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the dealio.
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I am going to go with better. Amaretto is also always a good choice.
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Worse because excess impedes one's mind.
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You don't have to drink to excess. You can just enjoy one.
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There is no point of enjoying just one, however. Once it's finished it's gone and head sensations are unpleasant.
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Then just drink the cocoa straight. Why add the bourbon if you don't enjoy the effects of the alcohol?
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Because the bourbon brings out a peculiar carmelized flavour that compliments the cocoa. It also causes it to be a bit less grainy and flavours the marshmellows.
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She shakes her head and laughs at her phone.

Then just enjoy it! Or if you rather, you can make one for me and watch me enjoy it. ;)

She's teasing of course. Not that Sherlock often gets teasing, especially over text. She's hoping the wink face cues him in.
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Sherlock frowns at the text, sipping his drink.
Why not make another. Bit less bourbon this time, but it doesn't taste the same.

It doesn't taste the same with less bourbon but it's ready for you.

Of course Molly can't come because she's busy.
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She's busy watching crap telly and drinking wine by herself.

Nice of you to offer, but I couldn't impose.

It's her way of giving him an out of the offer. She wasn't sure if it was genuine and she doesn't want to take him up on it if he's just joking with her right back.
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She wouldn't be imposing, but - it doesn't matter.
You have awful taste. It needs more bourbon.
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She's a bit disappointed that he doesn't tell her to come over anyway. Of course she is. But it's Sherlock. She doesn't expect it really.

I didn't tell you to put less bourbon. And I don't have awful taste. I happen to enjoy bourbon.
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But you're drinking wine. Choice, obviously.

He's bored and drinking himself, obviously.
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She looks confused and looks around like she's trying to spot a camera in her flat or something.

How do you know I'm drinking wine?
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So you are. Lucky guess. If I was wrong you would have said so right off.

Isn't there some code you don't invite a woman to your flat for drinks unless you have ... certain intentions? And a woman drinks wine alone.

Wants romance.
Sherlock isn't John. He isn't a romantic, not really.
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Of course you're right.

Molly knows Sherlock well enough to know that he doesn't know anything about codes, and having a drink with him at his flat would mean just about the same to him as checking cultures together at the lab. Actually, it would probably mean less because nothing productive would come out of it for him.

Molly doesn't expect anything from Sherlock. Most certainly not romance. She barely expects friendship but has been pleasantly surprised with that as of late. It doesn't mean she doesn't still wish for it at times, that he will suddenly develop a romantic interest in her, but she's far beyond actually thinking it will ever happen.
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There's a pause.

I'm making another. This time it's just melted Nutella with the bourbon.

And he's bored.

Boredom sounded better than admitting he was lonely.
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She knows he must be, with John busy getting ready for the newest Watson to arrive. It's the only reason she can figure for him texting her so much lately - and not about work. Not that she's complaining. Texting with Sherlock is generally more interesting than most of the actual conversations she's had on any of the dates she's had lately, combined.

That sounds awfully sweet. Also you're going to get yourself pissed if you're not careful.
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Two favourite things in one, and chocolate.

He might already be feeling it a little, but - the experiment is interesting.
Why don't you try bourbon with wine?

Yes, he had been texting her more lately.
Mostly just... company.
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Bourbon and wine? I'd rather not get pissed alone on my sofa, thank you. Never mind the headache that would probably cause in the morning.
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Another pause. Time enough for either several shots or another drink, taken slowly.
Who said alone?

He wasn't really sure what he was doing.
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She assumes he's done talking for the night, so she's surprised when a new text chimes in a bit later. And then even more surprised at what that text might be saying. Does he really actually want her to come over and drink with him? Is he already pissed?

Are you trying to get an invitation or give one?
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He's shrugging at his phone. He might be a bit pissed. What does it matter?

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She thinks that might be the case so she takes her time thinking over her next move. She's only one glass of wine in, so she still has most of her wits about her. On the other hand, she's not so sure about drunk Sherlock. Will he be even less filtered than usual? Will he say terrible things to her without realizing it? On the other hand, she thinks she rather like seeing drunk Sherlock and she thinks it might be wise for him to have a chaperone so he doesn't get bored and do anything really stupid.

Ok. I'm coming over.

No use in both of them drinking alone anyway.