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because i really want to....


➘ So, with LiveJournal fucking up big time with the comment threads you have yourself a whole list of shiny usernames and journals backed up just in-case. Until LJ cools its head, let's not let that go to waste.

➘ This is a meme created for people who are right now, just going: FUCK THIS, I JUST WANT TO ROLEPLAY


➘ Post with your character below, listing their name and canon in the subject. 
➘ Roll 1-10 RNG to roleplay out one of the scenes below or simply just tag! 
➘ Roll to your hearts content, feel free to play out as many scenarios as you can. 


01 » FIGHTING - Emotional or Physical. Your characters are not getting along. What do.
02 » DRINKING/DRUNK - Having a beer, dancing in a club, sipping some bubbly in the bathtub, being outrageously drunk. 
03 » AWKWARD - Whoops. Your character just walked into something he shouldn't have. 
04 » FLUFF - Walking in the rain together, pecks on the cheek, give us cavities.
05 » ROMANTIC - Play something shippy out. Mornings after, confessions, cuddles, smut, anything goes.
06 » IN YOUR SHOES/BODY SWAP - Your character wakes up to find themselves swapped in the world or the body of the person they've tagged. 
07 » CONFESSIONS - Spill it. From, I've been secretly pining you forever to yes, I did eat the last poptart. 
08 » 7-MINUTES IN HEAVEN - Your characters are now stuck in a closet together for seven minutes (IE, MUST BE AT LEAST 7-POSTS)
09 » CRACK - Why is there a goat in our living room?

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Badou Nails ⚠ Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

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[ Maybe it's something that was never actually agreed upon, but one way or another, Vanille has convinced Badou that he did, at some point during his lifetime, tell her she would be able to play with his hair. Probably it was so long ago he doesn't even remember, and she certain can't recall exactly when it happened— just that it did, and that even if they can't remember when it was agreed upon that doesn't mean she still doesn't get to. And today just happens to be the day she's decided to collect.

So, so has him sitting down on the floor in front of his couch and is running her fingers through long red strands, separating and brushing. The bright side? It's pretty much a head massage. The not-so-bright side? She may or may not be preparing him for pigtails. ]
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knew it

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[ this? was not what badou had in mind when he suggested they spend the day together. he'd been doing pretty well, you know. been brushing up on his casanova or whoever the hell the dogs universe equivalent of that guy is. took a shower, brushed his teeth, even put on his best animal print shirt.

and what does she decide to do? fucking stay home.

which is fine, truth be told. he didn't mind being a homebody and she at least knew he made the effort which was part of the point anyway. but this... ]


[ no, nothing hurt...

except his pride. ]
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[ I'm sure if she looked she could find a bandaid for your pride. A pink one. With cute bunnies on it.

She had noticed his incredibly sleazy shirt and bad taste, but... Well, she'd sort of had her mind set on not doing anything productive with the day, even if he'd been set on leaving the house. If he said something they could do both! But for now, it was this. And it couldn't possibly be too bad, right?

... Right? ]

Ah— sorry! [ She thinks she's apologizing for having to force his brush through a particularly nasty tangle... And not the whole pride-hurty-thingy. ] You didn't brush it today, huh?

[ All these tangles... ]
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[personal profile] nichocolatine 2012-04-17 10:03 am (UTC)(link)
It's a new shampoo!

[ as in, hey he shampooed!

but look, he ain't gonna take this lying down...!!

good thing he's sitting and, okay, there's pretty much no way he can say no to her stupid cute as fuck face anyway, which is really the only reason he hasn't yet burned those hairties (he sees them, vanille! don't think he doesn't!!) ]

Is it gonna be much longer? There's a kitten with a flower outside that I haven't yet handed my balls to. I'm slacking off!

[ and excuse you, this shirt is amazing. ]
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i-it's true...

[personal profile] brightens 2012-04-17 10:10 am (UTC)(link)
[ We are amazed by your (newfound) hygiene skills, Badou, truly. ]

That matters? [ She holds up a section of hair to inspect it curiously before shrugging and draping it over his shoulder to start on a new one. She has to get all of the tangles out before she can actually do anything with it..! ] Maybe you should try a new-new one, then... If it's gonna leave your hair like this.

[ Or you're not going to brush it. It's a good thing she's here! To do it for you!

Also I hope you enjoy having the top of your head thumped! Lightly, with the back of the brush. ]
Hold your chocobos, I'm almost done! [ With the brushing.

Then comes the everything else. Including the possibility of a change of shirt. ]
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[personal profile] nichocolatine 2012-04-17 10:21 am (UTC)(link)
[ eh, the head-thumping's not any worse than heine's face-kicking so... he manages.

but dear god he's getting antsy. it's bad enough there's no mirror around so he has no fucking idea what she's actually doing with his hair, but to make matters worse those hair-ties totally clash with his shirt!! that's not how you fashion, vanille!

quickly, damage control-- operation: distraction!

discreetly, one hand starts to climb its way up along one of vanille's bare legs, fingers featherlight and tickling. ]

What if I'd rather hold your chocobos, eh...?

[ yeah okay so he has no real idea what those are but he figures if he says it with the right tone, it can still be made into a dirty joke. ]
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believe what you want!!

[personal profile] brightens 2012-04-17 10:40 am (UTC)(link)
[ Maybe next time she wants to make a point she'll call Heine... And let him make her point for her?

So far, she hasn't done much of anything! Though she can't argue about the clashing... She picked something that would go with his hair, but not something that would go with that loud thing he's decided to put on. He's always dressed kind of weird in her opinion, though (the colors don't really go together, he doesn't wear nearly enough bracelets for her taste, and he's only got fur on some of his clothes!), and it's so Badou of him that she actually likes it... But it's still not really fashionable! If you're going to wear something that looks like an animal... Shouldn't it be more... Furry?

Speaking of furry, she feels that something crawling up her leg and goes rigid, for a moment thinking it's something other than a certain creep's hand creeping creepily! She's ready to smack it off with the brush, too, until she notices what it is, makes a face— and taps it anyway, pulling her legs up and awaaaay from ticklish tickling things! ]
Too bad I don't have any chocobos for you!

[ Not that she'd mind... If he held her chocobos... ]
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i will!!

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[ badou withdraws his hand with a low grumble, muttering under his breath about bratty little girls that like to hit people with brushes! he huffs gruffly, hunching his shoulders over as he folds his arms over his stomach. ]

I ain't going outside like this, I hope you know! [ not that he couldn't fucking rock this, of course he could; but he just didn't want to have to deal with people being people today. he just wanted some of his sunshine, hmph.

after waiting long enough (six minutes), he plops his head back into vanille's lap, able to peer up at her now with his one good eye. he attempts a pout. ]

This has to be fair, right? What can I do to you after this?

[ he isn't trying to be dirty... entirely....... ]
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okay fine!!

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[ What was she supposed to do? If he'd moved that hand any higher he would've started tickling her— and she might've accidentally kicked him, instead. (Guess she doesn't need Heine after all...) She just saved you.

She makes a face down at his grouching— she hasn't even done anything, yet! She's still trying to get the tangles out of his hair! Of course, after a few minutes pass, she's got it all nice and smooth-like, running her fingers through it. The shampoo he'd used was pretty nice, leaving it all soft and the like. Once it's smooth, she can begin actually playing with it—

Which ends up just being her putting it in a low braid. She hadn't expected brushing it would be such a challenge, okay? She's almost done when he finally starts whining again. ]

Umm... [ She looks down at him, pushing stands of hair out of his face, tucking some of it behind his ear, fingertip tracing the line of his law idly. ] I don't know. Anything, I guess? [ Ah, amendment— ] But no touching my hair!
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[personal profile] nichocolatine 2012-04-18 09:37 am (UTC)(link)
[ are you sure that's the only stipulation you want, vanille? are you sure?

you see, badou's got revenge on his mind now, and while this low braid might not be that bad (it's actually pretty fucking awesome, look how he rocks that braid, awwwyeah), it's the principle of the thing here!! and he was just made to sit here for the past god-knows-how-long-but-probably-not-as-long-as-he's-making-it-out-to-be and justice has to be served!

preferably with strawberries!

--or was that revenge?


anyway, he'll reach up for one of her wrists before she can draw away too far, and in a few easy moves he's got her pinned gently beneath him on that big couch of hers. hands wrapped around her wrists. knees planted on either side of her legs, thighs pressing just the slightest bit of pressure against hers.

he leans down. with his hair in that braid, there is no curtain of bright red to shield their faces as he smiles down at her. ]

Just your hair? That gives me a lotta' room to work with, sunshine... How'm I s'posed to choose, huh?
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[ Hey, her hair is important, okay. It's at least 50% of her cute factor, and she can't have him doing something un-cute with it! Like letting it get tangled. It's bad enough having to brush out such curly hair as it is...

She'd sort of assumed he'd try to go an eye for an eye— she was messing with his hair, so he'd want to mess hers up, too.

Guess she sorta.

Miscalculated that one a little.

A lot of little.


It really isn't fair when he uses his size against her, though! Or when he uses anything else against her, either! (Basically it's not fair when Badou wins, the end.) She doesn't fight him, ending up on her back and pinned and smiling up at him. Time be cheeky, yep! ]
Mmm, thaaaaat sounds like your problem, to me!

[ He really does look good with his hair like that... Except she didn't get a chance to put a hair tie around the bottom, so it's falling apart, loosening up and draping over his shoulders. And somehow, it looks even better that way, too. ]
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[personal profile] nichocolatine 2012-04-19 01:16 am (UTC)(link)
[ do you really wanna play it that way, vanille? DO YOU? because once badou gets on a roll here there's no stopping him, okay. look, he's even turning a little playful, pretending to truly consider her words before dipping down a little lower.

his lips brush along the line of her jaw, just as her fingers had done moments earlier. ]

Guess I'll just hafta make sure to take my time and be thorough, then... wouldn't wanna screw up because of some oversight!

[ so those are his lips tracing the line of her jaw, the column of her throat. lower and lower still to follow the contour of her collarbones, even idly pressing a small kiss between the valley of them. ]
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[personal profile] brightens 2012-04-20 02:30 pm (UTC)(link)
[ SHE THINKS SHE DOES. MAYBE. A LITTLE. Except now he's really not playing fair considering he has all of this leverage and she can't really move— he's got her pinned both by the wrists and her legs locked in place, making it so that all she can really do for now is pout up at him...

And then draw in a quick breath of air when his lips make contact with her skin, teeth already biting down on her lower lip...

And then make a little noise that vibrates in the back of her throat, head tipping back to give him more room to work with...

He's doing a really good job of being thorough, and an even better job of making red creep over her cheeks and the tops of her ears. She can feel each of those kisses as far down as her knees and not being able to return the favor is really unnerving! ]
You're playing dirty.