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[ tfln. ]

the dealio.
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B - AU!Mari

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I'll take both, thank you, or my umbrella and I will be having a word with you, Captain.
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Oooo, kinky.

[Oh come on, you knew that one was coming. Imagine him winking. Then, a moment later:]

So what's your choice?
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As I said, I'll have both.

[She knew that was coming, Jack. That doesn't make it any less embarrassing, and she's pretty sure he can see her blush through the texts]

And just why, if I may ask, are you doing this? Is this some ridiculous initiation rite?
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[Of course he can. That's half the fun. He might also be able to see it on the CCTV, if he looks closely.]

That's not one of the options, sorry. It's one or the other.

Nope, no initiation. I just happen to think you look good without pants. ;D
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[Oh, blast. She's forgotten about the CCTV, she's so angry.]

That is not an acceptable option, Captain.

Of course I do. That does not mean I enjoy being without them. And just how did you manage to get them, anyway?
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Sure it is.

They were hanging from Myfanwy's nest, actually. Did you have a fun night?
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It is most certainly not.

How did they even get there? I don't remember last night very well.