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You know the drill:
*Pick something from here, make up your own, or post a blank comment
*Others respond
*Hilarity, tragedy, sexy, whatever happens
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Egan / BBC Sherlock

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1) The profile of her ass is just unreal. Weird way to use profile I know, but never more accurate.

2) I'm just like... Utterly amazed that we're still alive at this point.

3) I feel like you're the reason public nudity is illegal and generally frowned upon in society.

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And you thought I needed to know this why...?
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Molly, Molly Molly...

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You of all people understand that, man or woman, the human body is both beautiful and ridiculous.
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You mean because of what I do for a living? I suppose that's true...

How did you turn an arse-praising text into something deep?!
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I like art in all forms, Miss Hooper. In addition, it was your behind I was admiring. You must walk everywhere to keep it in such exquisite shape.

[Not to mention went shopping for form fitting clothing.]
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[She doesn't reply right away. She's...a bit stunned, really.]

I stepped up my exercise routine a bit, but I didn't realize it was working that well. Or that anyone had...noticed.

And now I'm blushing, I hope you know it's entirely your fault. :P
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Good, blushing makes a woman utterly irresistible. Next you will tell me you are biting your lip as the color infuses your cheeks.
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Ohmygosh is this some sort of texting me and watching me thing?! How are you doing that!
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Tesco. I am perusing produce now and passed you moments ago. You forgot to get cat food.
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>big>Ohmygosh you bastard!

[Face flushed, she pokes her head into the produce aisle.] You!
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[Eyebrow rises, laughter in the corners of his eyes]

Unfortunately, Miss Hooper, I do know who my father was. [Referring to calling him a bastard.]
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[With a wry laugh she shakes her head.] Very funny. You know what I mean.

Why didn't you just say hello?
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[Smile growing, covering the fact that it was his mother he was not well acquainted with. Not a subject for discussion.]

I do and I did. Noted your curves as well. I could restate, if you wish.

[Was going to laugh in a minute.]

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Well that is an unnecessarily rude thing to say.
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Re: 3

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What? You critique and point out moles that need to be checked. I could be shy and very self conscious.

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You are not.

And I don't think expressing my concern for your health at all compares to telling me my naked body isn't fit for public viewing.
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I did not say anything about your body insulting the eyes of mankind. Your body is fine.

I said you may be the reason, i.e. the reason why other people do not wish to run nude.

That said, if you would like to run around nude, I will be right over.
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I'm still not sure if I'm supposed to be flattered or insulted.

And I'm at work, so no nudity right now.

Maybe later.

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RE: what you should feel. Depending on the recipient of your observations, some of us are very grateful they are wearing clothes.

LOL! Later she says! Careful, I believe in collecting promises and will hold you to it.
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You are good at being evasive.

Maybe that was the point. ;)
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Tempting. However should there not be dinner and dancing and face to face flirtation before you decide to play in my hot tub or romp around my house in just your skin?

[Evasive, yes, that's Egan's middle name.]
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Is that your way of asking me out?
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Is that your way of accepting? Or shall I ask definitively?
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That's up to you I suppose.
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Miss Molly, if you are so inclined, would you do the honor of having dinner with me Saturday evening?

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