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The self-indulgent hurt/comfort shipping "kink" masterpost meme

the self-indulgent hurt/comfort shipping kink* masterpost meme
* "kink" here being used very loosely and not necessarily involving sex

In order to avoid long extrapolation, I'll say one thing: I've noticed that people like what I call "h/c shipping kink." Kink may not be the right word - sex need not be involved - but essentially, crappy things happen to our characters in their crapsack worlds in canon all the time. Sometimes, we like to see them happy. Or relatively happier. And less evil and more adjusted, for those of us who play those types. It's all very self-indulgent.

And, as you can tell from my username, I'm going to be compiling memes that have, for some reason, got micromanaged into ridiculous niches when they should all be under one umbrella. This first project is to wrangle up all the "caretaking" themed shipping memes. Basically, one character cares for the other, be it physically, emotionally, or otherwise. There is also shipping.

The end goal is to weed down redundant memes and, maybe, make this an all-purpose post!

  • You know the protocol.
  • Comment with your characters and preferences. Also, be sure to include whether your character would be the caretaker, the cared for, or if you can play either. BLANK COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED. I'm serious. I'm deleting blank comments.
  • Reply to others.

  1. Physically Hurt: The traditional h/c scenario. Your partner is hurt, and you break out the bandages to patch them up and give them a shoulder to lean on. May also come with the Florence Nightingale effect, where the "patient" falls in love with the "nurse" thanks to their care.
  2. Emotionally Hurt: You can't put bandages on wounded egos and souls, but you can try your best.
  3. Illness: You're with someone who's sick - maybe even with a long-term, chronic, or mortal illness.
  4. Trauma: Like emotional hurt, this is not an easy cure, and it's even deeper. There will also be blowback on the one trying to care for their traumatized loved one.
  5. Mortality: You're struggling with the fact that one partner may die sooner than the other because of lifestyle or species reasons.
  6. The One Left Behind: One side of the ship is the person left at home to wait and worry.
  7. Triumphant Return: They're finally back and in one piece! Celebrate in the way you two deem best.
  8. Changed by Your Love: You're finding yourself a better person now that you're with them.
  9. Pulled from Depression: You saw no reason to live before you met them.
  10. Physical Protector/Bodyguard: It started out as protection. It became more.
  11. Pure/Impure: You two have varying alignments and varying experiences. Does this affect your relationship?
  12. Remember: Or actually, you can't. You've lost everything about your identity, including your past memories. Needless to say, you may cling to the one person who's helping you. You also may not want to remember your old life.
  13. In a Bad Situation: You're in a dangerous scenario - being hunted, prisoners, bruised and beaten and brought to a strange place - and all you have to rely on is each other. You've been thrown into the fire together and you have to survive.
  14. Inexperienced: Whether it be in romance, sex, or the world in general, one part of the pairing is teaching the other part the ropes. This can encompass so-called "innocence kinks" or age differences.
  15. I Thought I Lost You: Their injuries were so substantial that you thought they were done for. Now, you have to deal with your own emotional
  16. Gentle, Loving Smut: AKA sexual healing and all gentle smut memes or memes that focus on emotional attachment.
  17. Bad Sexual Experience: Similar to the above option, but including sexual baggage that one partner must prove does not always apply.
  18. Trust Issues: One of you has a hard time trusting the other. There may be jealousy involved here.
  19. Unexpected Caretaker: You'd think the sweet one would take care of the dour one, but it's the opposite way around. This is the "surly badasses take care of the one they love" option.
  20. Unwillingly Cared For: You don't need to be coddled. They should leave you alone!
  21. Hurt by You: You have to pick up the pieces of what you've done, thanks to an argument or your temper.
  22. Draining: Caring for them is damaging you and your relationship with them.
  23. Mutually Beneficial: There's not one set "caretaker." You both look out for each other.
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Sherlock Holmes | Sherlock | OTA

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[ Would prefer to play the comforter for anything involving physical injury; can play either for other scenarios. No Johnlock, please, but otherwise OTA for shipping. ]
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Re: Sherlock Holmes | Sherlock | OTA

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[ooc: Any preference of prompt/scenario with a Molly?]
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Re: Sherlock Holmes | Sherlock | OTA

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[ Anything! :) I could go for 1, 3, 10 (somehow?), 14 ... But I'm totally open! He's an ungrateful (and pretty boring) dick when being cared for, so I think it might be more interesting to flip it around the other way, if you're amenable. ]
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We'll go with traditional :)

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When the distraught man had come into the morgue demanding to see his dead wife, two things were clear to Molly, 1. He was absolutely pissed, and 2. He was probably the person responsible for his wife being on a slab. And of course, Molly was alone that night.

When she'd denied him access, he went from demanding to irate to out of control. As she inched her way over to the hospital's security call button he grabbed her wrist hard and threw her to the ground before pouncing on top of her. Molly was able to yell loud enough to alert a security guard in the hall, but not before the man got in a couple good swings to her head. After that things were a blur of security pulling him off of her and then the police swarming the lab, hauling the man away.

Molly was fine, but shaken up, holding an ice pack to her head as the police took her statement.
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fab! sorry for the delay!

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It was pretty good odds that Sherlock would happen by the morgue on any given night. Blue lights outside were an added draw; how could he resist that combination? Mayhem mere steps from his favorite playground: novelty and convenience perfectly packaged. He practically sashayed past the police line. Had anyone tried to stop him, he'd have been in top form. Possibly he ought to have noticed that no one even made the effort.

The mess was the first thing he did notice - smaller objects scattered to the corners, one of the wheeled tables askew, all the slightly off-kilter angles that came with violence. Molly was also out of place, not hovering anxiously on the sidelines, but planted anxiously quite in the center, first aid and all. Formation (very early) of bruises, position of the ice pack, the still-bank space on the floor otherwise littered with the lab's clutter painted a clear enough picture in his mind of the man's height, his bulk, his dominant hand - and, given all that, his likely intoxication. If someone in that weight class came at Molly Hooper and she came out conscious, he wasn't swinging even halfway straight.

Interesting. But he was getting ahead of himself.

Striding up to where Molly was seated and pushing his way past the interviewing officer (not Lestrade, so really, who cares), he leaned in without prelude, hands clasped behind his back, to sniff at the front of her whitecoat.

"Rum," he said, pursing his lips together with a concessionary shrug. "I'd have thought vodka. Goes to show - the danger of stereotypes." He fixed his eyes on hers - next step. "Lucky for you, either way. He must have been half blind with it. Probably not concussed," he added, drawing the word out for a few extra syllables, "but you're only a few floors down from neurology." He smiled. "Convenient."
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No problem! :)

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Molly looked up as suddenly the officer was interrupted and she came face to Belstaff with the last person in the world she wanted to see when she was in such an awful state. She craned her neck up further to see his face. Not that she had to because suddenly he was leaning over her and...sniffing. Perfect.

"I'm not particularly in the mood to be on the receiving end of your deductions tonight, Sherlock," she said, sounding weary and trying to keep the tremors out of her voice. She was still shaking a bit from the attack, the adrenaline rush starting to wear off now. "And I'm not going to neurology."
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"Neither would I. in your position. Waste of time. But some people do fret."

It wasn't the protestations that stopped him putting on his little show - it rarely was - but the irritated and vaguely familiar-looking constable who butted in and pointed out they'd already caught the bastard. Which he'd known, of course, already; but having it pointed out did make it difficult to continue in his usual vein without looking completely ridiculous. Sherlock sniffed dismissively at him, straightened, and turned his attention back to Molly from the more comfortable distance his height provided. He could look for bruises rising just as well from here.

And of course it was clear she was afraid, or something chemically equivalent. You could time it like clockwork in most people after that kind of shock. It would get worse before it would get better. And while something so common as that could hardly be interesting, it was also one of the few things he knew he could provide a decent solution to. He was a body - a largeish one who could throw a punch, even. Solidly average or above, when it came to the potential for warding off random attacks in dark alleys.

He can offer that much. "You ought to go home, though, and rest. If these gentlemen think they can manage on the mountain of evidence they already have to hand," he says, sweeping his arm out at the mess of a room and the multitudes that it contains, "I'll take you."
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She'd told the security guards and the police many times that she was fine. And she opens her mouth to say the same to Sherlock, but closes it before expressing the sentiment. There was no use in trying to dupe him. She knows he's already read her, read the signs. She's traumatized, in shock, and going home to rest is exactly what she needs.

"I...yes...I would like to go home now," she says, looking at the constable for permission. He's looking quite annoyed at the appearance and interruption of Sherlock, but he nods. She winces as she removes the ice pack from her head, a good sized goose egg already present, never mind the bruise quickly forming under one eye. She must be a sight. "I need my bag, from my office."

She starts to get up from the chair. Now that the idea of home has been brought up, she is eager to get there and away from here.
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Sherlock takes the ice pack - fifteen minutes or so per hour is plenty, and he makes a note to start counting down - and turns to the constable, eyebrows raised in expectation. "Well? Go make yourself useful." The man huffs off, having made the very wise decision that this berk isn't worth it, and Sherlock reaches for Molly's elbow, more to gauge her balance than to lend support. He expects the only serious trauma to speak of is emotional, but one does well to be sure.

When the other man returns with her bag, Sherlock takes it, hoists it over his shoulder, and gives him a tight little smile that stops just short of nasty but gets the general gist across. "Good luck. - Come on, then."

And with that, he starts for the door - much more slowly than his usual gait, to be sure, and even waiting for once to be sure she follows - but still with her bag very much in hand, and without really considering she might like to call anyone. As far as he's concerned, the next step is cab, and there isn't much more to it.
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She gives the appearance of being steady on her feet as she stands, even if her limbs feel a bit like jelly at the moment. She takes in a breath and reminds herself that she's fine before turning and giving a polite smile to the constable who brought her bag.

"Thank you," she says before she follows behind Sherlock, arms wrapped around herself. Her only thought is getting home, too. She'll call people when she gets there, since she's sure the news will have picked up the story by now and she doesn't want anyone to worry. For now, she's just fine with Sherlock making the decisions for her.
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Once he's outside and past the police line (boring case anyway, he tells himself, but there's no doubt he'll be looking it up later) he raises his arm to hail a cab. There's nothing much to ask that he hasn't picked up on his own from having a look at the room, and he's been reminded recently enough that she's not in the mood for questioning that he keeps his few lingering curiosities to himself.

The manners can't last forever, though - getting the car door for her and letting her slide in first is apparently about his limit. He follows, drops her bag between them, and leans in almost at once to examine the lump on her head. "Let me see." Not that it much matter what it looks like; he knows the weapon (bare hands) and the level of severity (not so very) and the treatment (largely the same as any other treatment) but all the same he rests his hand on her shoulder and peers over. The hospital would naturally have been a better place for this than in the dim of a taxi, but sniping at police officers is always so distracting. "Must have been a desperate man," he mutters, shifting the ice pack to the pocket of his coat. "Even drunk. Awful place to get on with an attack. Pointless."
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She settles into the cab and sighs slightly. She can see the cab driver peering at her through the rear view mirror and then looking at the flash of the police lights. He politely doesn't say anything though.

Unlike Sherlock. Although she doesn't mind him fussing over her a bit and the hand on her shoulder is a comfort, even if he doesn't mean it to be.

"He killed her," she said quietly. Ignoring the whole innocent until proven guilty thing, the woman she'd examined tonight had died from injuries due to severe blunt force trauma. At first glance she might have even said a car accident. But the size and shape of the bruises and lacerations told another story.
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Sherlock paused, his eyes darting from the lump on Molly's head to the reflection of her face in the window. That was interesting, and possibly even something the police didn't have their little hands on yet - although given they had the man in custody, perhaps it wouldn't be too long. "One of your cadavers." He kept his voice low; he'd had, to say the least, bad prior experience with cab drivers. "Returning to the scene isn't terribly uncommon, of course. Returning to the victim, particularly when she's already in evidence ... not so much."

He sat back again, folding his hands between his knees. "He was intoxicated, of course. It might only be remorse, or the urge to gloat - known to be pumped up a bit by a few drinks, isn't it - or something more practical. Something he'd forgotten. Hard to say, without ..."

Without going back and looking; without interviewing him; without grilling Molly a little further about what he might have said. All of which was out of bounds. He let the thought trail off, and made a sharp little wave in the general direction of the hospital they'd just left behind. "Well. He's not going anywhere, anyhow. Needn't rush to worry about him."
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With that information, she half expects Sherlock to announce to the driver that they need to go back to St. Bart's immediately. But she's surprised and relieved that he decides to stay the course and see to the case later.

"I think he wanted to take her," she says, also keeping her voice low and sounding horrified but also somewhat fascinated. One of the things she and Sherlock have in common is their interest in the dead and their lives. She could tell from her autopsy that this woman had led an unfortunate life at the hands of a perpetual abuser and it's what eventually ended her life. She had seen it before, but it was rare for her to come face to face with said abuser.
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"Possible. Unusual." He tilts his head to one side, pressing his mouth into a line. It's nothing he's encountered before, at least not in this context – grave-robbing and trophies are fairly mundane, but actually targeting a corpse is pretty gruesome territory. Fascinating. He makes a point to go play nice with whoever that constable's superior happens to be. "And thoroughly delusional, but perhaps the alcohol accounts for that much. I'll be interested to see how he explains himself, once he sleeps it off." It won't be the first time he's had to grovel his way into (or out of) the drunk tank. Oh, well.

Glancing once again in her direction – more quick and furtive this time, as he's slowly coming to terms with the fact that his observations will have to wait – he makes note of the color slowly coming to the surface around her eye. "Considering how he decided to go at you – I doubt the answer will be much of a surprise." Plenty of different varieties of violent men; the ones who take aim at women are usually all to be found in the same aisle.
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Molly doesn't quite care the reason right now. He probably thought that if he took the body there wouldn't be any evidence against him. Or possibly it was his drunken delusional way of still controlling her even after her death. Or maybe he just missed having a woman to beat on.

It's all terribly gruesome and upsetting, no matter what the reason.

Her head comes to rest against the window of the cab until they hit a bump that reverberates against her skull. She winces and rights her head again with a sigh. It had been a long day even before this had happened.

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Sherlock tsks and reaches over with all of his usual consideration for the personal space of others to rest his hands on her shoulders, just beside her neck, and straighten her up a bit. "Careful," he says, holding her there for a moment, upright and away from the window. "Or you will be off to neurology. Are you acquainted with Dr. Hopkins? The idiot's as old as dirt and has ideas to match. Get into his clutches and you won't be allowed any sleep."

Which is very likely what she needs; not old wives' tales about concussions or head injuries exacerbated by pot holes. "What have you got in your flat? All the proper drugs, I expect. It shouldn't take anything beyond the usual. It doesn't appear he broke the skin."
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She's certainly capable of holding herself up (even if she prefer to be leaning against something at the moment), however, his hands on her again offer a comfort he probably doesn't even realize, so she doesn't say anything.

Only grimaces again at Dr. Hopkins' name. She's had a couple run-ins with him at hospital. He seems to be a perfectly lovely man except that he's about 100 and should have retired 30 years ago.

"Ibuprofen," she says in response to his other question. It was about the strongest thing she let herself take anyway, except the time they had her on percocet after her wisdom teeth extraction. She hated how she felt on it and switched to Nurofen as soon as she could. "And Toby."

She smiles slightly at the thought of her cat. He seems to know when she needs extra purrs and nuzzles.
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[If Magic is off the table, Zayph can just be a very successful and well-studied stage magician... who crossdresses very convincingly sometimes.]
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[ I don't mind magic at all! :) Or cross-dressing, for that matter. I'm open to pretty much anything! ]
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[assumed CR okay?]

Zayph was still in the dress and everything else, but he had washed off the make-up and he had no idea where the wig even was anymore. After the attempt on his life he'd taken the place of one of his own stage assistants. It was still impressive that Sherlock had caught onto that.

And a relief that he no longer had to act like he wasn't in pain. Which was why he was now lying on his side. "A good theft is a lot like a good stage trick, if you think about it."