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Art by Luiza Kwiatkowska


Tentacle monsters get a lot of bad press. Day after day you hear the tales of an innocent highschool girl going for an innocently naked late-night ocean dip, or getting roped into some deep dark evil scientist/alien/alien scientist’s plan and getting way more than she bargained for. Somehow, the tentacle monsters are always the bad guys. But what about our boundary-respecting tentacled friends who walk (swim?) girls (or boys) home from night-outs without expecting anything in “return”? Who only put those tentacles where you want them, when you want them? They’re deserving of love despite the stereotypes, and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of consentacle fun, I mean really.

(This meme is not the intended venue for hentai-esque tentacle rape, but nobody is going to police you as long as you ASK before you sic any non-consenticals on anyone; for the sake of everyone here only for consensual tentacle-loving, warn for abusive content in the subject line.)

Since the ratio of tentacled characters to non-tentacled characters here in DWRP is something like, say…one to onesquillion, here are some prompts/suggestions on how to tentacle-up your character should you choose.

But your character has always been a tentacle-abomination! Maybe they’re struggling to keep it a secret Octodad: Dadliest Catch style, fighting to keep their squirmy appendages under wraps and act the perfectly-typical-human-being role until how. Maybe everyone in their canon is like this! He gets tentacles, she gets tentacles, everybody gets tentacles! Or maybe they’ve always had these additional limbs and are confused as to why their friends are only just noticing. (Like wow buddy did you finally get contact lenses or something?)

Caught in a laboratory explosion? Stabbed with a secret formula developed by the Big Bad of your world to render your crime-fighting abilities inept (or at least much more haphazard than before)? Did you disobey your high school teacher and eat/drink in the science classroom after they told you for the umpteenth time not to?

Twinkle twinkle little star, shit that wish is quite bizarre. Maybe you were absently thinking about how all the fun you could have if you had tentacles instead of/in addition to your normal arms or legs, and POP, the universe decided to grant your wish! Why the universe isn’t solving poverty or eliminating suffering is beyond us, but we like to think it’s as feckless a kinkster as the rest of us.

You went swimming and something bit you! Or maybe you ran into Alex Mercer on a really bad day (isn’t every day a bad day for Alex Mercer?) With no cure to hand, you’re helpless as your body starts to rearrange itself to account for the new changes to your DNA.

Like the real thing, only more...mecha-y. With these super-duper sci-fi-esque robotic limbs grafted onto your body, you have all the dexterity of normal tentacles, with hopefully less pain when you inadvertently slam a tentacle in a door for the first time (well, you can hope, anyway). Only, the configuration may or may not be a little skewey, so even the most prudish and sex-negative of characters may find the tentacles acting out their owner's repressed sexual urges without their say on the matter (luckily they also dectect the desires of the people around them, so no accidental nonconsentacles unless that's what both RPers signed up for).

Reach out and pick your own scenario! Not like you don’t have enough arms now, amirite

Or, you know, you could just go straight to tentafucking if you wanted, but if you need help deciding on a jump-off point or just want to play something more gen with your octobrethren, here's a handy list of ideas.

You think tentacle monsters don’t live day-to-day lives with all the cooking and the cleaning and the grocery shopping that "normal" people do? Sometimes the addition of tentacles might make these tasks a little more...interesting, but when was the last time you wished you had an easier way of opening that jar of pasta sauce that's been stuck closed since 2011?

Tentacle monsters give the best hugs when you're sad or mad, feeling lonesome or just plain affectionate. ...Or maybe they're the one in need of a hug and someone to cling their suction cup-covered arms to, if their unruly limbs are new to them and they're finding the new changes to their body too disorienting to handle alone.

Even experienced tentacle monsters may sometimes get their limbs all a-twist trying something new, and for new members of the tentacle club, adjusting might be something akin to a nightmare. They may need a helping hand to cling to while they get used to moving on eight pairs of limbs.

So maybe you're past the stage of figuring out things like how to walk on all-eights or open jars or stick to walls, and you're ready to develop a different kind of expertise with your tentacles, preferably with the help of a willingly amorous assistant who's patient enough not to mind if you accidentally slap them in the face with a damp tentacle instead of groping their chest like you meant to. Even if you're a veteran at this stuff already, continued practice and developing new techniques is always a good thing.

You may not have the flyest moves on the dance floor, but with a body like that, baby, there's no way you're going home empty tentacled. The club can't handle you right now, and with those boogying tentacles you're sure to attract some interest.

Sun, sea, sand and tentacles are all good fun...unless of course you've been shipwrecked somewhere, in which case maybe not. Still, even in that sort of situation maybe there's a way for you to repay the friendly tentacled octomaid who saved your ass by swimming you to the shore? Or the sea is already your natural habitat. Darling it's better down where it's— ahem...

Oh jeez oh wow, this sure is one posh get-together. Fitting all these wiggly limbs into formal-wear is likely to be a little bit of a struggle, but eat food, dance and be merry anyway. Just try not to bruise your social reputation by tripping over your hosts with any wayward tentacle legs.

Do you promise to love your tentacled bride or groom for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health, and in all their wayward tentacley glory? Then you may now kiss your new physiologically atypical life-partner. Feel free to skip straight on ahead to the wedding-night or honey moon since everyone knows that's the best part of getting married.

Just don't spend your breaks hanging out inside the water cooler, a productive worker such as yourself is bound to have as humdrum a work-life as all your basic human coworkers. Tentacles may actually provide you an extra level of job security when your boss sees how efficient your typing or secretary skills are with all those extra arms, and you may find yourself with many coworker-sent invites for "private meetings" in the stationery closet.

It's not like there's any limits to what tentapeople can do, so go ahead and pick your own scenario, fools!
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Captain Jack Harkness | Torchwood | Open to anything

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[Seriously open to anything]
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Transformation six, Scenario three.

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[What a wretched predicament this is. One moment, she's out pondering a present for her dearest Lissa, the next, one of those blasted Risen had struck her with some horrid spell that turned her into... this. What horrid luck this was! Luckily, no one had seen her change (or ruin her exquisite new corset), and she has managed to sneak back to a place of safety, where she had changed into an elaborate ball gown that thankfully hid the hideous monstrosities her legs had become. Gracious, however did octopi manage?

But she's tired, and she's trapped, and she's very much on the verge of tears now. What's a girl to do?]
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[The first thing Jack did upon noticing her was playfully raise an eyebrow at the choice of clothing. It wasn't the first time he'd seen her wear a particularly fancy ball gown, but right at the moment, so far as he knew, there wasn't any reason for dressing up that much. Though whatever quip he might have had about it got lost and the smirk faded as he noticed the look on her face.]

What's wrong?
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NOTHING! Nothing is wrong! [Whoops. That came out wrong. Maribelle clears her throat and smooths her dress, speaking more calmly.]

I am simply sitting. Can a lady not enjoy her solitude?
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[Really, Maribelle, was that supposed to be believeable? Have a raised eyebrow.]

I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone get so defensive about sitting before. [He shrugs.] But if you say so.

[There's something she's not saying, clearly, but he knows better than to try to force it out of her.]

Mind if I join you?
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[Yes, it was, peasant. Believe, damn you!]

I-I am merely tired from the day's activities.

[She wants to say no, to shoo him away, but she gets the feeling that Jack is the one person who won't make her feel las freakish as she looks - but that doesn't mean she wants him to find out. Nevertheless...]

Very well, if you must. [She gives him her haughtiest look of disdain, but the flush spread across her cheeks ruins it.]
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[Oh, those mismatched looks she gets on her face sometimes. They're kind of cute, really. He just grins as he takes a seat beside her.]

What have you been up to today, then? [Clearly, it was exhausting.] Other than sitting.
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[No, Jack, they were not cute. They were commanding and brooked no nonsense]

I... went to market.
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[And they were cute.]

Sounds exciting. [It's more mildly incredulous than sarcastic. Whatever is bothering Maribelle is causing her to invent stories that don't hold together at all. And that's a little concerning.]

Did something happen there?
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[And they were not cute. Stop taking the wind out of her sails, Jack.]

Nothing! I... am merely tired from the hustle and bustle. So many ill-bred ruffians about, you know. [Maribelle waves a hand idly... and a slender, delicate-looking tentacle peeps out from beneath her gown. She doesn't notice it, too focused on trying to keep up her facade.]
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[Well, that time, she was almost convincing. He might have believed that everything up until now was just her being fed up with people being rude to her, except he does notice that tentacle. He gives it a brief assessing look, trying to decide what to make of that. Is it dangerous, or just strange? And does Maribelle know there's something with tentacles under her skirt? And why is there something with tentacles under Maribelle's skirt? Too many questions, but he should probably say something, either way.]

You might want to look down.
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[Right on cue, Maribelle looked down. She froze, torn between mortification and anger. A few tense moments passed in utter silence before Maribelle burst into tears.]

Oh, heavens! Now you know why I am sitting idle. How horrible for you, to learn that your dear friend Maribelle is some hideous monstrosity. Oh, the shame of it! I don't think I can bear it.

[And right on cue, she starts theatrically wringing her hands. Good luck with this one, Jack.]
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[That answers some of the questions. One, she knows the tentacles are there. Two, they are apparently part of her. Why is something that's still a mystery. But aside from the layer of confusion about what exactly is going on here, he seems remarkably unfazed by all of this. Weird is something he's used to, and she doesn't seem hurt, exactly, which is about all he'd really worry about. Her being upset seems completely understandable.]

First of all, you are as beautiful as ever.

[It's not the first time he's casually tossed a compliment at her, but it's genuine, and he's probably the only person on this planet who could say that honestly at this moment. He has nothing against tentacles--sometimes likes them, even! They're a little concerning on someone who's not supposed to have any, but the point is she's far from a "hideous monstrosity."]

Second... What happened?
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[That catches Maribelle by surprise, and she looks at him, sniffling.]

How can you say such things? I-I look like one of those dreadful monsters one hears about in fairy stories!

[But he sounds sincere, and it's enough to get Maribelle to stop crying - at least, loudly. She looks down, her hands still twisting in her lap]

It was one of the Risen. I managed to fend off the beast, but then...
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[He can say it because it's true, at least as far as he's concerned. As for the Risen...]

I didn't know they could do something like that.

[It would be something to watch out for in the future, but at least it seemed like an isolated incident so far. And if it was some sort of magic spell, then maybe someone could find a way to reverse it. He still didn't have the best concept of how that all worked, but there certainly were some experts around.]
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[Normally, Maribelle would glare at Jack and accuse him of making fun of her, but something in his eyes makes her believe him. He has a funny way of doing that to get.]

Nor did I. That is how that wretched beast caught me.

[But how to reverse it? She certainly didn't want to remain in such a state, but she hadn't the foggiest idea as to how to reverse such a hex. Perhaps Henry or Tharja... but Maribelle wouldn't trust Tharja in the least, not if she could help it.]

Oh, gracious! This is simply the most dreadful thing to ever happen to me. No one will ever marry me now!
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Sometimes, Ianto hated alien technology. Sometimes he even considered hating aliens, period. He felt he could be excused a little planet-centric bigotry right now, because he happened to have been the one closest to the odd insectile thing when it started whirring and leapt at the nearest life form.

And then it had ripped a hole in one of his favorite suit jackets and attached itself to his spine.

And then it had started glowing a soothing shade of blue, and things after that were rather a blur until he'd woken up to find he'd sprouted a forest of tentacles at waist level. He thought there were about twelve. They moved almost on their own, and between that and the fact that he needed a mirror to see half of them counting was not the easiest task.

Prodding and poking had happened. Several scans had happened. He was now wearing a large towel around his waist, a bathrobe, and the shattered remains of his dignity as he perched on the Hub couch and tried to mend the hole in the back of his suit jacket.
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Jack wouldn't blame Ianto at all if he wasn't too fond of aliens in general right now. While there was nothing wrong with tentacles, per se, seeing them grow out of someone who was normally 100% human had been a little disturbing, and he could only imagine how much worse it would be to be the human in question.

He had made the rounds checking on everyone else in the group, seeing what progress they had made toward figuring out how to fix this mess, before he got to where Ianto was sitting. And making what seemed to be so far vain attempts at remedying the damage done to his jacket.

"Too bad about the suit," he commented casually. "I liked that one."
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"So did I," Ianto said, and tucked the needle through the fabric before he held it up. The fabric was puckering around the mending attempt. There had just been too much of it shredded by the, the whatever it was. "I think it's a loss."

The trouser seams had burst too. He could mend those, but with the jacket in this shape, it seemed like a waste of time.

Sighing, he set the coat down on the couch. A tentacle tip slipped the needle free of the fabric, tugged it off the thread, and handed it up to him as he looked at Jack. "Please tell me someone's made some progress on this," he said, took the needle, and frowned at it in unsettled confusion.
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He watched with some interest as Ianto unthreaded a needle with a tentacle. That seemed like more fine motor control than existed the last time he looked.

"Some. There's some other pieces of technology we can compare it to, at least." Tracking down more solid information on origins and mechanisms wasn't an answer in and of itself, but it was something. "It'll take some time to figure out how to reverse it, though." And he couldn't yet prove that it was possible, but so far he didn't have any reason to think it wasn't. With everything they had access to, there had to be something.
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It was more fine motor control than Ianto had actually expected, and quite a bit more than he could manage with any of them consciously yet. It was as if they were picking up on his normal muscle memory somehow.

He wasn't sure whether it was terrifying or whether it was more of a relief to know he wouldn't be wholly useless. Maybe it would improve his typing speed. Temporarily. It had better be temporary, in any case.

"Right," he said, and looked over to notice that two of the tentacles had taken up fiddling nervously with the sleeve of his coat. He could feel them, but it was a distant and bizarre sensation; the tip of one felt like the arch of his left foot, and the other seemed to think it was his kneecap. Whatever species this had been made for can't have had anything like human anatomy to begin with.

"We'll need a temp for the front desk," he added, wrinkling his nose. No desk was going to hide this. Not to mention, though he could manage needles, he was having a lot of trouble with walking.
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"Gwen volunteered." Temporarily, at least. But with any luck, they'd have this solved in a day or two. He hoped it wouldn't take longer than that, anyway. The way the tentacles were playing with his coat didn't look like voluntary motion, and he could guess the bit with the needle might not have been, either, but it was probably only a matter of time before Ianto managed to figure out how to have conscious control over them. That said, he shouldn't have to, and having a dozen or so tentacles was going to make it awfully difficult for him to go anywhere without attracting a lot of unwanted attention. Speaking of which...

"And until we get this solved, you're going to need a place to sleep. Thought I should tell you you're welcome to my bed." With a bit of smirk, he tacked on, "As usual."
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"Jack," Ianto said, genuinely scandalized. It wasn't that Ianto would not normally take him up on the offer (or be the one making it himself.) But right now he was an octopus from the waist down.

Jack couldn't possibly be flirting with him. He didn't think he was sexy. Horrifying was a better adjective, in fact.

A tiny ripping noise made him look over to discover that the nervous fiddling tentacle-tips had now torn the sleeve. He smacks at them, and winces as his nervous system reports that he's just hit himself in the foot and the knee simultaneously.

"It shouldn't be long," he said firmly. He'd have his real legs back in no time.
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"What?" He grinned at Ianto's reaction. Of course he was flirting. He liked Ianto with two legs as much as Ianto did, but that didn't mean he couldn't appreciate this version. He clearly had feeling in those tentacles. Figuring out exactly how that worked sounded like fun. He did understand the apparent aversion from Ianto's perspective--it had to be pretty disconcerting to have half of your body turn into a different species--but maybe he could help him get over that.

Either way, he was right that he wasn't going to be like that for long. Flirting or no, Jack was going to do his best to make sure of that.
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"I'm an octopus," he said helplessly. "I think that would be a problem."

... although, considering who he was talking to, maybe he shouldn't be surprised that Jack didn't think it was nearly as much of a problem as he did. He made a despairing noise, tucked the needle back into his mending kit, and put his face in his hands before he actually started blushing.

Sometimes he could keep up just fine. Right now, though, Ianto was much too disturbed.
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Jack came so close to pointing out something about how octopus wasn't exactly a valid description, but that would really not be helpful, so he held it back. After a second, he reached out a hand to brush through Ianto's hair. It was a comforting gesture, nothing more.

"As far as I'm concerned, you're still Ianto Jones. So your body's a little different right now. That just means we have some new things to explore for a day or two, that's all." If Ianto looked up, he'd find a smile that said he fully meant that. And if it wasn't quite as obviously flirtatious as before, he was still completely serious about the tentacles being kind of interesting, actually. In their own hopefully-not-permanent way. "Could be fun, right?"
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Ianto looked up in disbelief to see Jack's irrepressible grin. There wasn't any arguing with that. He should know; he's tried. Letting his hands fall back to his ... more or less his lap, he shook his head and returned the smile.

"Well," he said. "I might let you talk me into it."

He cinched the robe carefully around his waist, and slid awkwardly off the couch, catching himself on several tentacles and trying to stand up. They weren't much good as legs, but he still managed to lift himself up to a height of maybe five feet.

He made a face, and glanced up at Jack. "Well, that's a new drawback. Now I'm short."
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He couldn't help chuckling at the comment about being short. It was a little odd, that height difference. One more thing to not get too used to. He ran fingers over Ianto's cheek briefly, before dropping his hand back to his side.

"You've got a while to think on it. I'm going to let everyone keep working on this for now." Much as he had a history of kicking people out when he had certain thoughts regarding Ianto, tonight wasn't the night for it, and he was sure Ianto would agree with him on that. "But later, yeah? Assuming no one's found an answer before then." Which would almost be a little disappointing at this point. But also pretty unlikely, considering where things stood so far. Jack was happy to let people keep at it for a while, but he wasn't planning on making anyone lose sleep over this.
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Ianto nodded firmly, and reached up to catch Jack's hand, giving it a quick squeeze before releasing it again.

"Right then. Could anyone use any help? -- And not the kind of help that involves prodding at me any more, thanks, I think I've had enough of that today."

With the scans, they really ought to have enough information already. He intends to keep his bathrobe-and-dress-shirt ensemble intact for the moment.