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You've seen her across the room a hundred times - oh, maybe it's him? - and for some reason you've always been too shy to say it... Or maybe it's a complete stranger and you're feeling kind of brave? Either way, you're compelled to let this person know that you'd hit it. You would so hit that.

Hell, if you don't, feel free to tell that person: no, I would not.

No guarantees can be made!

The Rules:
  • Post with your character. Include name, series, and any preferences in the subject line.
  • Other characters are gonna reply and confess whether or not they'd hit dat.
  • Play out the reactions. Add in a setting! Take it to a room. Whatever you'd like.
  • Tag around.
  • Have fun and be excellent to each other!
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Molly Hooper | BBC Sherlock

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Oh yes, definitely.

Granted, it might take him a while because he would like an underpinning of an actual friendship and some common interests with a romance budding out of it, but then, Aodhagán's never taken the easy route.
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[Molly hides her head in her hands.]

I can't believe I just asked you that.

[She looks up a bit perplexed right after though, once what he's said sinks in.] would?

[She's perhaps had a little too much to drink tonight, but it was a rough day at work so she thinks she deserves to let loose. Apparently the loose part is her mouth.

Molly is not generally interested in jumping into bed with anyone too quickly either. Although alcohol does tend to make the idea more appealing.]
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"Certainly," a smile quirks his cheek. "But you need to be aware of several things. First, I have a ten year old daughter who I am allowed to see, but not bring home with me. Second, because of that failed relationship, I tend cautious, And third, I would like to play for keeps. I might flirt with anything on two legs, but I do not intend to take any of them home with me."

That and he had a strong feeling that he should put the worst of the truth out there, right up front, to give her a chance to back out .
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Molly takes in all of that information, even as she's still processing the fact that he's interested in her at all. None of it sounds like a deal-breaker to her, but she appreciates him being honest and up-front.

"Well, then I suppose you should know that I recently called off my engagement to a very nice man I realized I didn't love, I work way too much, and I have a cat named Toby who I often talked to like he's a person," she says with a slight smirk.
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"Cats are people, or on a level that is better than people and are bent on world domination, if only they weren't stopped by the severe lack of opposable thumbs," teasing.

Leaving someone she could not love or establish a friendship with was a good reason to break an engagement, or not to become so in the first place. Not that he had ever been engaged, but many people shared their experiences during their counseling sessions. He came to the conclusion that he would like to be friends with the person he wanted to spend his life with, so that there was something to fall back to even if at a particular moment they were unable to love each other. Wanted there to be another reason to stay and fix or discuss what was broken or impassible.

And Aodhagán was in the middle of an overhaul and update of his great-grandfather's published works. Between that, his patients, and rowing and running routine, which helped clear his mind, there were few empty hours in his week.

They certainly had obstacles to overcome, but they did not seem insurmountable.
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She laughed.

"Well, I love Toby, but I don't think he'll be the cat to lead the revolution," she said. "He's too busy sleeping or chasing phantom bugs around the flat."

There were always obstacles, but Molly was nothing if not an optimist. And while her own relationships have been mostly a mess so far, she had her parent's marriage as a guide and a reminder that there was someone out there for her and that you could make things work.

"So what's your daughter's name?" she asked, making conversation.
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[ooc: Fluffy's Master Plan For World Domination by The Bobs]

Snickering, yes, that was exactly what cats wanted people to think, but no one considered what they did when their so called owners were not home. Ridiculous thoughts, but they could be entertaining or distracting when needing to find a way in to talk to someone who either liked cats or conspiracies.

"Taylor," grin softening, as he swirled his whiskey. "She is ten. Lives down in Portsmouth."
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[ooc: lol. Amazing. I think the US Congress might benefit from some cat replacements actually.]

"That's a lovely name," she said. "How often do you get to see her?"

It sounded like not very often, which she thought was unfortunate. Molly lost her father to cancer about five years back, but she is so grateful for the time they had together while he was alive.

"Oh, I adore Portsmouth. My family used to go there on holiday in summers."
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"Three days every month, just during the day. Her mother and I are...polite."

Only because he registered on the putative father list was he given a chance to put his name on Taylor's birth certificate. Sarah had tried to hide the pregnancy. Irene had essentially pimped him, used him just for this purpose. But then Aodhagán was her original victim.

"My father was always working, so Irene always organized activities to do here in London." Not speaking of his mother. "What did you like best to do there on the coast?" always looking for a new idea or a new place to take his daughter.
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She nodded.

"That must be hard," she said. She assumed he would want more than a relationship than 3 days a month, but maybe he was okay with it too.

"I remember spending a lot of time on the beach. And at the pier. There's a beautiful aquarium too."

Their summer holidays were pretty typical. A lot of sun and touristy things and ice cream.

"And my dad would drag us to all the historical sites - the lighthouse, an old castle, the museums."
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"True, not the ideal situation." Not one he would have chosen, but that was the agreement. As long as he did not push his luck, everything was fine.

Cheek still holding a smile, "Taylor enjoyed the aquarium. Fish and chips, too, once I reassured her that it was not Nemo or Dory. When she was younger and small enough to ride in those backpack devices, I used to hike with her along the coastal trails. But, as she grows older, it seems that there needs to be a destination instead of an aimless wander just for wandering's sake."

"So, your family. Brothers? Sisters? Toby have any kittens?"

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She laughed.

"It is a bit odd that we spend the afternoon at the aquarium and then go for fish and chips afterward," she noted. "Sounds like you two have a nice time together though."

Molly didn't have kids (yet) but she thought it wasn't necessarily the amount of time spent with a child that mattered the most, but the quality of time spent. Many parents are around all the time but sit their kids in front of the TV.

"I have a brother George who lives in Spain," she said. "And poor Toby got the old snip snip before he was able to make babies of his own."
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"Well," considering the question seriously and sharing his observations. "The fish and chip shops are well situated in relation to the aquarium, both being close to on the docks." The sharks tank was very popular with Taylor as well as the seal station.

"Spain? On the coast or in the interior?" Hopefully not in the mountainous Basque region with their ongoing civil war. As for Toby...well, shuddering, poor cat.
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"Yes, I suppose it makes sense like that," she said with a shrug. "Mm, now I want fish and chips."

She smiled.

"The coast. Barcelona. I keep meaning to get there to visit, but...well, work."
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"Barts provides for vacations, but something tells me that you are concerned that the place would fall apart without your presence. There is also the issue of worrying about what you would do on said vacation in a strange location," eyebrow rising. "Which indicates that your brother is a busy person himself and you would not like to pester to be entertained. You could solve that problem by bringing someone, but that then has its own issues, would they be welcome, would your brother get the wrong idea," his cheek quirked. "Sorry, sometimes it is difficult taking off my counselor hat."
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She huffed out a laugh.

"It's okay, I'm rather used to be deduced on a regular basis," she said with a slight smirk. "And you're right on most counts. I should get there."

Barts owed her quite a few holidays, with all the overtime she puts in. And it wasn't as if she couldn't afford it.

"I wouldn't worry too much about what to do though. I'm fine with traveling by myself if I must. It's more fun with company though."
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Did not make it right to announce findings. It was intruding. Usually, he merely reflected, perhaps enlightening a little, always making it sound as if the client had said whatever the revealed information was.

"True. I often hike the Coastal Trails, and finding someone else going my way is much more enjoyable than traveling alone. Even if it is just sharing a view for a few minutes."
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She nodded.

"I used to hike more, when I wasn't living in the city," she said. "It's one of those things you don't think much about or miss until someone brings it up."
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As he had revealed much about her, Aodhagán gave her something about him in return, leveling the playing field as it were, "Exercise helps to clear my mind. With the book in progress, I have not been able to get away in some time, but as soon as the hubbub is over, I intend to become a perfect hermit and eschew crowds larger than one or two people. Hie myself away from phones and interviews that my publisher threatens me with." smiling, his voice full of humor. "The Coastal Trails will call out or perhaps the wineries in that would be a nice vacation."
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"That does sound quite nice," she said. "I love it in London, but it is so nice to get out into the country. I've never been to French wine country though. I'm sure it must be beautiful, never mind all the wine and French cheese and bread."

She was really wondering now why she didn't take more vacations.
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"And Provence has the lavender fields, combine that with wine and small villages and bicycling along the rivers. Perhaps take a jaunt over to Belgium or let all of the scenery all go by on a relaxing trip on the Orient Express. A trip to Monaco perhaps to lie on beautiful beaches and enjoy equally luxurious hotels."

Yes, the sky was the limit when imagination was used to fuel a vacation. That said, he was more down to earth in his actual trips out of town. Although his publisher threatened him with American morning television shows after his book went to press and into electronic form. Seriously, he thought Joanne must hate him.
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"You paint a really nice picture," she said with a bit of a longing sigh and a smile. "And I'm thinking I don't take nearly enough holidays."