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Ah, end of the day and you're ready to take a load off. Time to go flop on your bed and catch some Z's and then---

Whoa. wait who is that? There's someone on your bed.... What do now?

Or coversely you could have gone to get some shut eye and suddenly you wake up in someone elses' bed!

Really, everything and anything goes-- but somebody is not in their own bed.

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Cloud Strife ☼ FF7

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{well, she snuck into his bed once already. You want a repeat or is it his turn?}
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[ Super tired Cloud...

...Crawls into the wrong bedroll? (In his defense, night is somehow darker in Wutai than the rest of the world.) ]
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too bad I didn't have room to save the fish icon

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{super tired Tifa is just about to drift off because the bed rolls here are nice. And so was the hot water so she could wash her hair. And -

who's letting the cold air in?}


{because who else crawls into bed with her? So she'll shift over to make room - Marlene sized room. In the back of her head there's a tickle, but at the moment, she's too relaxed to focus completely on why it seems odd for Marlene to be here. It'll come to her in a minute... or two.}
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it's okay I'm imagining it with my amazing brain powers

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[ After stumbling all the way back through town to the vacant manor situated now in the deep moon-cast shadow of the towering pagoda, barely managing to keep his eyes open through all of a ten minute cursory shower for the blood and dirt and questionable other substances those monsters had left him covered in, and somehow not simply crashing in through every paper-lined sliding door on his way to the nearest bedroom

maybe Cloud's total lapse in judgement is forgivable. All that he can summon up the will to want, now, is warm and soft and not moving anymore, probably ever again, and all of that he's sure he'll find on the first comfortably plush mat his toes bump an edge of in the darkness.

He doesn't care that this particular bed seems only to have half the room he needs, perfectly content to collapse on the edge it allows him before that momentarily yielding wall of (very) warm and (incredibly) soft stops shifting out of his way. The temperature's fine for his travel the world without sleeves SOLDIER style self, even if the throw rug underneath him isn't quite as invitingly toasty as under the blankets seems to be.

His eyes are shut well before he's dropped his head to the stack of unusually firm pillows barring his way. He's unconscious exactly one nanosecond later, no hint of that questioning sound breaking through the Barrier spell of utter exhaustion. ]
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whew. don't know what we'd do without your amazing brain

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[the core deep feeling of utter safety and belonging soaking through her tells her mind that it has all the time in the world to figure out what's going on so Tifa finishes relaxing, tucking her bare toes under suddenly warm weights down near the foot of her mat and snuggles down into the quilted surface under her.

...too big to be Marlene.

...too heavy to be Yuffie and Yuffie wasn't exactly in good enough graces yet to be borrowing body heat.

...too notsquishy to be Aerith.

... too notfurry to be Red.

A soft sound from her and a little of a sideways wiggle closer niceandwarmandsafeandsmellsgood.

That's her chest that's doubling as a stack of pillows. Not low enough on her chest to merit the repapering of several walls but close to her heart and almost under her chin, soft hair tickling the side of her face. Slightly wet hair as it drips on bare skin and she shivers at the sudden sprinkle of cold.

So... notsquishy, notfurry, notlight, not small.

In the utter dark, her far arm moves, shifting sluggishly under the thickly padded quilt, fingers brushing the bare skin of a shoulder and -

Tifa's eyes popped open huge in the dark and it came out hushed and with a little bit of a squeak to it:}

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well I'm pretty sure I'd die, but I'm glad we're all getting use out of it collectively, too

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[ There's a soft, heavy thrum in his head, a deep beating just barely out of time with what he can still feel of his own gradually evening pulse. It reminds him of

(summer heat, lying in bed, staring listless at the ceiling as the fan turns round steadily cutting at the air, it's that rare one day a year when even Nibelheim's too hot to bother)

(watching blue-clad cadets march in formation across the dark courtyard as he suffers the indignity of long hours and guard duty and thinks only of the lumpy, uncomfortable mattress waiting for him in the barracks)

(an overheated engine ticking to a stop as the wind falls out of his hair and without warning someone hooks their hands under his arms to help him up, and there's laughter in his ears)

nothing important, fragments of fragments of dreamlike memory flitting in and out of his mind's eye, just as weary and half-lidded as the others were before he closed them. It isn't defeat, because it's the only way to get better, and there's no way failing should feel this nice, even if his pillow is noisy and a little too firm.

Somewhere impossibly far-off, he hears a voice -- and tugs the edge of blanket draped over his side a little higher. It sounds like Tifa, and he knows, somewhere somewhere under all the tired and muzzy and dark that he shouldn't just ignore her, that he'll feel guilty about it later (that he feels kind of guilty about it, now, he just can't motivate himself to move).

But there's no shaking off the comforting, coaxing hands of sleep. ]

...In the morning. [ he mumbles, the words all slurred together as he grimaces and digs himself deeper into bed. ]
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it IS most helpful. Not to mention the benefits of keeping you alive and all on the side

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{in her chest there's a long moment of frozen, thoughts kicking up like blown dry leaves in a sudden gust of wing. What if someone sees them like this? How's she supposed to explain this to Cloud in the morning? They're not supposed to be like this. How's she supposed to react - the way she wants to or the way she thinks she probably should?

The whole flurry disipates in a single exhale, lost when his blurry voice, so thick with sleep it's almost impossible to understand, speaks. She can't help it if her heart, deep in it's hidden center, cracks just a little bit more for him.

He's so tired.

Shifting when he does, she manages to get both arms around him and the fingers of one find his hair to stroke softly through. He's so... utterly dear. He goes to the wire for them over and over again, pushing himself so much harder than he would ever ask any of the team to push. She'd worried, at first, finding him so cold inside against the fever of his skin in that not nonexistant train station. Hearing his dismissive chips of ice for words, seeing his casual carelessness... and seeing the tiny, hidden embers of kindess. He was still blunt to a fault sometimes. still quick and hard, but he was kind. Kind and hidden sweet and secretively gentle. He'd carry the entire world for the rest of them if he thought they wouldn't notice. He took care of them all.

Who got to take care of him at the end of his day?

Dipping her chin, she pressed a kiss to the top of his head, fingers stilling in his hair for a moment.}

okay. {her voice was a soft whisper, pressed into the soft strands of his damp hair and her other hand shifted to pull the blanket up more around him and over his shoulders, careful that he had enough against his back to keep any drafts from sneaking under the edge.} In the morning's fine.

{She's worried about him for so long. It's nothing at all but... for tonight at least she can watch over him. Her arms tighten briefly before relaxing around him again. Her Cloud. Her lost and found Nibelheim boy no matter what their shared faulty memories said. Her fingers smoothed over his back. For tonight at least, she could keep him safe, even if it was only in his sleep.}
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it's the little things, really

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Sorry... [ A murmur of sound followed down into deeper unconsciousness by the drowsy Zzzzz of unfinished words translated into that indecipherable sleep language only ever spoken by the truly, deeply weary. He doesn't know why he's apologizing, and he's already forgotten to whom. But it just seems like the right thing to say, with that gnawing discontent leaching in at the very edges of his drastically narrowed perception. As the darkness closes over him thoughtlessly, and then he thinks no more.

He doesn't stir or fit or budge an inch until late into the morning when he finally slips out of the temporary coma born of running himself steady on and straight into the ground. He can hear something -- bright chips of sound invading the dark peace buried beneath the blankets with him. Birds chirping out in the garden?

(A vague, blurry memory of nearly taking a header into the koi pond bubbles up to the surface, and he winces with his eyes still closed.)

After all of his training, it's impossible not to feel readily alert once awake, but he fakes sleep a little longer. A few more seconds crushed up against whatever he's found his way to sleeping half on, in the night.

At least until he hears that sound, again.

Not birds. Too human. It's...



There's a rattle of thick paper and hurried footsteps as he sits up, the door ajar but empty of all except sharp, bright shafts of early light slipping in out of the hall as he opens his eyes. Or half-opens them, at least. His mind may feel as if it's suddenly firing on all cylinders, but his senses are sluggish, still. As he twists to slide out of bed, he finds his legs caught up in something--

Someone else's. Cloud looks back down. He freezes, heart caught in his throat.

It isn't the first time they've woken up together (next to one another, a courteous distance apart, or maybe sitting up and miserable, cramped space, stowing away), but he doesn't think they've ever slept in the same bed. That's different, way different, and he can't even remember having woken up whenever she must've joined him (which is a shame, really) and she looks so oddly peaceful, asleep, really, it should be a crime to disturb her.

He might've been able to bow out gracefully, if it wasn't for his big mouth. ]

H-Huh? Tifa?
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there's a sesame street song in here somewhere for that I'm sure

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{the plan was elegant in it's simplicity, really. Cloud would sleep, Tifa would doze, and just before dawn she'd wake him up enough to guide him to his own room and slip away. No one would ever have to know he'd slept with her, everyone would remain unbothered, and there would be no need for awkwardness. Simple, elegant, and thwarted by the one simple fact that Tifa hadn't realized just how deeply a light sleeper like her would sink during the night into dreamless sleep with the comfort, warmth and weight of Cloud soaking through her. Pre-dawn came and went, followed swiftly by a brighter, more enthusiastic dawn across Wutai's mist surfaced ponds and growingly gold colored paper walls and Tifa slept right through it, buried deep in the quilted peace of a very small world that didn't recognize anything beyond a square of downy fabric and the utter security underneath its corners. Her arms never once lost their loose hold on him, slipping away only when he finally moved, one still half over his lap as he shifted away. The memory of his weight and the shared warmth stayed though, letting her sleep stay peaceful and deep just a little bit longer.

Until he said her name.

Deeply unconscious or not, there was nothing in her that had the strength to ignore it when Cloud called her name. Brows twitched down, followed by the corners of her lips. Reality filtered in enough to inform her that she'd lost a comforting weight and someone was letting the chill damp of morning air in. Following the tug of warmth, she shifted to her side, arm already telling her which direction to roll and she found his thigh with her cheek, body curling just a little toward that source of utter contentment, arm across him curling to hold better. Her hair and finally, mostly dry, loose trailed behind her over the mat like spilled sepia ink. It was her turn to know the need to answer and yet, instinctively, not want to wake up enough to do it. So her voice came out a little plaintive as she murmured:}

not yet?
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please sing it to me as I fall asleep on this tag

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[ He hadn't noticed that arm around his waist.

Not until it tightened, all warm, soft weight and the formidable strength of a woman capable of effortlessly suplexing a dragon roughly the size of a house.

(He's seen her do it, don't make that face.)

And then there's the press of her cheek, as she burrows closer, in a place Tifa's cheek really probably shouldn't be. Maybe if the door was shut (and about three feet thicker), he'd be able to relax and relent and allow her to stay where she was (as long as she stayed where she was). But it's not and he isn't so sure he didn't just hear voices and won't she be upset once she's actually conscious, if he doesn't say something now? ]

...Later's not gonna be better.

[ Bracing for impact, he's not so sure he doesn't deserve a punch, as more little bits and pieces of last night's adventures in exhaustion gradually filter back to the forefront of his mind. ]
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okay. But it involves a lot of disturbingly boneless arm gestures and swaying. Also, Elmo.or Grover

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{the filtering thought of having to get up bothers her. She's felt safe and content, completely relaxed and peaceful. It's not a feeling she's used to. Already it's starting to slip away, leaving room for all the smaller, colder feelings it had temporarily displaced and like a little girl, she resists losing the last traces of it, entire body curling inward, frown collecting in the corners of her lips. Awake, she knows not to be so selfish but asleep, or still mostly asleep, there's no reasoning to tell her why not. Her chin ducks, pulling her face lower with it, not bothered by the unfamiliar fabric under her cheek. Waking up means going back to the inner mantra of 'be strong'. Instinctive, she grasps at the last threads of not having to be.}

Five more minutes?
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I'm surprisingly cool with all of this

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[ (Five more...)

Really, Tifa? It's getting more and more difficult to play this cool, but it doesn't look like he has any other choice. Leaning back on a hand, he scrubs the other through his hair, suddenly wishing for that falling down, passing out exhaustion, again. It would've made a good excuse. ]


[ He's shaking his head as he says it, but he doesn't expect her to notice, as completely content as she appears to be, stealing his mobility and keeping up with her beauty sleep. It hasn't occurred to him yet how strange it is to see her let down her guard so thoroughly, as that soft, ever encouraging demeanor is so often easy to mistake for vulnerability, itself. And he's staring a little (or a lot), but there's no clock to watch and seeing her from this new angle is infinitely more interesting, anyway.

With the phantom memory of someone else running finger through his hair bright and briefly in mind, he brushes a few dark strands back over her cheek, touch as light as remembering.

Five more minutes. Just. Five more minutes. ]
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somehow I suspected you would be

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{he's right about her missing the shake of his head. All she hears is his acquiescence, the word he uses to give it not even registering so much as the tone in his voice. It steals away the creeping fingers of tension that had been starting to slide in and her brow smooths out, lips relaxing into what could only be a purely content smile. The slender thread of concern seeps out of her too in the form of a deep sigh, body relaxing where it's come to curl against his. She's safe again. Watched over. It welcomes back the peace even if she's not aware enough to realize it consciously. The soft brush of warm fingers though adds a new cord to the rest, slipping something suspiciously like joy down through her and has her humming a pleased sound and snuggling just a breath closer. Manners aren't forgotten and so there's a small nuzzle against his leg and a murmured:}

thank you... Cloud.