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the expanded heart meter meme.


How to Play:
Post a blank comment for each of your characters, with the character's name in the subject line.
Comment to other characters' comments using the heart codes to express your character's feelings for them!
Heart profit!

"I would kill you."

"I would physically and/or emotionally hurt you."

"I would manipulate you."

"I dislike you."

"I pity you."

"I'm indifferent toward you."

"You scare and/or intimidate me."

"I am unsure of you."

"I enjoy trolling you."

"I would like to get to know you better."

"I would like to spend time/have fun/be friends with you."

"I respect you."

"I hero worship you."

"I wouldill rescue you/fight by your side."

"I would protect you."

"I would hug you/hold your hand."

"I would kiss you."

"I would date you."

"I would have sex with you."

"I would love you romantically."

"I would love you like family."

reposted from a repost. credit to the original meme author.
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[Okay, so there's a few other hearts Molly might send his way, but she's not interested in making a fool of herself or making him uncomfortable.]
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