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( insomnia )

the i n s o m n i a meme

It happens to everyone - sometimes, you have nights where you just can't fall asleep, no matter what you do. It could be for a number of reasons, or no reason at all. And this is what's happened now: you've been laying in bed for what feels like hours, just tossing and turning, and nothing seems to help. So what's left to do? Get out of bed and go wake someone else up, of course. If you're not getting any sleep, then why should they?

i n s t r u c t i o n s

• Post with your character (note the name and fandom in the subject).
• Other people reply to you by generating a number from 1 to 10.
• Have fun!

o p t i o n s

01 • FEAR. Maybe you're hearing strange, indeterminable noises; maybe there's a severe storm happening outside; maybe you watched a scary movie before bed? Whatever the reason, you're terrified and it's keeping you awake. You just want to wake someone else up so they can protect you from the monster in your closet.
02 • HUNGER. Your stomach is growling and it just won't stop. Or perhaps your throat is so dry you could cough up a tumbleweed? Well, you've gone to the kitchen to remedy this and hey, that was a pan that just dropped on the floor. It was loud enough to wake the dead! Oops.
03 • PAIN. Your body is completely worn out, be it from exercise, battle, sickness, or what have you. Either way you're in enough pain to keep you from sleeping, so maybe someone else has a home remedy or something, or can at least help you take your mind off of it.
04 • SOLITUDE. For some reason, your bed just feels so empty at the moment. You're feeling terribly lonely and really just want someone to keep you company for a while. Maybe it'd be easier to fall asleep if you're with them...
05 • DISCOMFORT. Your room is an oven. Either that or a freezer. Or maybe this bed is just really uncomfortable? Who knows why you can't get to sleep, it feels like it could be anything. Why even bother trying? Maybe someone else can preoccupy you until you feel tired enough to ignore your discomfort.
06 • PENSIVE. Something's on your mind, and no matter how hard you try to focus elsewhere, it's just not going to work. Your body may be tired, but your mind is incredibly busy and it's virtually impossible to get to sleep. Surely, talking it out with someone else will help?
07 • SADNESS. Something terrible has happened that day, perhaps; or you could just be severely depressed. Either way you're trying your hardest not to cry yourself to sleep, and it's not working at all. Better find a way to get it out of your system somehow; you need a shoulder to cry on.
08 • ANGER. You are just... fuming. Who knows why - that annoying dog is barking again, or maybe the people next door are getting busy and keeping you awake. Whatever the reason for your ire is, you'd better put an end to it so you can get some damn rest already! Go wake up a friend so you can complain to them.
09 • RESTLESS. You're far too energetic to sleep right now. Maybe you're just trying to do so out of necessity - you have to be up early tomorrow! But you just don't think you'll be able to fall asleep for a while now, so why waste the time trying to sleep when you could be doing something else? Namely bothering someone else - you're totally jealous because they're getting more sleep than you.
10 • WILDCARD. Choose one of the options above, or make up your own scenario.

randallboggs: (Bricks)

01 Sounds good to me! :D

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 12:42 pm (UTC)(link)
[Randall was ready for a good night of scaring. Tonight was the night he'd reach the top spot, he could feel it - so when he went through the first door he was feeling good and scary. He glanced around quickly and partially blended into the nearest wall.]
mapsincolor: (Stitch Excited)

Re: 01 Sounds good to me! :D

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 12:51 pm (UTC)(link)
[For the last few nights, Lilo had been complaining about noises from the closet. She insists it's not the werewolf or the boogeyman, their noises are different! Nani's taken her camping tonight, hoping a change of scenery will help.

Stitch is on watch. Just in case. With a stack of comic books. He... might have dozed off. Snuggled up like that, he really doesn't look that much different then Lilo in the dark...]
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randallboggs: (Shadows)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 01:02 pm (UTC)(link)
[Slinking around, Randall spots a sleeping form and moves closer. He's quiet in his movements but to unsettle the target he purposefully bumps his tail against a passing toy, making it fall and make a small sound, possibly enough to wake somebody up if they're a light sleeper.]
mapsincolor: (Stitch Grrr)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 01:07 pm (UTC)(link)
[Stitch's ear twitches, first at the faint scuttle of movement then then the clunk. An eye slits open.]


[Nothing to see. But there's a strange smell, faint and dusty, almost like scales. It doesn't belong.

Stitch settles back down, lying very, very still.]
randallboggs: (Shadows)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 01:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[There's a skittering sound, followed by a whoosh as if a sudden wind has sprung up but then passed by. There may be heard a faintly sinister chuckle.]
mapsincolor: (Stitch Grrr)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 01:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[In answer, there may be a quiet snigger from the bed.

But if you're expecting a sleeping kid and NOT an alien, it probably just sounds like a snore.]
randallboggs: (Scary)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 01:25 pm (UTC)(link)
[Good, the kid was awake - was Randall's first thought as he heard the sound but then, wait, was that a snore? Kid must be a heavy sleeper. He made more of an effort then, crawling over the floor, closer and closer to the sleeper and uttering a low but very audible growl. That better wake the kid up enough to make the big scare.]
mapsincolor: (Stitch Grrr)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 01:37 pm (UTC)(link)
[Stitch holds back his own snarl and calculates. The intruder's somewhere between 5-7 feet long, lots of feet, and that smell is getting stronger. It's staying low, but obviously wants its presence known from the growl. The vocal level is hovering in a range that's definitely not from Earth. Some kind of predator?

Oh, this is going to be fun.

Stitch shifts, pretends to be waking up.]
randallboggs: (Creeping)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 01:48 pm (UTC)(link)
[While he certainly looks predatory, Randall's intent is only to scare, not to eat. However, it certainly appears as if he's moving in for the kill...]

[He rises up, partially concealed by darkness and partly his camouflage and emits a louder growl. Once what he thinks is the child looks in his direction - the direction of the sound - he intends to reveal himself, looking as frightening as possible.]
mapsincolor: (Stitch Grrr)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 01:57 pm (UTC)(link)
[The bed is in shadow, and the lump still looks like a child even up close. Stitch wiggles some more, using the motion to disguise the extra limbs and spines that are now popping out. He keeps his ears pressed down as he turns his head toward the growl.

Then he grins, flashing teeth. ALL OF THEM.]
randallboggs: (What?)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 02:01 pm (UTC)(link)
[That startles the monster, his growl ceasing instantly and turning completely visible again. Then he frowns.]

Hey. You're not a kid.
mapsincolor: (Stitch Excited)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 02:04 pm (UTC)(link)
[Hey neat, looks like this guy can talk! And can turn invisible! Too bad he isn't anymore. Have a pillow to the face!]

randallboggs: (What?)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 02:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Whoa, hey!

[And the pillow hits him. Randall abruptly looks the same colour as the fabric that hit him. The unexpected tends to mess with his chameleon abilities, sometimes to his own detriment.]
mapsincolor: (Stitch Hang 10)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[Stitch cackles as the pattern of polka dots spreads from the pillow to the intruder's skin. He grabs more ammunition from the bed, hurling more pillows and stuffed toys.]
randallboggs: (Hearts)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 02:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey! Stop! Stop that!

[He goes multiple colours as different things hit him. Okay. This wasn't going well. Time to leave. He especially doesn't want to be caught with anything from this world sticking to him. He wasn't about to go through a decontamination. Although maybe he'd stepped through some monster child's door instead. That thing certainly looks like some sort of baby monster. But still, he has to get out of here.]

[Now where was the door...]
mapsincolor: (Stitch Excited)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 02:37 pm (UTC)(link)

[This thing isn't so scary, but it's been keeping Lilo awake! Time for answers! Stitch jumps on its head and lands on the wall above the closet.]

Who you anyway? Not from Earth!
randallboggs: (Huh?)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 02:48 pm (UTC)(link)
[Randall whirls around, getting disoriented. He shakes off the weird colours to look his normal shade of purple again.]

Are you telling me this is Earth?
mapsincolor: (Stitch Grrr)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 02:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Ish! Hawaii!

[Duh! What, is this guy just lost? Then how was he in here the last couple of nights? He definitely wasn't in the closet this whole time. Stitch would have smelled him.]

How you in Lilo's room? WHY you in Lilo's room?
randallboggs: (Grimace)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 02:56 pm (UTC)(link)

[He tries to think of the paperwork. Was that the kid's name? He hadn't looked. It wasn't necessary to know names.]

Where is she?
mapsincolor: (Stitch Grrr)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 03:04 pm (UTC)(link)
[Stitch's growl shakes a few toys off a nearby shelf. He hunkers down, all spines sticking straight up. So this guy's looking for Lilo?!]

Nunnof your beeswax, garjunka!

[The tone should make it pretty clear that last word wasn't a compliment!]
randallboggs: (Grrr)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-12 03:10 pm (UTC)(link)
[Randall narrows his eyes, not intimidated and clearly getting annoyed.]

Look. I don't know how you got in here first but I'm the one supposed to scare her tonight.

[He's assuming Stitch is another monster from some other scare company. There must be some mix up somewhere, but they're all on the same side, right...?]
mapsincolor: (Stitch Grrr)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-12 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Came through door!

[Which is not actually going to clear things up.

Stitch doesn't know what to make of this guy. His speech is translating, but he doesn't seem to be an Experiment, or any other species. He kind of looks like a lizard - or maybe a chameleon, is that the one that changes colors?

Whatever or whoever he is, he's NOT threatening Stitch's family!!]

NOT scaring Lilo! Bad lizard, get lost!
randallboggs: (Grumble)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-13 05:41 am (UTC)(link)
[Being a monster, Randall is quite the mix up of lizard, gecko, chameleon, snake and possibly even spider since he has eight legs. Monsters can come in all shapes, sizes and colours in his world so Stitch doesn't look all that unusual to him.]

Of course you came through the door but this is my gig, you got that? Now get out of my way and tell me where the kid is.
mapsincolor: (Stitch Hang 10)

[personal profile] mapsincolor 2014-07-13 01:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[Gig? Like music? Stitch doesn't see any instruments. This keeps making less and less sense. He pretends to think.]


[Then he sticks out his tongue.]


[And now there's books flying from the shelf! Unfortunately for Randall, Lilo just got into Harry Potter! ]
randallboggs: (Oh no)

[personal profile] randallboggs 2014-07-13 01:37 pm (UTC)(link)
[Order of The Phoenix hits him before he can duck and, owww, that hurt. Randall snarls, grabs the big book and hurls it back at Stitch.]

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