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The Total Apocalypse Meme

Okay, so, it's the middle of the Apocalypse. You're reduced to safe houses, raiding the remnants of cities for supplies to make it through the week, and your twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington is your new comfort blanket. Raids by reanimated decaying bodies, aliens, demons or is it lolcats gone evil? It's just another day in your life, and the unfortunate soul that happens to be your threadmate.

An apocalypse meme for all your apocalyptic scenario needs.

How to Play

✎ Comment in the subject line with:
→ the muse's name and canon

→ pairing preferences (if applicable, Het/Slash/OTA, etc.)

✎ Choose your scenario.

✎ For your usage, a number generator!

✎ Have fun!

    PART A: Setting


  1. Impending Doom ▲ Patient Zero is loose, something was sighted off the Atlantic coast, a prophecy from on high - it's the beginning of the end, and only a few people know. There's not much time left, so prepare for the worst.

  2. Falling Apart Around Us ▲ You were there when it began, and now you're in the thick of it. The natural, the supernatural, or even your fellow man are against you now, and the only thought on your mind should be survival.

  3. From The Ashes ▲ Whether you remember peaceful days or not, it's over now, and this is your life for good. Whatever happened has changed your world forever, and whether you choose to adapt or rebuild, nothing will ever quite be the same as it was.


  4. Impending Doom ▲ Storm's coming, water's rising, earth's shaking. Whether it's the whole world that's in danger or only a piece of it, you're in the line of fire and this one's gonna be a doozy.

  5. War ▲ World powers collided, or maybe everyone thought there was something worth fighting for. Then the swords flashed, or the bombs fell, or the dragon knights swarmed the villages, and now everyone's asking - was it worth all this?

  6. Disease ▲ Infection's in the air (or the water, or the bugs, or the mana.) When the doctors drop dead, who's left to fight the plague? Can't trust anyone to come near you, not even your friends, and especially the mysteriously immune.

  7. Monsters ▲ Zombies, demons, kaiju, titans, Elder Gods? They're not human, they're not happy, and they're coming soon to a city near you.

  8. Aliens ▲ Monsters are scary, but aliens are organized. And they have cool spaceships. Can the human species stand together in the face of this threat?

  9. Dystopia ▲ Surely, this isn't the end. Why, it's a whole new beginning! Peace and prosperity...so why does it feel so wrong sometimes?


  10. Impending Doom ▲ Stick together for safety and try not to kill each other while you're at it. You might even get to liking each other after a few years of this.

  11. Enemies ▲ Whether you're competing for resources or on opposite sides of a conflict, you've got reason to hate each other.

  12. Friends to the end ▲ Or siblings, or family, or lovers, or whatever. You knew each other before this, and now you're each others' emotional (and possibly moral) anchor. Death flags abound.

  13. Let's be heroes ▲ You hold the cure, the secret weapon, the map to paradise, and whether you're on your own or part of The Resistance, your mission is to save lives. All of them, preferably.

  14. Let's be villains ▲ You're in this for the fun of watching the world burn. Why? You tell me, you twisted little fucks. Can come in "co-conspirators" and "facing down the mastermind" flavours.

  15. Rock bottom ▲ Prisoners, slaves, soldiers, infected. The two of you have been through hell and have yet to come back - might as well wallow together. Or maybe you had the guts to fight back?

    PART B: The chosen scenario

  16. Fighting to survive ► Watch each others' backs! (Or try to put a knife in them, if that's your thing.)

  17. A quiet moment ► Swapping solemn stories around a campfire while you nurse each others' wounds - treasure these moments, because they don't come along too often.

  18. Death...or worse ► God dammit you said you weren't going to get bitten and now look what happened.

  19. Letting loose ► Laughter is good for the soul, especially in times like these. Surely, you can recreate the things that used to delight you in the world before the end.

  20. Future in your hands ► You're in a situation to uncover all the sordid details of how the end of the world began - and you've got what you need to change it all, for better or for worse. The question is, are you willing?

  21. Love in a hopeless place ► Nobody's an island, and these are tough times on even the most hardened heart.

  22. A day in the life ► Anarchy isn't the only outcome - maybe there's an force trying to stop the disaster, or control it, or perhaps advance it. As members of this organization, you're not always in the thick of things, giving you plenty of time to watch the world fall and ponder your contribution.

  23. WILDCARD ► There's a whole world of apocalypse tropes out there. Go nuts.