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This is like the status quo for half the canons out there, but...

The Post-Apocalyptic Survival Meme

An apocalypse happened. I'd say the apocalypse, but for many canons the apocalypse is the status quo: this meme might just mean apocalypception for some folk.

...actually? Okay, a really terrible disaster happened. There. Shit got real and you managed to survive the disaster in question. But can you survive the aftermath?

  • Post to the meme.

  • Tag other people!

  • Attempt to survive in a drastic post-apocalyptic wasteland. Are you looking for a less apocayptic part of the world? Do you need food or water? Are you going to band together with others to form a concave of survivors back to back against the world? The possibilities are endless.

  • WARNING: There have been reports of travelers being attacked without warning by strange creatures in the outskirts of this meme. Taggers are advised to stay together in groups of at least two, watch their backs, and be prepared for a fight at any time.
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Jill Valentine | Resident Evil

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[GDI, Wesker]
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So basically last thread but serious

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[Samus stops a moment to catch her breath, leaning up against a nearby wall. She spends most of her time in her suit now, because letting Jill see how bad she's gotten will only make things harder than they need to be. But the signs are still there; her suit is still a part of her, and the fluorescent blue streaks across her helmet have physical counterparts. Still, there's enough to worry about without adding to the burden.

Someone should have seen this coming. Nothing good ever comes from the involvement of phazon, and the attempts by a certain someone to utilize it may have achieved his goals with greater ease than even he likely expected. Samus had arrived before the quarantines were put in place, but what little good she's managed to do hasn't been enough.

... Sorry. Let's keep going.
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awwww yeaahh. now with effective weapons, actual fight scenes, and boobs

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[Jill looks over, frowning slightly even as her hands remove the empty clip from her SMG and reload by memory; only her eyes show it, though, considering the protective mouthpiece over the lower half of her face. Probably an unnecessary precaution for her, but considering her experiences with various outbreaks, that little extra bit of protection never hurts.

She won't push Samus -- she doesn't because in the same situation, she wouldn't want to burden anyone with worry -- but that doesn't simply stop her from worrying, of course, and that much has been obvious so far.]

Don't worry about it. If you need a minute, let me know.

[It's sincerely said, but she doesn't watch Samus too long before turning aside and looking around the corner they've stopped behind.]

It looks like we'll have to plow through some heavy numbers before we're in the open. I'll take point.
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It's the imported version

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Thanks. I just felt a little winded for a moment. I'm fine now.

[It's both a blessing and a curse, since the energy from the phazon slowly poisoning her has assured unlimited ammunition (from her own weapon at least). The catch is that she has to keep using it to keep the corruption from spreading. Luckily, there's no shortage of threats to fight.

She walks up behind Jill and puts her hand on her shoulder. They've managed to survive this long through teamwork, and that isn't about to change any time soon. A cursory glance around the corner grants Samus a view of their destination in the distance, another seemingly fortified police station.

I've got your back, but are you sure about this? What if it's empty like the last one?
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thankfully with an English track

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[Jill goes on watching the area ahead, not immediately reacting -- which in itself is something, because very few people these days can draw near, let alone touch her without instinct making her tense slightly; P30 instinct, that is, some residual reflexes that Wesker was kind enough to incidentally leave her with.]

It could be. [It's said thoughtfully.] Best case scenario, we find some survivors -- worst case, everyone's already turned. [It goes without saying what that means: more fighting, more risks taken.

Their job, either way.]

It's worth checking, at any rate. If we can get to the courtyard without pulling a whole horde in after us, we might be able to do this one with a little more stealth. That way we can pull out easier if all hell breaks loose.
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Because reading subtitles is for chumps even if Samus's English VA is garbage

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[((Seriously Jill's first VA on the PS1 was better at emoting))]

[Those reflexes had led to quite a bit of difficulty early on, and more than once had Samus found herself on the wrong end of Jill's legs, and not nearly so pleasantly as that would make it sound. She counted herself lucky she still had her neck intact.]

... Alright. Lead the way; you're better at stealth than I am.

[She tries to subdue the reluctance in her voice comes from the fact that less fighting means less chance to burn off phazon. But it's more dangerous to draw in more of them than they can handle all at once, so she knows Jill's plan is sound. Still, she regrets the loss of her morph ball system, damaged in one of the more recent attacks. It was always easier to stay stealthy while in a compact ball than in a big, bulky suit of armor.

She readies her cannon.

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ironically, I at first thought that Jill's new VA in Revelations was Samus' Other M VA 8|a

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[(lmao oh, dear.)]

[She nods lightly, the motion habitually brief. The balance of risks isn't lost on her, but for now the priority is keeping their heads down as much as possible.]

[Her gun low but at the ready, she hurries around the corner, down the alley -- pauses, a quick look down either side of the street, and then she moves into the open.

It's not as bad as, say, Raccoon -- few things are -- but Jill's head is still constantly turning, trying to keep a simultaneous eye on all visible enemies. Some she knows better than others, all equally corrupted by phazon -- she can only imagine how much fun Wesker has had experimenting with that kind of viral hybrid.

Still, no use in letting it get under her skin now.

She makes good distance before she's spotted by a group of infected Hoppers -- even as the first readies itself for an assault, she fires dead-on into its head, some bullets more effective than others against that shielding, all making it stumble a couple steps.]