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10 things meme

1. Post in with your character.
2. Other people will ask you to tell them ten things about them, either random or pointed (i.e., tell me ten things about your character's childhood).
3. You'll answer.
4. Characters can jump in ICly or not for meta fun.
5. All your secrets are belong to us.
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Alex Murphy || RoboCop 2014

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10 most difficult adjustments either post-cyborg or post-movie?
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in no particular order

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1). Dinner with the family, drinks with friends - none of these happen anymore. Can't eat or drink like before, so he's left sitting there at the table (he's learned to say he's "catching up on paperwork" as code for Clara to eat with David - eventually David wises up to figuring out what his dad's up to). With his friends, he did try a few times after the whole Sellars thing, but between his robo-zombie stint and the weird media storm that went down after the Chief Dean thing, they're not sure what to think. It'd been the very definition of awkward.

Alex did try to drink with Jack Lewis. He found out that beer doesn't go well with cyborg internals - Dr. Norton had one of those rare moments where he reamed out Alex and lectured him on responsibility. Alex then had to sit through being dismantled and the parts cleaned. He did smell like Corona for a few days after.

2). Talking to Clara about what to do with all his old clothes. It's a conversation they avoided for weeks. Alex ended up throwing out the clothes he used to wear when undercover, the rest went to Goodwill aside from a few sentimental bits like hats, a shirt. Alex tried to pass it off like this meant Clara had more room for her stuff, but it's one of those things they try not to fixate on.

3). Privacy. Can't walk out in the street, everyone knows his face. Alex was blown away the first time he got asked for an autograph and then realized he couldn't ever fade back to anonymity.

4). Talking about his body like it was a car in a garage. Alex mostly grinned and bore it, but he silently was gritting his teeth when Kim and Dr. Norton would talk about his body in all this complicated techno-babble like every day was Star Trek day. He never really gave much thought to having a flesh body until then: mostly he just took it for granted like most people out there do.

5). Hesitations about touching his wife and son: he's worried about malfunctioning, squeezing too hard. If he can dismantle an EM-208 without exerting himself, it'd be too easy to break bones. Alex is aware he hesitates, too, and the others can see it. He wishes he could do something as basic as hugging without the moment of "I'm not sure about this".

6). No more sex. Alex doesn't have the plumbing anymore and even the typical cuddling and making out with Clara is full of problems: he's too heavy for the bed and the couch, he's all cold angles. Even kissing him feels wrong. Clara didn't say anything about it, but he can sense it anyway.

7). Post-movie, it's that criminal elements are wising up to RoboCop being there to stay. This means he's specifically targeted now, as much to send a message as because he's just that dangerous to business. Before this, Alex was used to working undercover in the shadows, not having groups sending him ultimatums on every social media feed knowing he'll see it.

8). Learning he's a cyborg: discovering the HUD blaring information at him whether he wants it or not. It's also irritating on a petty level because he likes to trust his instincts to say what a suspect's state is: he doesn't like having a subroutine telling him "BTW THREAT LIKELY" like he can't see that for himself.

9). Post-movie again, he's lambasted by The Novak Element for months afterward. Alex sometimes watches episodes anyway despite Clara and Jack saying he shouldn't. It's a guilt thing.

10). Overall knowing his body can come apart. Seeing what was left in China left a lasting impression on him and there's times where he feels like he's less than human because most of him is a chassis. Even his brain doesn't seem to be all him. It's difficult because now he's hyperaware of what he used to take for granted.
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I love the bit about smelling like Corona, talk about awful!
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He doesn't even like Corona that much to begin with, to add insult to injury.
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Re: Alex Murphy || RoboCop 2014

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10 things Murphy misses about being human.
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Might have some similarities to the above post

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1). Having a normal life. Sure, he ran the risk of getting his cover compromised or getting shot on the job, but overall, he'd viewed it as normal. Now stuff like even clothes and sleeping in his own bed are gone.

2). Sex with the missus. Definitely missing that.

3). Alex really, really misses his Frappucinos. Man used to inhale these. Mostly he misses taste and textures and it's not quite the same to have Dr. Norton fiddling around in the folds of his brain to see what tastes pop up.

4). Food too. What sucks is he can smell perfectly fine, so whenever he can smell steaks grilling, he'll be linefacing pretty hardcore and going sigh.

5). Normal stuff like attending David's hockey games, going out and catching a movie with his family like a normal dad. He can't even go incognito because he makes too much sound when he walks.

6). Processing things without his HUD barging in going HEY JUST SO YOU KNOW on crap like temperatures and what expressions people are making. He misses feeling like everything he senses and sees is his own judgment call.

7). Not worrying about breaking all the furniture. He's probably broken a good chunk after he got back to Detroit (oops).

8). Eating and sleeping when he felt like it: he's on a strict, optimally balanced schedule from Dr. Norton in regards to glucose solutions for his nutritional intake and sedation to put him to sleep.

9). Alex misses dreaming. He can still do it, but Dr. Norton has control of what to steer his subconscious mind toward and Alex catches himself wondering how much of it is him and how much of it is Norton's handiwork.

10). Not having the other cops look at him the way they do now. Mostly they just suffered him with the "oh here's Murphy causing trouble again" but they still saw him as one of them. Now he'll get outright stares and people will either try too hard to include him or they'll just shut up when he walks around the corner, like he'll treat them like he did Lake, Daniels and Chief Dean.
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10 good things about being a cyborg?
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1). He looks badass. Like seriously. Black armor or the silver one, it's pretty cool looking.

2). Alex can lower the visor and hide behind it if he wants to space out or not want to bother looking someone in the eye. It also tends to creep people out if they're looking at the visor and not making eye contact. It's one of those little OOMPH factors he does like about the chassis.

3). He's incapable of tossing and turning and insomnia in general when Dr. Norton can just put him under in the cradle. It's even so that nightmares don't really happen.

4). While he chaffs about this too, it is convenient to have the facial analysis program at his disposal. It sorts through the database faster than he ever could and it's also damn accurate (more than he wants to admit).

5). He did think it was amazing when he had a kid come at him asking for an autograph, and he'd insisted it be signed by "Detective Murphy" instead of RoboCop.

6). Bring Your Parent to School Day just got even better. David has a blast showing his class how his dad is the cool metal man they've seen on TV. It's worth it and the oddball questions to see his son smiling.

7) He can't eat, but he's probably a damn good cook by now: Alex watches a lot of instructional videos on his downtime when he's retreated into the visor and he's filing paperwork on the side. Plus it's pretty convenient to be able to just look at, say, a hamburger and know when it's reached that perfect temperature.

8). In fact, let's just say that Alex does all the cooking now. It's a way of feeling useful and also part of the family despite his other failings. He jokes that if they ever got him a better chassis (AKA not a walking tank), he can cook professionally.

9). No more shaving? Seriously, he had a chronic stubble problem before.

10). He ended up catching Lake and Daniel precisely because he was a cyborg, and nailed Vallon. Alex got closure from that when he hadn't been able to manage that on his own, as a human.
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Clara would definitely call Alex out on 2 if he ever did that to her. (In the most goodnatured "You weren't even listening to me" way possible.)
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Alex would be damn impressed because woman, how the hell could you tell wtf
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The same way she can tell that David's about to draw on the walls or attempt the second coming of Duct Tapepocalypse. She just knows.
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Thankfully Clara uses that ability for the forces of good, because damn.
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With great power comes great responsibility and all that.
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And Alex can finally claim proof he's married to a superhero. HE KNEW IT in his heart of hearts.