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The Picture Prompt Meme

I — Comment with your character.
II — Others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
III — Reply to them with a setting based on the picture.

IV — Link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
V — Be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. That's kind of the point.

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Greg Lestrade | BBC Sherlock

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Let's just pretend Molly and Sally are friends so she can be there too? Hee

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It was a time for weddings. John and Mary's had been the first, and now it was Donovan's turn. Of course he was happy for Sally, and he approved of the bloke she was marrying. She'd gotten over that 'thing' with Anderson a while ago, which he was also glad for, because he always knew she could've done better than him. Not that Anderson was a bad guy, just... not for Donovan. The wedding had been nice, and then a reception followed, with loud music and dancing. It was all rather lovely, and he enjoyed seeing the happy couple cut loose, but after a bit... well, it brought him down, a little. He'd been officially divorced for a while now, but things like this still made him remember the happier times.

It was enough that he felt the need to slip out quietly, hopefully unseen by most, especially Donovan, because she'd probably have none of that. Fortunately, she was too busy having fun, which was good. So Greg headed just outside, with no intentions of leaving yet, just getting a bit of fresh air. And with that fresh air, came the need for a smoke. He'd been trying to give it up, and he'd been doing pretty well so far, but still, he carried around the pack, just in case. Maybe something had told him he'd need them today. Whatever the case, he fished one out, and started to light it.
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Sounds fine to me. :)

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Molly had been having a fine time at Sally's wedding. The woman wasn't exactly always her favorite person, but they had known each other for a while and had been close when they were both first starting in their positions. It was really nice to see how happy she was and Molly was thrilled for the newlyweds.

It was hard, however, for Molly to not keep thinking about her own ended engagement. True, it had mostly been her who had called things off, but that didn't make it much easier to sit at a wedding around all the happy couples dancing and celebrating love together. Thankfully she'd been sat with Greg, who seemed to be having the same trouble with all the merriment as her, even though she was much better at putting on a happy face and heading out to the dance floor anyway.

She did notice him slip away, though, and had a brief flashback of John's wedding, watching Sherlock do the same thing. Unlike John's wedding though, she wasn't occupied by dancing with Tom, so she excused herself from the small group she was with and followed Greg outside.

"Thought you were quitting," she said as she came up behind him, seeing him bring the cigarette to his mouth to light it. It wasn't said in an accusatory manner, more just a tease. She could actually use a fag right now herself.
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I'm SO SORRY this is late. RL has been killing me lately.

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Greg hadn't even thought about how hard it might have been for Molly, who was recently no longer engaged. It had been good to see her face there, of course - he'd always been fond of her, especially watching Sherlock treat her so badly. Fortunately, things had changed since the consulting detective had returned from the dead, and he was pleased to see Molly often had the upper hand with him. She was a strong young woman, and he admired her about that, he really did. He would have been lying if he'd said he'd never thought about asking her out on a real, proper date, but he doubted she thought of him that way. Besides, she'd nearly married that Tom bloke, so it was unlikely she'd want to start dating again, and an older man, at that.

He jumped slightly, guiltily, when he heard Molly's voice, and he dropped his hand. "Yeah, I was," he admitted with a little half-grin. "Funny how that doesn't really work out, isn't it?"

Greg decided to put off on the smoke, now that he wasn't alone. "Enjoying the party?" He nodded towards the reception, though it was likely she knew what he meant.
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That's ok! I totally understand.

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She didn't really think of Greg that way, although if only because, well, she'd never really even thought to consider it. She'd been blinded by Sherlock as it were, and hardly saw other people in the room when he was around. Although that, like many other things, was slowly changing.

"It's okay," she said with her own smile, referring to the cigarette, as she stepped up next to him. "I haven't smoked in ages in I still get the hankering every now and again, usually when I'm upset."

Sherlock had caused her to almost relapse on more than one occasion. And tonight she was feeling a bit of the urge as well.

"'s lovely," she said as she turned back toward the windows where she could see people on the dance floor. She put on a pleasant voice, but it wasn't as enthusiastic as it usually would be about something like a wedding. "And yourself?"
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It was easy to be blinded by Sherlock. Greg was used to that, when the younger man wasn't being an absolute bastard. You'd think he'd be able to get Greg's first name right after all this time.

He shrugged, holding the cigarette up. "I haven't smoked in a while, actually. Suppose I shouldn't start now. Not really worth it, in the long run." With a little smirk, he tossed the cigarette to the ground.

Greg raised his brow over at her when she replied, then he snorted quietly when she turned the question around at him. "Yeah, it's a nice reception. I'm happy for Donovan, you know, but uh... I suppose this isn't really my thing."
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She watched him toss the cigarette aside.

"It's true," she said. "They're bloody awful to quit."

She sat down on the top step of the stairs that led down from the reception hall, tucking the skirt of her dress under her.

"Weddings?" she asked, raising her eyebrow back at him, looking up from where she sat. She knew of his own marital problems and divorce. She imagined this wasn't easy for him to be at either.