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The IC Anon Questions Meme!

The IC Anon Questions Meme!

How this works.

Post with your Character! Name and series go in the header.

Go find another character! Go anon and ask them questions. They can be as ridiculous, serious or random as you want.

Go answer the ones people have left for you!
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Maria Hill | MCU/Agents of SHIELD

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When was the last time you got laid? ...if ever.

And preference?
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[That question brings three names to mind: Stark, Barton, and Deadpool. She's not sure who likes to irritate her more.]

My love life, or lack thereof, is none of your business.

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Have you never heard the saying "Happy wife, happy life"? ...Just sayin', a roll in the hay goes a long way, Commander.

You could be hot if your face wasn't constantly scrunched up in an annoyed look. Some lucky guy/girl out there could make all the difference in the world.
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Ever thought that maybe I don't want a "roll in the hay"? Sex is all well and good, probably enjoyable, even. But I don't want to be the center of scuttlebutt when it comes to who I've been with and whether or not they're getting any kind of special treatment. I kinda run things around here, in case you haven't noticed. I can't just go around banging every guy I think is cute or hot. I've got more important shit to deal with than getting laid.