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You know the drill:
*Pick something from here, make up your own, or post a blank comment
*Others respond
*Hilarity, tragedy, sexy, whatever happens
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M. M. Hooper | BBC Sherlock

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I think that all guys are assholes, some of them just have less assholeish qualities that we accept in our lives and that we can look past enough to deal. They have to be a pretty special asshole.


Right, try not to commit a felony that costs more than 4 dollars cause that's all I have in my bail jar.
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Is this supposed to be making me feel better?
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Congratulations, you are female and get to put up with us. I'll point out all of the least assholeish men and send them your direction, if you like. As your brother, think of it as me looking out for you.
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I don't trust your taste in men for me.

They're always boring.
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Boring?! Just because I didn't give you the phone number of the alleged murderer - yes, I know looks were deceiving.

I'm beginning to think we should find someone who could live with us both. Less fuss and muss. Hopefully he will like to stay home and be a house husband and raise our children.
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Wait....not OUR children....yours and his. Well, and mine whenever I find someone I can trick into having them.
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This is all sounding a little weird Matty.
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Weird...? I was just thinking that since you and I are never home. Our cats could keep each other company, with or without a househusband/wife (don't want you to think I'm not equal opportunity :)

Did I mention that this Thomas Hardy's is excellent?
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Are you implying we should get a flat together?
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Couldn't hurt. Consolidate resources. Save up for when Mr/Ms Right comes along or just dump more into our pensions to buy that beach property. I don't think it's just the beer talking.

And think, you would be eating less takeout and raiding my fridge more.
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It does make logical sense I suppose. But none of this is convincing me we wouldn't look entirely co-dependent and scare potential mates away.
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Older brother or not, I'm not tucking you in at night.

Think about it. My lease expires soon and I have an agent lining up flats and detached houses with gardens that are available.
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Ok, I will.

A garden would be nice.

[They would be able to afford a really nice place if they shared, she supposes.
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Agent just texted. Has two to see this weekend. Both with private gardens. Sending addresses now.
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When are you going to see them?
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Looks like the first one at 2pm. She's trying to fit another one in. Will let you know if it get schedules earlier than that.
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Ok. Want to do lunch first?
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Sounds great. Meet you at the Fish and Chips bus in Regent's Park at noon.
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Ok. See you then.
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yeah you're a little too late with that advice. luckily for you i haven't been caught.

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Unless you are sent to the morgue, I won't be able to bust you out. Note, this path is not advisable, keep running.