the rest of your men?

[It was rare to see him without Kondo or his partner.]
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[ The first time Hijikata had dragged Sakamoto into jail for public indecency, he had honestly been rather taken aback once he heard about the man's name. Like Shiroyasha, Katsura Kotarou and Takasugi Shinsuke, 'Sakamoto Tatsuma' is still a name rather famous as one of the brightest stars during the Joui War. To be quite honest, Hijikata had expected a sharp-eyed man wielding his sword.

Not an idiot drunk off his ass and caught with his literal pants down outside a caberet club.

His suspicions about Sakamoto being the same Sakamoto Tatsuma as the famed Dragon of Katsurahama vanished the very moment he met Mutsu. Look, Hijikata doesn't claim to be an expert in aliens, but he can tell by one look at her that she's no human, Tosa accent or not. No, Mutsu - if that's her real name - is one of the Yato tribe. And so he tossed his theory to the side and treated Sakamoto as any other drunken idiot who managed to get himself arrested. And he had done so in every other instance when Sakamoto was arrested, even when Katsura started going around with that old man in a white bird suit weird Amanto pet of his.

He snorts at her words. ]

Should I be arresting you for bailin' him out all the time, then?

[ Staring at the crab puffs in her hands, he wonders if they're going to jump out and eat him. He looks at her for a moment, narrowing his eyes. ]

You made those?

[ Pause. ]

They're around. I'm on break.

[personal profile] ballsdestruction 2014-07-24 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
[The question makes Mutsu snort, a soft sound, and her expression unimpressed.]

Don't make me think less of the Shinsengumi.

[Namely that if he was going to harass an already harassed, innocent citizen, she wouldn't appreciate it. Even if the words were idle.

At his question, she shook her head, not offended despite the implication.

We're looking into making breaking into the culinary industry. Would you like to participate in our focus group?

[The way she's holding them out though doesn't make it seem very voluntary. But she does need to be upfront about the ingredients.]

Or is the famed demon vice commander afraid of space crab puffs?

[She does note that the rest of the squad is around. Perhaps when she's done here she'll find them and see if they would want to try too.]
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[ ...Breaking into the culinary industry, was it? Hijikata eyes the cream puffs dubiously. Mutsu's words aren't reassuring at all; in fact, they are confirming his suspicions.

Still, her words place his pride at stake. Not just his pride, but the pride of the Shinsengumi as well.

Not that he's going to let her know that. He snorts. ]

Like hell am I going to be taken in by those words.

[ And he's reaching out, grabbing one 'space crab puff', and popping it into his mouth. He chews.

His judgment: ]

Needs more mayonnaise.

[personal profile] ballsdestruction 2014-07-25 02:37 am (UTC)(link)
It seems like you were taken in by them rather quickly.

[Well he didn't break out into horrible boils, so that's a start. She carefully shuffles the tray to one hand, presenting Hijikata with an evaluation sheet that is broken into three categories which the space crab puff could be judged: taste, presentation, likability.]

How much mayonnaise?

[No Mutsu stop save yourself.]
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[ Shifting his cigarette to his other hand, Hijikata takes the sheet of paper, scanning through it.

Alright, he likes this woman. She has a sense for efficiency. It's a pretty well-made list, though... ]

If you plan to give this to my men, they're not going to give you any useful answers.

[ At her question, he brightens. Sticking his cigarette into his mouth, he opens his hands, gesturing the idea of a small mountain. ]

This much.

[personal profile] ballsdestruction 2014-07-27 04:12 am (UTC)(link)
[She's going to offer him a pen because she wants that sheet filled out. At the mention of the rest of his men, she shrugged her shoulders lightly, gaze completely steady.]

I'm sure I can get satisfactory answers from them.

[Who does he take her for? The Prince of Tennis (Yamazaki, Mutsu, his name Yamazaki) was pretty useful at times since he was so used to being overlooked. The recruitable one might be helpful as well. She might even be kind and count Kondo as being human enough to be part of their sample.

At the gesture, Mutsu nods thoughtfully, taking out a small device to note his suggestion down.

Wouldn't that be too much? You wouldn't be able to taste anything with all that mayonaise.
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[ Hijikata takes the pen, looking between it and the piece of paper. Then he glances around him. He supposes the brick wall can work, but... ]

Oy, you've got a clipboard or something?

[ Even though Amanto technology has given them things easier to write with then brushes, Hijikata is still traditional in some ways. It's difficult to notice when he has his very much Amanto-like uniform on, but Hijikata is used to writing with a brush, on a desk, and he wants for some kind of flat surface before he can even start using a pen.

He blinks at the question, looking at her, confused, for a moment. Then he shrugs. ]

That's how much mayonnaise I usually eat. It makes any kind of food much better.

[personal profile] ballsdestruction 2014-07-27 08:39 pm (UTC)(link)
[As soon as the question is asked, she is handing over the other tray she had been carrying earlier, samples already gone and evaluations tucked safely on her person. It's relatively clean, and the back portion of it would probably be better suited than a brick wall at any rate.]

I appreciate your cooperation.

[The words are perfunctory, but she really does appreciate the time any of these people are taking.

Still, the amount of mayonnaise does leave much to be desired. She tries not to sound too judgmental when she asks:

Does the rest of the Shinsengumi follow the same diet?

[Is this what he had meant about not getting good answers from them? She might not know everything there was to know about the human race, but that mayonnaise consumption seemed abnormal.]
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[ Hijikata takes the tray, looking at it before flipping it around. He rests the side that used to hold crab puffs on his arm, placing the evaluation sheet on the back and starting to scribble. At the same time, he's still smoking, cigarette held between his lips.

Who said that men aren't good at multi-tasking?

His gaze flickers up to her at the question, and he snorts. ]

Eh, no. They're not nearly as enlightened.

[ He finishes up the form, handing it and the tray back to her. ]

Anyway, when do traders start going into manufacturing?

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