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the flower meme


your character is walking through a strange garden for some reason - don't the flowers smell lovely? or maybe they don't. strangely enough, whether you mean for them to or not, these flowers and plants seem to have something strange about them...something that's affecting you.

leave a comment with your character's name and canon, as well as any preferences you may or may not have.
repliers roll the RNG from 1-20, or pick a number below to decide how your character has been affected by the flowers! whether they are still at the garden, or whether the effects of the flowers have lasted on them throughout their day are up to you.
whether both the tagger and the tag-ee would both like to roll is up to you both as well.
pimp and ye shall receiveth tags.
enjoy yourselves!

⑴ Fern (Sincerity) ~you feel like baring your all to whoever you talk to-- no matter how embarrassing or scandalous.

⑵ Buttercup (Cheerfulness; childishness) ~you're feeling like a kid again! all you want to do is play a game or two, or even just go out for ice cream. no adult feelings here. did we mention girls (or boys) have cooties? eww!

⑶ Juniper (Protection) ~you feel like a knight in shining armour - all you want to do is protect someone dear to you...

⑷ Sunflower (Loyalty) ~you suddenly feel intensely loyal to the person you're speaking with. whatever that means to you.

⑸ Viscaria (Will you dance with me?) ~self-explanatory. whoever is near you, you suddenly want to dance with them.

⑹ Marigold (Grief) ~whether it be new or old, you feel the need to grieve the loss of something or someone.

⑺ Foxglove (Insincerity) ~you feel the need to lie, about everything. good and bad.

⑻ Aster (Love; daintiness) ~whoever it is you're with, you love them. your feelings are pure, though-- can't you just hold hands? kisses only have to be chaste, right? maybe you can go for a walk in the sunset, or see a movie?

⑼ Cyclamen (Resignation; goodbye) ~it's finally time for goodbye. you've known it for a while now, and you're finally going to say it.

⑽ Edelweiss (Daring) ~you're feeling daring today-- maybe you'll do a bit of singing, or finally confess? the possibilities are endless.

⑾ Ice Plant (Your looks freeze me) ~whoever this person is, they're making you tongue-tied and nervous. it's hard to express how you really feel.

⑿ Azalea (Fragile passion) ~you want them. but you also want to be careful- treating them like glass is on your mind.

⒀ Coriander (Lust) ~you want them and you don't care where or why-- you want to indulge.

⒁ Dahlia (Good taste; instability) ~they look perfect in every way; you don't want to share them with anyone else.

⒂ Mistletoe (Kiss me) ~you only want one-- but it doesn't have to stop there.

⒃ Grass (Submission) ~you want to make them submit to you...or maybe it's you who wants to do the submitting?

⒄ Rose (I love you) ~the three little words that hold a lot of meaning for some people. hopefully you don't get rejected.

⒅ Oleander (Caution; beware) ~you're feeling a little...dangerous today. people would do well to stay away-- or maybe they'd like a little danger? either way you're not to eager to let them go any time soon.

⒆ Dandelion (Wishes come true) ~how'd this little weed get in here? it's nice to see something have such a will to live, even in the cracks of the cobblestone...maybe it'll share its good luck with you? you can have anything you'd like today! you can consider this the wild card option as well to pick anything you'd like from the list (or anything not on the list!).

⒇ Wait what? (???) ~did that plant...move? it seems pretty affectionate...
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Derek Hale | Teen Wolf | OTA (M/F for ships)

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#2 >.>

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[He...has no idea why they're suddenly standing in a field of flowers of all things, but it says something about his life that this isn't the weirdest thing to happen to him this week. He looks around at the pretty sunny yellow flowers and scratches the back of his neck.


Soooo. Any idea what the hell is going on now?
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Re: #2 >.>

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[He blinked once and then twice as he glanced around at the field. There was a wide expanse of land and everywhere he looked around them, yellow flowers sprouted from bushes in the ground. Derek had no clue why Stiles was with him and he opened his mouth to tell the teenager he had no clue what was going on, but that wasn't what came out.]

These flowers are nice, bright. And they smell amazing. I like them. I like when things smell good.
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[That's -- not really what he was anticipating from Derek Hale. It's pretty much the last thing he'd been expecting to hear, actually. He figured he was in for a What the hell did you do, Stiles?, at the very least. But he's glad that Derek's not blaming him for whatever's going on, because he's pretty sure it's totally not his fault. Something's not quite right here. But.]

They are pretty. We should pick some and take them back for the pack!
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[personal profile] heartofguilt 2014-05-27 02:29 am (UTC)(link)
[Derek could feel a grin taking over his face. He had no idea why he thought that was such a good idea, but he did. Maybe he could even bring some back to the loft. It was so dark there. The flowers might make it look brighter. The thought confused him. He wanted to make his loft brighter? Something definitely wasn't right.]

That's a great idea, we can carry them to everyone. We could probably even go for a run too. I bet I can run really fast through here and no one would even see.
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[personal profile] voluntaryapnea 2014-05-28 06:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[Some part of Stiles registers surprise at the wide grin that Derek gives him. He's not used to seeing Derek Hale smile. It makes his own grin brighten. And the idea of running sounds like fun, too, and he takes off without warning.]

Think you can keep up?